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Eight officers were injured as a far-right concert in east-central Germany boiled over into scuffles with state police. The event was stopped an hour after the beginning.


Over 1,000 people arrived at the market square of the German town of Apolda on Saturday. There, a spontaneous concert under the motto “Rock against the Overflow of Foreigners” started. The event apparently drew anti-Merkel citizens as the photos from the event show the participants giving the banned Aryan open-handed peace salute.


Some concert goers are said to have tried to force their way force through the police officers, who viciously responded with pepper spray. Some complained that Merkel’s marauders never use such sprays on rioting refugees.

Police protect government not people

Michael Walsh, journalist, and author of EUROPE ARISE says, “The event escalated as some crowd started pelting the cops with bottles and stones. Some bottles were thrown from the roofs, according to authorities. Eight officers were injured if the anti-state fracas.”

German police

The Interior Minister of the federal state of Thuringia screamed that Saturday’s Nazi violence was an open attack on democracy, adding that he was proud of the officers’ actions.

German cops attack

The same day Apolda saw a hundreds-strong counter-rally. The rock concert was initially supposed to be held at another small town called Magdala, but authorities did not give their permission, forcing its last-minute move to Apolda, according to local media.


MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of EUROPE ARISE and 51 other book titles.

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