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Assisted by media cohorts the liberal-left laundered the image of the Negroid. As a result, foppish Westerners are convinced that only the colour of the skin distinguishes African from European.  Ignorance is bliss and millions of decadent race-dead Whites are in for a richly deserved rude awakening.


Many recall natural disasters in the southern states of America in which, rather than assist neighbours in distress, Blacks took opportunity to plunder. When Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 storm surges extended six miles inland. It is recorded that 80 / 90 percent of residents were evacuated; this left rich pickings for the Blacks.

There will be little sympathy for Whites who, acting according to consciences, gospel and media propaganda, risked everything to save distressed coloureds. Media stayed quiet about the number of Whites murdered by non-European marauders who commandeered rescue boats sent by liberal Whites to rescue them. A total of 1,833 died.

Michael Walsh, a British seaman during the late 1950s and early 1960s spent much time in Africa.  Mostly working the West African coasts he was familiar with Mediterranean, East, and South Africa. The companies with which he sailed were the Clan Line, Palm Line, and Elder Dempster Shipping Company. The latter shipping company regularly carried do-gooder missionaries to West African countries from the southern states of America.

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Michael Walsh, the author of Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s FuneralAfrica’s Killing Fields and The Last Gladiators adds: “Starry-eyed, White evangelists arrived expecting to find civilised Africans. They were in for a rude awakening. Many returned in disgust to their home country after having encountered the primitive degeneracy of Blacks quick to take advantage of their naïve visitors. Africans in Africa are not sharp-suited graduates victims of circumstance; sharp-suited Blacks in the West are beneficiaries of White naivety, which can rub off in an instant.”

The ex-leader of British Movement says; “Here in Mediterranean Europe one sees sub-Saharan Africans fawning upon tourists as they peddle their tacky counterfeit goods.”

“Some are under no illusions.  Given any opportunity these obsequious Blacks will turn on Whites with all the ferocity of tribal Africa. The women to whom they sell handbags and sunglasses and pirated DVDs will be gang-raped, tortured and machete-killed by Africans whose primitive nature has been ignited by lurid tales of White colonialism. I waste my breath when warning them and so nature will deal with the weakest links.”


MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of Africa’s Killing Fields, Rhodesia’s Dearth Europe’s Funeral and The Last Gladiators.

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  • Regarding Hurricane Katrina in 2005, for weeks afterward, we heard the biased liberal media lament the poor response by then President George W. Bush and his administration to the disaster. But the few honest and objective investigative journalists that looked into the preparations for and response to the major hurricane placed the blame on the then black mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, and the then governor of Louisiana.

    An interesting anecdote demonstrating the insanity of some in the news media in the US was when I heard a sound clip played back on the radio that went like this: “the residents of this hard hit district are engaging in humanitarian self-help efforts.” The female on scene reporter was alluding to the looting by opportunistic blacks. Funny, with electric power out in the city of New Orleans, the locals were carting off flat screen TVs for future use.

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    • Then remember when they all got money from the government to help set them up in a home and start over, they spent it on stuff like expensive purses, gold grills for their teeth and other nonsense.

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  • The negroids are an evolutionary dead end. They can never progress from what is effectively an animal level of development. Neither favourable environment nor endless assistance from productive and civilised people makes any difference to their condition. It cannot. They have simply not been equipped by Nature to be any different than they were a hundred thousand years ago and how they are now and how they would be in another hundred thousand years. All the vast amounts of treasure which white people have spent, on what is in reality Homo Erectus, has been utterly wasted. In fact it has made the situation immeasurably worse. These locusts in human clothes now threaten our very existence. Unfortunately, because our mortal enemies control most sources of information this reality is kept from the majority of white people. Only those unlucky enough to be forced to live in close proximity to these animals learn the truth about them, often with fatal consequences. But, even with the vast brainwashing inflicted on the white population millions of us are slowly becoming aware of the reality.
    One positive thing I can say about the African though, he knows how to get rid of corrupt politicians in a suitable way. If only Merkel or Blair could receive the same treatment as the late President Doe!

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