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The leak of an arrest warrant which names one of the chief suspects in a stabbing that sparked anti-refugee demonstration in Germany has raised fears that the country’s police may be saturated with cop sympathisers concerned at the plight of their fellow Germans.


The confidential document, which was shared by citizens on social media, names a 22-year-old Iraqi, one of two immigrants arrested on suspicion of stabbing a German-Cuban man to death in the eastern city of Chemnitz at the weekend.


The killing and knife mayhem that seriously wounded two other Germans set off the most serious anti-Merkel demonstrations and protests in Germany for several years.

More than 6,000 far-Right protestors paraded through the streets of Chemnitz carrying flags and placards. Many of the displayed messages expressed disgust of coalition chancellor Angela Merkel and her Bundestag cohorts.


Members of LEGIDA, the Leipzig arm of the anti-Islam movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA), hold a poster depicting German Chancellor Angela Merkel during a rally in Leipzig, Germany.

Media dubbed enemedia is also in the cross-hairs of indignant protestors. Among the placards and banners, there were many expressing hostility towards The Lying Press?  Many demonstrators showed hostility towards TV crews and media journalists.

beast from east 1

Police confirmed on Wednesday that the leaked document was genuine and said they had opened an investigation into suspected “violation of official secrets”.

The leak has added to growing concerns that Germans, fed up with institutionalised race treachery, may have much sympathy and sympathisers in the national and local police forces.  If so, the state finds itself impotent against further demonstrations.


When during the late 1980s there were anti-government riots and demonstrations throughout the Soviet Bloc the regimes were finally toppled after the police joined the demonstrators.


Michael Walsh, the author of the ethnic-European survival manual, Europe Arise, is concerned. “The authorities are now desperate to protect immigrants, so-called refugees, especially the illegal immigrants.”

A leaked document gave the full name and address of one of the arrested men. Other migrants at the shelter where he was living spoke of their fear the building could be targeted.

Martin Dulig, the deputy regional premier, described the leak as “scandalous” and “monstrous”.


Police have already come in for heavy criticism after they were unable to bring the riots under control. Such criticism is likely to alienate the police further. Many cops are embittered by their role as defenders of a unpopular state policies, their being underpaid and over-worked. Many cops are billeted in quarters not fit for human habitation whilst ‘refugees’ receive 4* hotel service and accommodation.

Murder Fuels Anti-Foreigner Tensions In Chemnitz

The leak also follows an incident earlier this month in which police forcibly prevented a television news crew from filming a demonstration by the Pegida anti-Muslim movement in the Saxon capital, Dresden. It later emerged they were acting after a complaint from an off-duty officer who was taking part in the demonstration.


The leaked arrest warrant was shared on social media by Lutz Bachmann, the Pegida founder, and Pro Chemitz, the group which organised Monday night’s protests in the city. It gives the full name of one of the arrested men, a 22-year-old Iraqi who has so far been identified publicly only as Yousif IA under German privacy laws.

A 23-year-old Syrian named as Alaa S is also being held in connection with the stabbing. Both men were arrested shortly after the incident.


MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media.

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  • DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE!!!! once again can be heard on the streets of my always beautiful and always loved Germany. Let our Fuhrer’s spirit rise, as he predicted, and walk among the people whom he loved and fought for when he was alive….LANG LEBE DEUTSCHLAND!! 88

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    • @thevoiceofnsreason, HAILS FROM USA! This is absolutely good news! We are counting on DEUTSCHLAND! Germans are the last good race that is left in Europe which is capable of ruling and civilizing! Without Germany, we are screwed. Let us remember the ode that binds us in our struggle, no matter how desperate the times, the future belongs EXCLUSIVELY to National Socialists otherwise humanity and this world shall perish!

      Our men have marched in hostile lands
      And sang a devil’s song
      A steady guard, on Volga stands
      And hums this tune along
      We lift up our song ever skyward
      So all of the world may hear
      That brave men will fight for their homeland
      And the whole world can curse us or praise us
      Exactly as each one pleases, we don’t care.
      We fight with pride, where e’er we go
      In North, South, East, and West
      Prepared in heart, to face the foe
      And always give our best
      Our soldiers know nothing of anguish
      For our homeland we stand on our feet
      No matter how often we languish
      SS will not rest, we exterminate
      Until no one any longer disturbs our happiness
      And even if our ranks are also thinned out
      For us there is never retreat.
      For we are the ones who go forward
      To the ends of the Earth, we won’t cease
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
      While we march the reds know no peace!

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      • Sorry but there would not be any problem if the german people had not protected Merkel, East german communist and puppet of the NWO. The NWO was promoted by Hitler and his evil comrades and is now being perpetrated by his successors. Nazism ie. national socialism next step communism ie. totalitarian control by a dictator, now aiming to control the whole World. Funny how history repeats itself. I do hope this plan does not succeed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • My dear Marlene, I am afraid that you are confusing two totally opposite conceptions of a “World ‘order’ “. Adolf Hitler did not. He was not so much worried about order in the rest of a rather messed up world (by whom). He wanted a reconstructed, healthy German people in a country that was their country. This… he could start to work on with unheard of success up to September 1939. Then “they” stopped the miracle. Who… “they”? – The common parasites who can not strive on true miracles, „Blut und Boden” and honesty.

        Get a Good night sleep and start studying the minds of Sigmund Freud, Mordechaï Kissel and Edward Bernays… You won’t be needing the soothing Soma dispensed to all believers by JK Rowling (and other Hollywoodian cheap dreams mongers) to get some sleep after that…


      • You are mistaken to believe Hitler promoted the NWO… Clearly you haven’t read Mein Kampf and don’t know much about Nazi history because if you did you’d understand that Germany was the only country that refused submission to all 13 Illuminati Bloodlines which controlled the banking systems of all countries. He cut them off from Germany. You also never listened to any Reichstag Session Speeches either, I’m sure.

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    • Absoluut !

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    • Australia is behind you 100 % we have waited so long to step up throw away the unnecessary shirts of guilt stop being sad and get mad doesn’t have to get violent Germans can stand there silent an immovable force. This open border phase out white Europe chaos until we agree to one World Order.Dream of a few powerful old men and childless women.German people are warriors you need to be shields for your women and children in your country .

      Liked by 4 people

      • The shirts of guilt must definitely be thrown away – WW1 & 2 are long ago over !
        Silent peaceful protests mean nothing & the respective governments in Germany/Sweden/France/Britain take no notice – only strong steadfast,noisy and powerful demonstrations gain the attention of governments !

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      • “If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual” Adolf Hitler

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  • Na… Endlich?! Hat das deutsche Volk gut geschlafen?
    Finally? Did the german (small g) people sleep well?

    Are all other Neuropean peoples finally going to wake up too? And follow suit to the Italians?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wonderful news! In France the police are suiciding themselves it is so treasonous what they must do. Praying this continues. Seig Hiel mein Comrden, pick up the sword as a white unified peoples and forge on!

      Liked by 1 person

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  • England will fight with you this time.

    Liked by 3 people


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  • Merkel was stupid to let them in and it has created a surge to Britain from Germany of terroristic, uneducated animals from Islam which should be swiftly banned from any democracy! Its a hateful religion which is slowly managing to transform itself into an altogether different animal, which must be put down until it breathes no more. Its war you must be aware.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear GM, the mere fact that you refer to our countries as “democracies” is a clear pointer that you still have much to discover ahead of your way, I’m afraid… But at least SOME scales have fallen from your eyes. It’s a good beginning.

      Liked by 2 people

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  • This, TF, is no more than wishful thinking. We are now down to one issue: who shall have the power? Us… or “them”. If it’s “them”… better book a ticket for another planet…

    Everything else is mere window-dressing from what once used the pretense of “democracy” as a false beard to better bring the peoples to the edge of the cliff.

    Clearly the wrong pig was slaughtered (a well-known dypsomaniac was well aware of it)… seventy odd years ago. Soon now, people are going to realise the hard way that perhaps he wasn’t such a pig after all…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Let’s wait & see how much hold the upcoming populous Eurosceptic governments gain in the coming months – of course it’ll be a long arduous uphill battle to even attempt to reclaim a bit of sanity & remove Leaders Such as Merkel/Macron/May/Lofven/Sturgeon & begin to realistically address the migrant issue in Europe – democracy was always a much over used & jaded term – at least what we once had as government in Western Europe was considered to be far better than countries elsewhere,but that certainly by now seems to have faded into near-obscurity.
      Hopefully the current upcoming trend of Euroscepticism will continue,as will possible future right-wing violence,after migrant outrages are perpetrated against indigenous European citizens !
      Indeed the wrong pig was slaughtered 73 years ago – unfortunately the victors write the history & not the vanquished – Hitler was to at least a fair degree misunderstood & this was always played down in the much-falsified post 1945 history !

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  • Don´t worry,we will oust Mrs.May,she is liability. Britain is with you in your struggle for survival.If we could only get our cops to join the public instead of bowing down to PC.COPS HAVE WIVES AND CHILDREN THAT NEED PROTECTION TOO.

    Liked by 2 people

    • We will survive people in our country are at last waking up to the threat we all face , and it’s not just our British people it’s world wide , we’ve all had enough of these radical Islamist morons , I for one will do what I must to protect our way of life , we all must do as the radicals and make our country’s NO GO COUNTRIES.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Nnnyesss… Our ‘governments’ ’(?!) ‘fine-tuning art’ is to make sure that what is left of our white cops get their porridge served on time and at the right temperature (and that they can register their children in acceptable schools for proper education). The itchy side of this fine-tuning will soon be WHERE TO FIND PROPER EDUCATION…
      In France the disgusted few good white cops left chose to commit suicide… Hardly the road to victory…
      As the (probably apocryphal) old Chinese curse goes: “May you live ‘interesting’ times”…
      Maybe it is a good idea to check if Grand’ Pa’s trophy Luger picked up from the still warm body of “that mean Nazi swine ©” is still well wrapped and nicely oiled in the lower drawer of that mahogany chest. Walthers and Parabellums are still the best way to attend to a knife fight.
      Would you believe it? I am a non-violent army man. But when addressed in an unbecoming way, I tend to reciprocate. You may call it bad temper…

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  • WE have no choice but to get rid of the enemies in our midst. People of Europe need to enlist the help of Putin. He knows how the commie Jews slaughtered his people and were in on orchestrating the two WW’s. All European people have to unite now before its too late. Never before has the enemy within our gates been so brazen.

    Liked by 4 people

    • I really like Putin a lot. His own trajectory (genuine steel muscles – no steroids involved – and total lack of mental fat – are a proof of his high – p o s i t i v e – intelligence. Which is one of the reasons why he is much hated by the US Establishment (and fat media).

      I am simply sorry that we can’t find our own Putins in Neurope… why is it that we only get mental dwarfs of the “Gender” kind with delusions of « Grandeur » (En Français dans le texte) Micron-the-talkative – the guy who was SOLD at a special price to the local voters like a Laundry powder in a shopping centre promotion – is a perfect example of this.

      And then… should Putin decide to come and give us a hand to flush out the stables of Augeas, he is much welcome to spend his holydays on the French Riviera or come and play Ice-hockey in Zermatt. But not to consider our countries as an extension of his Greater Russia.

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  • And I truly believed journalism should be free of subjectiv opinion and based on facts. You are truly behind the reality. Check your facts!


  • Why are the protesters labeled ‘far right’? Why is Europia smearing law-abiding German citizens who are lawfully protesting the murder of one of their own? Is it ‘far right’ to want to be safe from alien savages who have invaded their country?

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  • First timer here from the Pacific Northwest, and must say “This is Europa” is totally unexpected! Lots going on!

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  • ..CANADA is ready to fight too..EVIL must be put to death.

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  • People really did in excess of visitors’ anticipations. Thanks intended for render these kind of useful, trustworthy, edifying and moreover neat applying for grants the niche for you to Kate.

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