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Roman Yushkov

Russian citizen Roman Yushkov has been cleared by a Russian court after being charged with making statements that in the West will earn him up to 5-years harsh imprisonment. After being cleared, the acquitted defendant poured out his gratitude.

“Dear friends, I hasten to inform you that an hour ago the jury cast a verdict by a majority of votes (5 against 3) that I am fully acquitted under Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ‘Rehabilitation of Nazism’.

The jury recognised that I had republished the article by Anton Blagin “Jews! Return Germans money for cheating about the Holocaust Six Millions Jews.”

And in his comments, he denied that six million Jews were killed by the Nazi government. However, as the jury found, there is no crime in his expressing this opinion.

146627_800 (1)

Holocaust? – Unfortunately, yes. 6 million? – Ridiculous! 60 million? – Unfortunately, yes.

Photo near the court in the city of Perm.

Roman Yushkov went on to write; “Thank you for this, my honest Russian people. The jury also recognised my innocence by a majority vote (again 5 against 3), that I am ‘guilty of humiliating human dignity on the basis of nationality (Article 282) on an additional episode in my criminal case: for publishing the post headlined ‘Stop Feeding Strangers.’

What happened in the heads and hearts of the jury and generally around this verdict? God knows. This means that the judge can judge me only on Monday reconsideration on the verdict on the 282nd article, although the jury 7 against 1 felt that I deserve leniency on it. But this is secondary.


Real 5 years (in prison) For the “average” 6 million?! The Holocaust – a political myth!

The main thing is our common victory in the so-called Rehabilitation of Nazism laws. No matter how wild it sounds, it was the ‘rehabilitation of Nazism’ that they tried to hang on us for refusing to forget and reminding them of our much worse Russian holocaust and their forever worshiping the (alleged) Jewish Holocaust.”

The full horror of the Bolshevik horror is detailed in the heavily illustrated Michael Walsh books, Trotsky’s White Negroes, Slaughter of a Dynasty and Megacaust.


Perm! Protect Russian scientist Roman Yushkov from repression!

The dissident went on to say, “The lying and unscrupulous religion of the Jewish Holocaust (in the West) has not yet passed to Russia.  Especially joyful is that the breakthrough occurred in my native Perm. Of course, this poisonous infection will come again and again.


The books – historical studies of Russian writers and scientists in Russian bookstores.

“The prosecutor’s office can try to cancel this verdict of the jury in the appeal. But, we have to fight Jewish Nazism for our poor, long-suffering Motherland with a triple power, just as our grandfathers once fought against the Germans.  But today we won! Thank you to everyone who fought with us in a unified system.” ~ Roman Yushkov.

Murmansk historian Anton Blagin had earlier been charged with publishing an article headlined, “Jews! Return the Germans Money for Holocaust Six Millions Jews Related Fraud.”

His article went on to say: “The cult of the Holocaust is a real new totalitarianism worse than any Stalinist one. If they convict me now, then I certainly will not be the last. The priests of the religion of the Holocaust will taste the human meat, and they will not be stopped.”

The solidarity campaign behind the first persecuted holocaust denial defendant in Russia was launched at his suggestion.


“This is a struggle for the future of our children and grandchildren,” says Anna Sorokina from Irkutsk. She condemned those who had “cowardly decided to sit out, who dumped him (VK) from their list of friends.”

Holocaust Card

Her statement will not be lost on those in the West who abandon holocaust fraud investigators like Ursula Haverbeck (90), Ernst Zündel, Sylvia Stolz, Canadian musician Monika Schaffer, Britain’s Alison Chabloz, and many others imprisoned and heavily fined for saying what Russians are openly allowed to say.

image1 (2)

Influence of Jewish lobby in Russia should not be underestimated. They use every opportunity to push their agenda, this time in a legal trial. It is their right, unfortunately, but it is not a policy of the state.

story denial 7

MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media.

6 million Jews

Censorship meme

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  • Great text. Wonderful slide-pictures as allways. What a extraordinary testemony of patriotism expressed by a few (as yet) Perm loyal russian citizens, surely many others from the rest of the Country will arrive with the time coming. Each new article is as brilliant as the ones before. It was a pleasure to read one after the other. Congratulations Mike.

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  • It is so nice to see the world is waking up at last

    Liked by 3 people

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  • I love reading things like this. I have met real Russians (I say real because we all know that hebes masquerade as Russians when they aren’t even white) that are well aware of who the real victims of a real holocaust were. I have discovered through my talk with the Russians I have spoken with that they are fiercely nationalistic and down right racially aware…now that is instinctual

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    • I do not know anyone believed that 6 million jews killed story. Here we all know it was created by one degenerate who had been exiled from Germany after Hitler closed down the pornography businesses, a man know for always writing things that weren’t true. Here we understand that Hitlers whole fight was against Communism, that the jews in the camps came out smiling when american soldiers first arrived and that their story didn’t change to horror stories until after they began immigrations into the U.S. I think because it was Americans were told only that they were helping a suppressed people that they were very surprised to learn that all the camps afforded swimming pools, theater, social events, schools and red cross medical staff. Jews are Communists first; their Star and their red flag with quarter moon and sickle identified them as such. The swastika was created opposing Communism. Then also we know that jews are not a race but began from the children born of Arab slaves; they wanted a land of their own and they owned the world press, so when 144 of the richest of them met in Amsterdam to arrange a meeting with American leaders to purchase that. America went for the money probably not realizing they were selling out the white race. Today as all white countries have come under communist rule everybody is dividing and being disarmed.


  • It was allways 6 million,now we are at under one Million, we are slowly getting there.

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  • read an article from renegase tribune about the brutal expulsion of millions of German women and children from Poland and Checkoslovakia after ww2. they were starved, and brutalized. many did not survive the journey, why does no-one mention them? why have I not heard of this tragedy before?

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  • Good question but in fact the story has been told in detail many times ~ but not in mainstream media or by palace publishers. Purchase a copy of Witness to History ~ the story is also covered in the four volume set under the same title.

    “Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and over aged men, have been killed in Eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee their homesteads and are on the road. About 25% of these people, over 3,000,000 have perished. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to Eastern Europe as slaves. It seems that the elimination of the German population of Eastern Europe, at least 15,000,000 people was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta. Churchill had said to Mikolakczyk when the latter protested during the negotiations to Moscow against forcing Poland to incorporate eastern Germany; ‘Don’t mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them. You will have no trouble with them; they will cease to exist.’ ~ Senator Homer Capehart; U.S. Senate, February 5 1946.

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  • Very informative article, Mike, very interesting. Perhaps it is ethnic-European Russians that will become the leading voice for truth – a rising crescendo – about the fake and censored history of
    1) the Jewish Communists/Zionist bankers’ Bolshevik Revolution against Christian Russia, and murder of some 66 Million Russians.
    2) fake history of WWI and
    3) completely fake history of WWII and
    4) those that created and took advantage of both world wars and invaded Palestine in a war against Palestinian men, women and children villagers who were just going about their own lives in their own nation just as they had done for thousands of years – respecting their small Jewish and Christian minorities and living in general, peacefully.

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  • Nicholas Kollerstrom

    Well done there Roman Yushkov, more power to your elbow! It’s wonderful that a Russian court has done this. I got into a lot of trouble for ‘denying the holocaust’ a few years ago, in the UK, and so i wrote the book ‘Breaking the Spell, Myth and Reality’ – it takes a sensible, scientific approach to the subject (I’m a science historian). It uses British intelligence decrypts to show what went on the the German labour-camps. The book is banned by Amazon and Paypal suspended my account – so its not selling so much now. We all need to say no to this dreadful new religion.

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