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In a last desperate throw of the dice as his globalist power base evaporates, anti-white hedge fund billionaire George Soros says that he is giving $500 million of his ‘non-profit organization’s’ funds to be invested on work opportunities – but for migrants and refugees, not ethnic-Europeans, especially those arriving into Europe.


The Jewish speculator’s announcement, typically made in the Wall Street Journal, comes as the UN convenes for its General Assembly in New York City. On Monday it hosted its first forum for Heads of State to discuss how to handle what’s been dubbed the world’s biggest refugee and migrant crisis since World War II.

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According to the U.N., 65.3 million people have been displaced from their homes by NATO fuelled conflict and persecution in 2015. Since the crisis blew up in the faces of the globalist cabal, Europe has been struggling with how to handle the inflow of Soros funded benefit-bandits, mainly from Africa but the Middle East also.


Soros, dubbed Auric Goldfinger, the villain in a James Bond movie, says, “I will invest in start-ups, established companies, social-impact initiatives, and businesses founded not by or for ethnic-Europeans but by migrants and refugees themselves,” Soros wrote. “My main concern is to help migrants and refugees arriving in Europe.


Soros is said to be an investor in the flotillas that play a vital part in human trafficking which has condemned tens of thousands of unfortunate migrants drowning in the Mediterranean Sea. The ferries carrying their toxic disease ridden migrants are registered in Israel.

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Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has said he plans to give away more than $11 billion in his lifetime. “They (investments) are intended to be successful and can play a constructive role in helping migrants.”

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  • “The ferries carrying their toxic disease ridden migrants are registered in Israel.”

    Yes, and there are books now that inform us that the ships used in the African slave trade to the New World were owned by Jews in that time.

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    • And so were the market places where the slaves were auctioned. In fact these human trafficking businesses auctioning slaves closed for Jewish holidays. These businesses have Jewish names such as LEVI was one I recall – also the names of Portuguese Jews. I have seen a detailed article which included actual old newspaper clippings of these businesses from that era. Needless to say, the article eventually was wiped out from the internet. As fast as you share the links to this sort of information, as fast they destroy the link.

      Regards the so-called ‘caravan’ moving steadily toward the US southern border – just in time to promote violence etc at election time – I saw on one such video the star of david insignia on the right hand door of a white truck. They need to be more careful…

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    • My family were non Jewish Germans. Before the death of my Great-Grandmother and Grandmother both told stories of why the Jews where so hated, I’ve never seen anything ever written on this but both stated that most all businesses where owned by Jews and none would hire non Jews. Reason for such hatred towards them was the non-Jewish German unemployment was extremely high and was the main reason of the rise of the Reich group and Hitlers rise in power. I do not condone what happened but there are reasons that push some to do terrible atrocities.

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      • The Rothchilds who Soros works for, claim to be Jews but they are not the good Hebrew Jews even though they claim to be so they can manipulate their evils and the good Jews get blamed. I believe they were at their evil works in Jesus time because Jesus knew who they were, he called them vipers. Matthew 23:33 the John the Baptist in Matt. 3:7 But when John saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his place of baptism, he said to them, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the coming wrath?
        I felt in my spirit when I read this, that these were the fake Jews and not Hebrew Jews. I will restudy this, but believe its true. You do know the Rothchilds are the ones who recreated Israel in 1948, and I know they are from England. All these things they are involved in is so crazy. Just saying. One other thing Soros uses his money for migrants alright, not to help them but to cause caous for the migrants and the countries he pays the migrants to go to. Soros is an evil person. just saying.

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      • Susanne Wellenkamp

        if you read Chaucer, it began already in that time that these people were criticized: MADAME EGLENTYNE, GEOFFREY CHAUCER AND THE PROBLEM …
        Diese Seite übersetzen
        von PS ALEXANDER – ‎Zitiert von: 17 – ‎Ähnliche Artikel
        The history of the criticism of Chaucer’s Prioress’s Tale affords proof, if proof be … the Old Law: they sustain the Jews in their usurious practices, which are ‘hateful to ….. Canterbury Tales, at least twenty-three instances in England, France,.

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    • Absolutely true. Though the North always pretends to take the high moral ground where slavery is concerned, the slave business was primarily financed by Kuhn & Loeb banks, in New York.

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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    These invasions have been planed decades ago by our mutual cabal enemy. They have had centuries to study, observe, and use us humans for their never ending created conflicts and war games, ’cause it’s good for business, and more power into the hands of a selected few toward total control over the masses in the end. They know what and when orders to give to trigger the unsuspected masses into responding every way they want us to. They are the necks that turn and twist the heads of millions. They use age old and new strategies ( coupled with modern technologies) to get the masses heated up. Just in the last 250 years alone they made big strides in their aim to moving this world closer to their tyrannical ‘One World Government’, ‘One World Religion’, ‘One World Order’. They financed the bloody wars using their handpicked agents, and provocateurs to stir the average, uneducated, illiterate citizen. These hidden controllers are independent of any creed and do not belong to any nation. They are neither rightists nor leftist, and use all institutions for their objectives. They are members of one global organizations or another, continuously doing everything to keep their secret plans secret, to mislead and fool any outside researcher, to confuse the curious, and those who seek truth. They use religion, politic, the media, the Hollywood and mass entertainment industry, the rich, the poor, the smart, the ignorant, the lazy, the uninterested, the uncritical, etc. ……..EVERYONE!

    For centuries peaceful individual people, organisations, and philosophers alike have deliberated about this and learned that our world is run by some very different entities, and that wars just don’t happen all of a sudden, but have been strategically planed way in advance. They learned that aggressive behavior among the average human being is not part of life because people have intelligence, consciousness, and ethics. There is a big difference between the majority of people on this earth who just want to live their life peacefully while working, growing, and learning, and that of multinational arms corporations living off the sale of weapons and therefore off permanent wars and conflicts. International Big Agriculture Corporations that are already controlling our food supply are another problem.

    Thanks to the internet, people in this world now have a tool in their hand and are able to search, find, and expose the hidden powers who through their tactics of mind control and brainwashing have kept us enslaved physically and spiritually.

    Let us be reminded that people on this earth are controlled by three very important factors: FOOD, SHELTER, and CLOTHING. The international bankers, together with their global corporations have for years used these three factors to place sanctions on countries who do not want to bow down to their demands. These very same actions of withholding the basic necessities are in waiting for the populace in every western country that are now resisting these ‘New World Order’ Globalists. I have read the documents in 1991.

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  • Just die already, make the world a better place… DIE you withered old shitbag.

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  • Gregory Lee Donoghue

    It is now happening in the America’s with large numbers of illegal migrants who are supported on their march north to crash the U.S. Southern Border. Democrat’s, Globalists such as Soros are funding them. THANK GOD WE HAVE TRUMP AS PRESIDENT. The UN’s goal of being the World’s only Government is facing it’s stiffest challenge to date. EUROPE NEEDS TO WAKE UP, and as of late, it is beginning to. Move all the illegals back to their original countries!

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    • What’s so great about Trump? He said a lot of things people wanted to hear, at election time. Then ignored it, just like all Republi
      Crats. Did he prosecute Hillary, which he made a big deal of, before he got elected? No. Did he do anything to help the environment? No, he put a lot of big-corporatist types into positions of power, which let the Big Oil companies come in to ruin public lands. Teddy Roosevelt (our last great president) must be spinning in his grave. Trump is also in the pocket of Israel. Gee, what a surprise. You get distracted by a bunch of email-related nonsense, while the really important stuff goes on in secret. And, Russian meddling in our elections? We’d never do anything like that to other countries, now would we? As I said in The New Thunderbolt, “Elections Are A Joke — And The Joke’s On You.” Stop supporting ANY of these … people. It’s long past time for a 3rd American Revolution, and get rid of the lot.

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      • I did not vote for Trump and am not convinced he is who he says he is …yet….But that said, his administration’s gone after and prosecuted pedophile trafficking on a large scale, begun to prosecute and imprison some of the largest big pharma families who have killed thousands, passed legislation for the first time to clean up the worlds oceans and fine the biggest polluters, defend the constitution by shifting the judiciary away from globalist leftists that would destroy this country, and called for the audit of the federal Reserve….All thats a pretty good start… Whether its a grand feint is yet to be seen…But he would appear to be the only game in town….

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  • We must all strive to force Proportional Representation, it is only by this system that we can stop the corrupt elite forcing their policies on us.

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  • People in rural areas will survive for the most part but the cities will die, and many of these sick demonic reptile jews. America will break apart, Europe will rid itself soon of the parasitic EU and Putin will step in to help the Nationalist retake their countries. The communist UN will disintergrate , South African whites will get help from Putin and North Korea and maybe even Chinia. Blacks will get slaughtered trying to slaughter whites. Africa will erupt in flames with Chinia taking whole regions. Blacks will be on the extinction list where they need to be. They have pushed their luck for the last time. These events will unfold. The world is getting ready to right intself for the last time . The inferior races will be eliminated because of necessity. They are a liability for the future of the planet ability to reach the stars, where the evil ones don’t want us to get to.

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  • Join the shield wall!

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  • Trump got elected with Adelson money. His foreign policy grants the globalists their way while his domestic policy tends to be nationalistic. He is warding off the Soros caravan and electing constitutional justices, The USMCA agreement looks just like the NAFTA agreement it replaced, with the author of the former also the author of the replacement. My conclusion is though he made a deal he is being toyed with just as is so often done. His election has put many on the right to sleep allowing the agenda to continue at great pace. Any disappointment in events we see today may highlight the limitations of what can be done from the office of the presidency. The chemtrails haven’t slowed down the slightest and laws have been passed while we looked the other way during the supreme court justice hearings to prevent states and municipalities from rejecting the rollout of the 5G towers invented by DARPA for crowd control. The towers can emit a signal that puts all living creatures on the ground clutching their heads in agony and in normal operation the signal can affect emotions and behavior all while debilitating bodily functions. Smart meters are being rolled out which destroy health not only with the signal frequency used to send out your electrical usage statistics but worse yet affect your health with the pulses they send through your homes wiring. The Led lights replacing mercury vapor lights emit blue light which decreases ATP production, weakening the body. The push for vaccines and flu shots increases constantly, who doubts laws will follow? I doubt it’s possible for the dumbed down general populace to awaken. They’ve slept too long. Too much crud lies between the ears. Some in Europe are rising up because the widening pain is in their faces. Not because of any revival or catching an epiphany. People believing they live on a spinning ball hurling through “outer space” with slogans like “God loves everyone” are too far out of touch with reality to feel the ground beneath them isn’t moving or know that God hates evil and evil doers so much He has a special place prepared for them. Since we as a people are neither moral nor vigilant the outcome is sure. The few that are can see what’s ahead like Spartans wash themselves inside and out before the coming battle hoping for victory preparing for death.

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