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Following Germany’s defeat in 1918 international banking houses dictated Germany’s economy and Berlin’s chancellors merely managed it. However, Adolf Hitler, the newly elected chancellor thought it out of the question for Germany to remain indebted to usurious international finance. The incoming chancellor drove the money-lenders out of the German temple.

It isn’t rocket science: I recall a father who under circumstances he had no control over fell into debt.  With a wife, two children and a mortgage, he had little choice but to borrow from credit card companies. When each month he paid the £70 minimum required his debt was reduced by just £7 whilst the bank took £67 interest. It is the same for a country’s national debt.

Hitler opted for Germany’s financial independence and therein lays his economic miracle. He wasn’t alone; other countries like Libya, Syria, Iraq, Russia, have since attempted to copy Hitler’s example. But Germany was the first country to challenge international banking usury.

In order to reduce the terrifying numbers of unemployed it was planned to provide Germany with a futuristic transport infrastructure. The construction of autobahns began using only German materials.

Roads in the West are paved with bitumen or asphalt. This petroleum-based product has to be imported and paid for in (bank borrowed) dollars. This suits the bankers as the transport infrastructure is another udder to be milked. Germany did not possess U.S. dollars; Hitler didn’t want them or the swingeing interest levies that accompanied them.

A case in point; the Mersey Tunnel linking Liverpool and Birkenhead in England was constructed in 1934 using money borrowed from the banks.  In 2013 ~ 80 years later the banks were still raking in £10 million each year in interest rates and £58,000,000 is currently still owed.  It is estimated that the debt will finally be settled in 2048. If you are happy with that then enjoy your ‘democracy’ and the system; you voted for it.

One now begins to realise why within 36 months of the National Socialists being elected the peoples of Germany enjoyed the best lifestyle and highest incomes in the world. Today, people in the West struggle to get by on an income that is 50% directly or indirectly taxed.

FACT: 40% of the cost of everything you or your local government, services like hospitals and schools purchase is absorbed by the banks.  Your wife’s dress, your shopping bill, the industrialist’s purchases, could be near halved if the banks are cut out of the deal. Adolf Hitler’s National Socialists did cut the banks out making war inevitable.

To avoid buying oil-based asphalt, autobahns in Hitler’s Germany were constructed using concrete slabs laid together upon compacted earth. All the necessary materials were available in Germany. Unlike bitumen and asphalt surfaces concrete is far more enduring and less expensive. As a consequence, roads built in Germany more than 80 years ago need little maintenance.

The Weimar Republic also had a motor manufacturing industry. Before Hitler, this industry was financed by the banking houses. This had the effect of raising the selling price whilst reducing profitability.  The price per automobile would be between 1,350 and 1,600 Reichsmarks, which Hitler considered extortionate.

Dr. Porsche and Adolf Hitler worked together on the design of the Volkswagen. This vehicle was revolutionary and innovative in every respect. The Volkswagen was so advanced that over eighty years later the vehicle retains much of its original character.

The Volkswagen at the time was far better-designed car than its British, French and American rivals.  Bolshevik Russia didn’t have a domestic auto manufacturing industry. The Soviet Union’s vehicles were mostly manufactured in American plants built in the USSR ~ financed by Wall Street’s banking corporations.

Michael Walsh, author or the Best Selling LIFE IN THE REICH (banned by Amazon Books) says, “The Bolsheviks were wholly dependent upon the Ford Motor Company, Caterpillar and brands such as Studebaker. Ironically, the Soviet economy (‘workers’ paradise’) was dependent upon American and European Jewish owned banking houses. Perhaps this will concentrate the mind to explain why the Capitalist / Communist alliance was formed to destroy Hitler’s Germany and later, Libya, Iraq, Syria ~ and post-Communist Russia?”

Much else explains why self-reliance rather than debt reliance catapulted Hitler’s Germany into the future. It is a sobering thought that nearly 90 years after the National Socialists were elected very few people in the West enjoy a quality of life comparable to the peoples of Germany did before the bank-dependent Capitalists and Communists joined forces to destroy the only country that had defied the international banking cartels.

MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of Life in the Reich, Trotsky’s White Negroes and MegacaustClick BUY DIRECT to purchase this and other best-sellers.

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