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THE THIRD REICH’S architectural triumphs, Olympic events and trade exhibitions, were extravagantly adorned by the most stunning sculptures. These splendours have since been destroyed and their records airbrushed out of the history books by the victors of World War II.

The staggering beauty and size of the statues, monuments, and war memorials created by Arno Breker, Fritz Klimsch, Josef Thorak, and Ernst Kunst among many others might be forgotten without this sumptuous illustrated record of the Reich Renaissance. Here is art that surpasses that of history’s great civilizations.

Leafing through its 144 pages with nearly 300 superb photographs and images supported by captions and biographies, Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I and II will leave you breathless. You will surely ask yourself, “What on earth have we destroyed?”

Until the fall of the Third Reich, Professor Arno Breker was a professor of visual arts in Berlin. While nearly all of his sculptures survived WWII, more than 90% of his public works were deliberately and systematically destroyed by the Allies after the war.

Historian Gerry Frederics says, “American soldiers used Fritz Klimsch sculptures for target practice. In 1945 his studio was plundered by American troops who thereupon destroyed a large part of his work and stole most of what remained.”


Ironically, the names and works of the greatest sculptors in history may be better known and appreciated in 2000 years than they are today. Today’s generation has this one opportunity to see for themselves what the victors of World War II have since tried to hide from them.

Massive, systematic destruction of National Socialist artworks has continued since August 1945 in accordance with the terms of the Potsdam-Agreement. Thousands of paintings, portraits of National Socialist leaders, images, artworks and paintings that included a Swastika or depicted military/war landscapes, were considered ‘of no value’ and destroyed.

With anything that came to hand, the Allies set about destroying countless sculptures and burned thousands of paintings. Around 8,722 artworks were plundered and shipped to military deposits in the U.S.

OMGUS regulated and censored the Allied view of the German art world. The Information Control Division (ICD, the key structure in the political control of post-war German culture in the American zone). With its seven subdivisions (i.e. press, literature, radio, film, theatre, music, and art) the power of OMGUS to destroy, confiscate and plunder Reich related art in all its forms was total. As the process of destruction continued unabated the artworks of what has been described as the greatest cultural renaissance since the birth of the Roman Empire was lost to posterity.

There was never a revenge or tit-for-tat motive: Gerry Frederics, the most diligent and erudite researchers specialises in German art. The art historian contacted the great European / Russian art galleries in German-occupied Europe. His purpose was to invite evidence of plunder by the German occupiers. Not one was able to do so.

However, the art historian says, “I have in my possession a letter from the official historian of the Louvre in Paris in which he states unequivocally that no German soldier plundered French or indeed any other art museum.

Furthermore, I quote the American Major General Le Roy Lutes in a Stars and Stripes newspaper interview of Oct 1944: “I am told the Germans neither plundered homes, factories nor art museums. In fact, we are told by the French that the Germans treated them fairly and correctly.”

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  • Extraordinarily beautiful sculptures. Thank you Mike to show them in picture-slides.

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  • Spectacular photos here…..

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  • Another great post Mike, but off-topic, have you spotted Peter Hitchens’ article in today’s M o S? It’s thrust is sort of OK but the detail woeful. Have attached the link.


    Paul H

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    • What a load of crap on Winston Churchill and the second world war. Churchill was better known as the Drunken Homicidal Maniac who was the Jews sock puppet and did there dirty deeds to start the war with Germany. The Jews had declared sanctions and war on Germany on the 24 March 1933 and Churchill who had been out of politics for 15 years was financed by wealthy Jews and returned to British politics to carry out the Jews plan to destroy Germany as she had become to strong as an economic power and for stopping the Jew bankers (Gangsters) destroying Germany This also made Germany the strongest economy in Europe and was also a threat to Britten who was the most powerful economy in the world at the time. The Jews declaration of war and sanctions on Germany saw to the destruction of any and all businesses doing business with German made goods in Britten and America and was for the full duration of the war whereas when the Germans retaliated which became famously known as Crystal Night it was promptly stopped by Goebles as for starting the war just google Dunerkerque what the Historians Forget To Mention and also Churchills War by David Irving British historian and also by David Irving Winston Churchill Drunken Homicidal Maniac and the best read is The Ron Unz review who I might add is a Jew What the British say that they were fighting evil and making the world a better place is really the biggest load of crap I have read in a long time and the 6 million Jews fabrication was the biggest hoax of the twentieth century and the greatest money making swindle in the history of mankind. Not in my lifetime I am 73 now but one day Hitler will be seen for the great leader he was to his German people.

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  • Wow! Another great Hitchens post, which I will cover. Looks like the ranks are breaking and others encourage others to debunk victors’ history. Thanks. Mike

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  • Good day to you Mike I just want to tell you that reading through your articles is the high point of my day I just get very frustrated when I try to pass on to freinds this system of matching pictures is becoming a pain please find a better system Kind regards Mannetjie

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  • Thank you, Mannetjie but this system of matching pictures is becoming a pain …. I am unsure as to your meaning.


    • Mike when I pick what is wanted as in pedestrian crossings it just keeps on repeating it just goes on and on and my eyesight for a 72 year old is pretty good considering I was a watchmaker jeweller and engraver and still doing work for family and freinds


  • I think you might be talking of the moving picture carousel… they cannot be copied but they can be paused by ‘hitting’ the middle (barred)icon on each picture. Hope this helps.

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  • Just browsing.
    How can I buy “sculptures of the third reich volume 2”?
    Is only volume 1 available at this time?

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  • Both volumes are in stock and ready for same day posting. There’s a message box in the PayPal button; remember to remind me which books you want. Good news, all my BUY DIRECT books are now signed and dated. Michael


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