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“People don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche.

PENNED BY R. Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce, a noted Jewish holocaust researcher:  “Dear Mr. Spielberg, I wish your honesty to be equal to your talent. I saw you on TV in France. You declared that you would pour out Shoah (holocaust) propaganda in German schools. I feel it my duty as a Jew and after 20 years of study of the historical problem of the holocaust, to call your attention to the facts.


Jewish Prof. Roger Dommergue

Facts are very stubborn and as no one can contradict them, zealots have been forced to make disgusting politicians enact Orwellian laws which forbid to mention anything concerning the dogma of the ‘six-million-gas-chambers’.

Who Can Deny Cash Chambers

Professor Faurisson, who has been studying the subject for 20 years, has been massacred. These laws are, accordingly, the absolute proof of the fake before we study its arithmetical and technical ineptitude. No Sir, you will not find a single witness who saw six million Jews slaughtered. You will not find one witness of gas chambers to exterminate 1000 or 2000 people at a time, close to the crematoria. The 6-million-gas-chambers myth is an arithmetic and technical nonsense.


As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling, Shoah business is disgusting, debasing: it is a disgraceful shame. No people in history have ever been wailing about its losses 50 – 70 years after a war, even its true and real losses. Even if the 6-million-gas-chambers were true, it would be a dishonour to make such din and pump up so much money everywhere.


We know that 6 million is a gross exaggeration and that the gas chambers are a technical impossibility. (Degesh Trial in 1949). In fact, 150,000 or 200,000 Jews died in the German camps of typhus or starvation. Many others died but as fighters against Germany to which we, the Jews, had declared war in 1933.

meme. Only those whose god is Lucifer profit from their dear

We know that after 1945 Americans and Russians killed and raped German communities all over Europe from Lithuania to Albania. We know that 1,500,000 German war prisoners were starved to death after the war (a quite famous book was published but is ignored (Other Losses, James Bacque).

We know that all German towns of more than 100,000 people have been destroyed during the last war, with women and children: yet silence about this real holocaust. If we consider the turn taken by the Shoah business, what you intend to do in Germany is actually the safest way to a heaping up of a huge amount of anti-Semitism the explosion of which will be unique in history. Discretion and moderation must be our behaviour: all the rest is suicide.


Orwellian laws for ‘crime of thought’ cannot prevent anti-Semitism to explode: only our behaviour can. What you do and all the whining and money pumping can only egg it on and it will increase out of reasonable proportions. We must, at least, try to avoid such blunders as the one you intend to perform in Germany and which would be appalling.

POINT 1: Do we know, in the course of History, of any ethnic group which would not rejoice when learning that, in a war ended fifty years before, it had suffered many less losses than it thought? Would the discovery of such good piece of news, not be rewarded, and celebrated? Would he be overwhelmed with heavy fines, would he escape attempted murder, as such was the case with Professor Faurisson? Do such reactions not belong to a heavy case of psychopathy?

POINT 2: Have the living corpses which can be seen in such films as Night and Fog (by Alain Resnais), have anything to do with gassing? Are they not instead of the result of famine in the camps because of the systematic bombing of German towns containing more than 100,000 people, bringing a real holocaust to hundreds of thousands of women and children who are never mentioned?

POINT 3: Where would have been the 4 million Jews (if we consider that 2 million were killed in battlefields), when it is well known that one camp could not contain more than 60,000 thousand people and that except in Auschwitz, there was no Zyclon- B gas-chambers?

POINT 4: Are witnesses worth anything, when you know that torture was the only way to squeeze out evidence. Such was the case of Commandant Hoess whose ludicrous declaration has become a legend. What about the 100 witnesses of gassing in Dachau, when it is officially recognised that there were no gas chambers situated in that camp either?

POINT 5: 130 kilos of coal are necessary for the cremation of just one corpse. We are told that the Germans cremated 1,300 corpses a day. The USAAF took hundreds of pictures of Auschwitz, during the supposed period of the holocaust. (1943-44). Why is there not a single heap of the essential coal? Why not a single column of smoke?

POINT 6: Why do media continue daily to inflict upon us the myth of the six-million-gas-chambers, in a never-ending whining and moaning? Why are the Jewish lobby chasing, nonagenarians who attempted to rescue Germany from the iniquity of the Versailles treaty, from the joblessness of 6 million people, who, back to work could give bread to the 21,500,000 persons who were dependent on them?

POINT 7: Why does the American Jewish Year Book, issue 43, page 666, inform us that in 1941, there were 3.300.000 Jews in occupied Europe?

POINT 8: How is it possible that the gas chambers could be just near the crematoria, when any chemist will tell you that Zyclon-B is hyper flammable?

POINT 9: Why are revisionist historians persecuted when they demonstrate the hoax of the holocaust? A scientific dialogue, a court-ordered appraisal have been demanded since 1980 about a problem specifically arithmetic and technical. It would seal the truth for ever.

POINT 10: How could Zyclon-B gas 1,000 people at one time, when it is well known that American gas chambers made for just one person, are of an unheard of complexity and cost? Why, at the trial of the Degesh, which fabricated the Zyclon-B, was it declared in 1949, that gassing in such conditions is impossible and unthinkable?

POINT 11: Why did Leuchter, who was in charge of the maintenance of the US gas chambers, give the firm evidence that there was no gassing in Auschwitz? Why have Austrian and Polish reports confirmed the Leuchter report? Why is the Rudolf report, which analyses all results, forbidden? Why are those who divulge the Rudolf report, heavily sentenced by the law? And yet the slightest care of the quality and accuracy of the report is not taken.

POINT 12: Why was, for the first time in history, the doctor’s degree of Mr Roques, on the Gerstein report cancelled? And still, this report was not accepted at the Nuremberg trial!

POINT 13: Why did Raymond Aron and François Furet at a Sorbonne seminar, to which no revisionist was invited, (state) that there was not the slightest trace of a written or oral order for the extermination of the Jews?

POINT 14: Why is it never spoken of the planning of the extermination of the Germans as expressed in a book written by the Jew Kaufmann (Germany must perish), by sterilisation of German men? It is undoubtedly a small detail?

POINT 15: How could Zyclon-B, used by the Germans for hygiene since 1920, be used in the concentration camps for other purposes than delousing and protection against typhus?

POINT 16: Why do they harp on about the six-million and never mention 80 million non-Jews exterminated in the USSR, by an entirely Jewish political regime, the executioners of which bore the names of Kaganovich, Yagoda, Frenkel, Firine, Jejoff, Ourenski, Rappaport, and fifty other Jews?

POINT 17: Why, during the Zundel trial in Canada, did the famous pro-holocaust Jews disgrace themselves by talking of ‘poetic licence’ in their holocaust assertions, and who never returned when summoned to do so by the judges?


Ernst Zündel, historian, holocaust fraud investigator

POINT 18: Why the Fabius-Gayssot law; the ludicrous fable of one illness stricken man dragging along 200,000,000 corpses?

POINT 19: Is it not the supreme proof of the fake? There is no need of Stalinist-Orwellian laws imposing prison sentences because of one’s beliefs (thought crime of 1984) as stated by M. Toubon, before he became a Minister of Justice in France, to set up the truth.

This law is anti-constitutional, anti-democratic, against the rights of men. Facts, proofs, pros and cons, are only what we need. Professor Faurisson besought for the granting of a forum with an unlimited number of contradictors: he never obtained it. L’abbé Pierre did ask for it: they pretended to grant it but refused it almost immediately.

The forum did take place at the Lugarno television studios. It was a complete success for the revisionists and was broadcast twice. Nobody knows it as the media, at the beck and call of the Jewish lobby, move their little finger only when authorised by the Jewish lobby to do so.

POINT 20: Why is it that when a professor declares that the holocaust is an arithmetic and technical impossibility, he is dismissed? This, for the first time in history, sets up the insane concept of religious historical dogma, which in case of non-perennial worship, is doomed to be struck by the lightning of the inquisition of a secular state.

POINT 21: Why did the ‘Express’, a famous French newspaper, in January 1995, assert that the gas-chamber shown for decades in Auschwitz I, was reconstructed after the war, and that all that concerns it, is false?

POINT 22: There was actually a holocaust of 60 million people in a war declared in 1933 by the Jews against Hitler. Hitler had given bread to six million unemployed, he had rejected the dictatorship of the dollar and Jewish totalitarianism which pollute man and the planet and which is called democracy by semantic mystification. Only two parties are left: the totalitarian Judeopathy, exterminating man and the planet, and Nationalism for the non-Jews not yet poisoned by Capitalist-Marxist Jewish influence.”

NOTE: For reasons of space this open letter to movie producer Steven Spielberg has been abridged from the French language original penned by R. Dommergue Polacco de Ménasce, a Jew who strongly takes issue with the totalitarian Judeopathy.

! ! Holocaust denial laws the greatest proof

MICHAEL WALSH is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of RISE OF THE SUN WEELEUROPE ARISE, TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES, MEGACAUST, SCULPTURES OF THE THIRD REICH VOLUME I and VOLUME II  and 51 other book titles.

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  • The mentally ill are in control of the world’s media, central banks and the fraudulent debt-based money creation system, all social media online platforms, NATO, the UN, Education, and all governments except Syria and Iran, and wikipedia.

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    • A SUPPORTER WRITES TO ME: Dear Mike, It was a great show today with Andrew as always. The article on the Open Letter to Stephen Spielberg reminded me of a conversation with an old friend of mine, recently deceased.

      My Estonian friend migrated to Australia after WW2 when he was 5 years old. I think he carried the impact of the war all his life. He was the first one to tell me about the fraud of the ‘holocaust’. This was in early 2001.

      He told me that during the 1990s, he was at a school reunion, where he got into an argument with a Jewish woman about the topic of the Second World War. He told her that’ if you Jews don’t stop rubbing this holocaust bullshit in our face then the next time round, there won’t be one of you standing.’’ I think that sums up where we are heading. ~ David.

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  • Hollywood is firstly a Conditioning tool and only secondly entertainment – in order to ensure that we watch. To this end the CIA frequently works with hollywood as does China.
    A CIA agent never ever told his young brother what he got up to but he had a word of advise for him about it nevertheless:
    “NEVER watch the teLIEvision!”
    He would not say why.
    And then there is the use of subliminal messages…..

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    • They learnt the art of propaganda in film way back with the first ever film star, Charlie Chaplin, in a film called The Great Dictator. Here’s the story line from IMDb:

      “20 years after the end of WWI, in which the nation of Tomainia was on the losing side, Adenoid Hynkel has risen to power as the ruthless dictator of the country. He believes in a pure Aryan state and the decimation of the Jews……..”

      You can guess the rest. Interestingly the film was made in 1940.

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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    What lessons are we to learn from all this? Simply!
    …” The truth must be repeated again and again because error is constantly being preached around us, and not only by isolated individuals but by the majority! In the newspaper and encyclopedias, in the schools and universities, everywhere error is dominant, securely and comfortably ensconced in public opinion which is on its side”…….. Goethe

    Truth is truth. Facts are facts. Reality is reality. It is good to watch how the seams are coming apart with each and every passing day, and the public has seen nothing yet. Every day more and more people are waking up and become enlightened because of what they have seen, heard, and continue to discover. We are presently in a paradigm shift of massive proportion.

    When one thinks about the many billions of Dollars, Euros, Deutsche Mark, Pounds, Rubles, etc. that have been paid out to the Babylonian Talmudic Pharisees for their made up stories, one has to think how much anger and resentment toward them has been growing inside hundreds of millions of people from around the world. And did not Jesus Christ told them …” You belong to your father, the devil…” ( John 8:44)

    And in (Matthew 21:43 ) Jesus Christ addressed the Jews: ….” Therefore I tell you that the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit”…..

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  • The quote from Nietzsche at top is so apropos. The fact that the force of law is used to suppress and punish free inquiry and free discussion is quite telling. Thanks Mike for posting this excellent essay written by an honest Jewish man.

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  • Next time the jew claims anything, ask the jew this, as a matter of fact, it’s time we Europeans as a whole spring into gear and demand answers form all Jewish Institutions (including Israhell) the following:

    There are two early “Holocaust” tales from the Talmud: Gittin 57b. Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar. Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans. (Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews). (the Talmud refers to myriads i.e. Myriad = 10,000)

    The size of Bar-Kokhba’s Bethar army is given as 200,000 men (maximum), albeit historians more accurately put them at a maximum of 57 000 (not in myriads eh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂).

    Bar-Kakhba is said to have been so tough that, when the Romans catapulted missiles into his fort, he would intercept the missiles with his knee with such force that he would knock them back into the faces of the astonished Romans, killing many. The Talmud goes on to claim that the number of Jews killed by the Romans after the fortress fell was 4 billion “or as some say” 40 million, while the Midrash Rabbah reports 800 million martyred Jews.

    In order to reassure us that these figures are given in earnest, the necessarily accompanying events are set forth. The blood of the slain Jews reached to the nostrils of the Romans’ horses and then, like a tidal wave, plunged a distance of one mile or four miles to the sea, carrying large boulders along with it, and staining the sea a distance of four miles out.


    In reference to the jew claim that 4 billion jews were killed by Romans, we have the following candid observation from Royce Buehler at

    “No one has ever claimed that the Talmud is infallible or inspired. It isn’t that kind of ‘holy book’. It contains human errors, just like Supreme Court decisions do (see above). Obviously, this is one.”

    So. The jews ADMIT that the writings of their long respected EXPERTS are grossly in error–but expect us to believe the EXACT SAME story today about 6 million jews dying in a “holocaust” during WWII?

    WHICH of their writings is correct, IF any? Their OWN writings, from the Bureau of the Synagogue Council (*cough* Satan) itself, claim that there were 584,549 MORE jews after WWII than before. Is this also “obviously” a jew writing which “contains human errors”, or is this an ACCURATE jew writing [for a change]?

    Even though it was jews themselves who claimed that there were more than half a million MORE jews after WWII than before, it is THEY who changed THEIR story and NOW want US to believe that there were SIX MILLION LESS jews–to whom WE owe reparations of some sort, for some as yet unexplained reason, exclusive of any reparations to the friends, relative, and descendants ofthe 264 million Christians who WERE missing after WWII.

    Which jew LIE do we believe? Which one is closest to the TRUTH [as if a jew cares about such niggles]? Could it be that 6 BILLION jews actually died in the holocaust, rather than only 6 million?

    A side note: outlandish claims of Jewish casualties is nothing new. They claimed 6,000,000 in WWI, too, believe it or not or is it 6 billion?

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  • Roland Weissel

    Reblogged this on rittervonrost.

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