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Hitler’s Germany came closer to forcing peace terms on the Allies than has been so far admitted.  It is well known that in all fields of endeavour, from pharmaceuticals to transport, architecture, and aeronautics, the Workers Reich was at least 100 years ahead of the Allies.

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Hindsight reveals that had Germany poured its resources into defence rather than peaceful development then the salvation of the Reich would have been guaranteed. If for instance the Horten 229 had been deployed, this legendary aircraft would have totally changed the game during the Allied bombing war against Germany. This almost fully developed stealth aircraft was shielded from radar.

A prototype of the Horten Ho 2-29 did make a successful test flight just before Christmas 1944. But, by then, Hitler’s Germany was all but overcome by the combined forces of Bolshevik Russia, Britain and the United States.

Since then, an engineering team has reconstructed the bomber, albeit one that cannot fly, from blueprints. It was originally designed with a greater range and speed than any plane previously built. The Horten Ho 2-29 was the first aircraft to use stealth technology now deployed by the U.S. in its B-2 bombers.

It is conceded that the Reich’s scientific expertise was years ahead of the Allies, from the Panzer tanks through to the V-2 rocket. But, it was too late to develop new weapons. Germany, a nation smaller than the state of Texas, by 1943, realised that the pooled resources of three empires were unresponsive to a negotiated peace.

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In 1943 Luftwaffe chief Hermann Goering commanded that designers come up with a bomber that would meet his 1,000, 1,000, 1,000 requirements; an aircraft that could carry 1,000kg over 1,000km flying at 1,000km/h.

Reimar and Walter Horten, aviators and brothers suggested a Flying Wing design which they thought certain would meet Goering’s specifications.

The centre pod was made from a welded steel tube and was designed to be powered by a BMW 003 engine. But the most significant innovation was Reimar Horten’s inspiration to coat the cutting edge aircraft it in a mix of charcoal dust and wood glue which he believed would absorb the electromagnetic waves of radar. The hope was that, in conjunction with the aircraft’s sculpted surfaces, would render the long-range bomber almost invisible to radar detectors.

The United States finally came close to catching up on the Reich several decades later. They did so by working from the plundered plans of the brother aviators. The blueprints of the German aviators’ innovative aircraft was used by the U.S. in its first stealth aircraft in the early 1980s, the F-117A Nighthawk.

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Until now, experts doubted claims that the Horten could function as a stealth aircraft. But, using the blueprints and the only remaining prototype craft, Northrop-Grumman defence firm built a full-size replica of a Horten Ho 2-29, which cost £154,000 and took 2,500 man-hours to construct.

The aircraft is not completely invisible to the type of radar used during the war, but it would have been stealthy enough and fast enough to reach England’s war cities long before Spitfires could be scrambled.

“If the Germans had had time to develop these aircraft, they could well have had an impact,” Peter Murton, aviation expert from the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, in Cambridgeshire told the Daily Mail. “In theory the flying wing was a very efficient aircraft design which minimised drag. It is one of the reasons that it could reach very high speeds in dive and glide and had such an incredibly long range.

Michael Walsh is the author of Life in the Reich (banned by Amazon), Ransacking the Reich and The Red Brigands. Both fabulously illustrated books expose for the first time ever the Allied intention to share the spoils of a plundered defeated Reich.

“It is laughable to suggest that the war was about defending democracy. Hitler’s government was twice endorsed by the German electorate whilst warlord Winston Churchill was never elected; was Stalin also interested in defending democracy?

“It is undeniable that a prime reason for the weirdest allies in the history of warfare refused constant peace offers was the Allied intent to remove a trade competitor, to save Bolshevism, which the West had heavily invested in, and finally to plunder everything in the defeated Reich from ocean liners to hatpins.” (NOTE: YouTube has removed the original video of this cutting-edge aircraft).

MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. Contact me 

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  • Mike, permit me to give an opinion.

    This text/post/writing (don’t know how you call them) of yours is impeccably characterized. At the end of the paragraph you write “It is well known that in all fields of endeavour the Workers Reich was at least 100 years ahead of all the Allies”: this statement cannot not be more accurate. Being a proven fact that at beginning of 1944 German was unquestionably winning the war, that obvious fact frightened terribly the Allies and something tremendously drastic had to be done to stop definitely Germany immense military power. It is known the diabolic measure decided to be taken between governments of G.B. and U.S., and that was the unexpectedly brutal attack of Japan, by so turning the War into their own favour. But this is something we know since the end of War.

    What made the Allies take such horrendous measure, between other criminal acts taken simultaneously, was strangely something nobody ever mentioned and that was probably the most important of them all: the horrible sentiment of envy. These people suffer of envy, lots of envy and covetousness for the greatness of others. Not to mention the everlasting ambition coveted by communist-Zionists to economically and politically dominate that great country of which they always professed and often verbalized an undeniable envy and at times real admiration. They devoted an unlimited envy of Germany military power and the same envy of its advanced technology in all fields; they were ferociously envious of Germans’ superior intelligence as well as its hard-working capacity, but most of all an inescapable envy and not less hatred of they saw the Führer be adored and glorified by his fellow-citizens.

    Once foreseen the War lost the Allies decided a definite step had to be taken as to obtain the necessary Victory, no matter how difficult that would be and independently of the means to attain it. And that’s exactly what U.S. president and traitor Churchill did. After engendered the diabolic plan, they ordered the bombard of Japan without notice. Both governments, secretly commanded by communists-Zionists, wanted to dominate all Europe. They reached that final ambition out of false pretenses by introducing the so called democracies, which since the end of War we know they are fake regimes governed by puppets controlled at distance by “a global government not elected” – so correctly qualified by patriot Dr. David Duke.

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  • The sad story is that after all this……WE LEARNED NOTHING!
    The rodents managed to get Europeans decimate each other and (((They))) pretended to be the victims.
    In the past, tribes survived because they used to think tribally.
    Unless we acknowledge our tribal roots, we cannot flourish.
    No more tribal wars between Celts, Saxons, Aryans, Slavs and Latins.

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  • Mike, your all fired genius is showing more and more!!! We love it!

    Liked by 2 people

  • It makes me sad to see and read the stories of the destruction of Europe and the European people. I do believe everything operates in a cycle, and I want to believe that Europe and Europeans will survive this time of troubles. I also want to believe that they will emerge stronger and maybe, wiser.

    All that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing! Speak with wisdom when you feel the urge to speak; Act with integrity when you feel the need to act. Be strong.

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  • “The greatest want of the world is the want of men — men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.” – Ellen G. White

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