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NATO, an American army dependent upon European mercenaries, is freaking out after a Russia-friendly party won the most votes in Latvia’s parliamentary elections, ahead of two populist parties.  The Harmony party, which gets much of its support from the Baltic nation’s Russian-speaking minority, took 19.9 percent of the votes in the October 6 elections, final results showed.


A set-back by NATO and the EU, the outcome of the election suggests that it will be less easy for Washington DC to use Latvia’s pastures and forests to provoke or launch a strike on neighbouring Russia. During WWI and WWII Britain used French and Belgian territory to launch attacks on the Workers Reich.

A furious Donald Tusk, the unelected president of the European Council (EC), is foaming at the mouth: “Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing everything he can to undermine the most beautiful political undertaking in Europe’s history,” he screams.

Latvia, one of Europe’s oldest nations inflicted a further blow on the EU when election authorities reported that two populist parties (ethnic-nationalist) seen as potential Harmony partners, KPV LV and the New Conservative Party, polled 14.1 percent and 13.6 percent, respectively. The outcome of the crucial election makes Harmony the kingmakers and is a further swing to the populist right in the European Union.

The liberal pro-EU and pro-NATO Development for Latvia Party finished fourth with 12 percent. Seven parties and alliances will now join the parliament, called the Saeima. Riga mayor Nils Ushakovs is buoyant: “No coalition combination is possible without Harmony that would appear able and stable.”

This is payback time for the arrogant Latvian elite who against international law condemned the Baltic State’s Russian citizens to second-class status. Ethnic-Russians are humiliated because their parents were Russian. Latvian born ethnic-Russians have the mortifying misnomer ‘ALIEN’ stamped on their passports despite their being born in Latvia.

In the past, Latvian parties have refused to enter into a coalition with Harmony. But many observers say they expect KPV, LV and the New Conservatives to attempt to form a coalition with the Kremlin-friendly party.

Nils Ušakovs 2

Nils Ušakovs

Harmony Chairman and Riga Mayor Nils Ushakovs says, “No coalition combination is possible without Harmony that would appear able and stable. Otherwise, you could have a coalition of xenophobes and gay rights supporters, and such a government would stick together for two or three weeks,” he added.

Latvia, an EU, and NATO member share a 270-kilometer border with Russia. Much of Latvia’s working age population has disappeared abroad to escape grinding poverty in a country described as the most corrupt in the European Union. Latvia’s population has disappeared abroad. The streets of Riga are eerily populated by the very young and very old. Hopefully, Harmony will provide the conditions for a return to the homeland.

Baltic States

Latvia has a sizable ethnic-Russian minority of around 25 percent, a legacy of nearly 50 years of Soviet occupation that ended in 1991 when the nation regained its independence. Latvia’s mainstream parties have kept pro-Russia politicians from power as they sought ever closer ties with the West. In Allied Occupied Germany too mixed marriages between German and non-Germans was commonplace. It would be unthinkable for children born in Germany of British or American parents to be classed as ‘aliens’.

At the last election, Harmony won the most seats but was excluded from power when the other parties refused to include it in any deal due to its ties with Russia.  The populist KPV LV party and its leader, Artuss Kaimins, whose popularity has soared as he railed against corrupt politicians, has sent mixed messages on whether he would also rule out such a deal.

A KPV-Harmony ruling alliance would represent “a rather radical change of Latvia’s position towards the European Union and towards our security matters which, I think, is very dangerous,” Prime Minister Kucinskis whined.

Mike Walsh in Latvia

Mike Walsh in Latvia 2017

MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, poet and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of Life in the Reich, Trotsky’s White Negroes and Megacaust.

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