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Shock and outrage has been expressed as it emerges that the ambush of Hitler’s Germany in 1939 had nothing to do with defending democracy. It is now more generally accepted that the real reason for the most disastrous war in human history was the elimination of a trade competitor and also opportunity to plunder Germany’s wealth and to afterwards divide the nation’s resources among the victor nations. A historian, who purchased his copy of Ransacking the Reich by Michael Walsh, doesn’t mince his words.


Ransacking the Reich by Michael Walsh details an aspect of the war which is carefully avoided and side-stepped by contemporary establishment historians. If not downright denied, or not mentioned, it is down-played as a minor event.


“However, Germany was indeed ransacked by the invading armies; everything that was movable was taken in one way or another. Be its patents, private or public funds in Germany and abroad, household articles, public and private art, libraries, museums, individuals with specialised knowledge, Germans, German provinces, German females, everything was taken and found its way into the wide world.


“If Germans today want to see their own art, they have to travel to Russia or England, to France or America, or Poland. It needs to be known that Germany was reduced in size by about one third. The defeated peoples of Eastern Germany was driven away, German gold reserves were shipped to foreign lands, and German factories were dismantled and reopened in foreign hands.

“It is quite clear from Mr. Walsh’s (heavily illustrated) book that World War II was a major theft and for all participants he gives numerous specific instances of what has been taken and where to find it nowadays.


“Reading the book leaves a sinking feeling about the future of mankind, composed of people who were so readily willing to lower every standard of acceptable behaviour just to have their victory.  It might very well be that this war broke mankind’s back and there is now only a march towards an ignominious end in disgrace.

“There has probably never been a more thorough plunder of a nation as that committed by the victorious powers over Germany. Such is the impression from reading this book, which can mention only a fraction of what has taken place. I would have liked to see more examples of where in England, France or the United States such articles of German origin might be found in museums, for example. For Russia, quite a few such examples are given. Also which big firms which were taken from Germany operate now under what name abroad?


The book reviewer adds, “I highly recommend Mr. Walsh’s book when next time another production, be it a film, a newspaper article or book, or even conversation, ‘German art theft’ comes up.  Such fiction needs to be compared to the sombre reality of the wholesale plunder of the largest nation in Europe, always with the question: Why is this relegated to the dark corner of history?


MICHAEL WALSH like Julian Assange is a mainstream journalist, author, and broadcaster shunned by globalist liberal-left media. He is the author of the best-selling RANSACKING THE REICH and THE RED BRIGANDS among many other real history books available on Amazon.

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  • The New Thunderbolt and White Voice are two of many publications and groups that encourage the support of Michael Walsh’s invaluable work. If you’re in a position to help with a bit of plain old cash, please DO SO.

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  • From reading Mr. Walsh’s books I have come to understand that World Wars 1 and 2 were definitely not wars for “freedom”, or to “end all wars”, etc.

    Instead, these were wars to impose regime change in Europe writ large – not much different except in scale than the more relatively recent attacks on Serbia, Iraq, Libya, etc.

    The centuries-long string of liberal wars and revolutions should disgust any thinking person.

    I am happy that Mr. Walsh’s books are out there; and that the real history contained therein is circulating and percolating into the public mind.

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  • The wars, seventh and eight centuries between the Khazars and the Arabs, the Khazars and White People, not Khazars, has been turned into wars between Arabs and White People; Arabs and White People, the enemies of the converted Khazars, having converted from their old religion, Tengrism to Judaism. Tengrism, ancestor worship, hmmm, an old vendetta carried through the ages, the old enemies of the Khazars now enemies of each other, now killing each other, destroying each other’s cultures and civilizations, while the Khazars, today, sit back and laugh.
    The Khazars, today, controlling the wealth of the world, the Armies of both sides, the Media, Hollywood and all the Political, Judicial, and Religious Talking Heads, in short: if my boys did not want war there would be no wars…
    This is what is hidden from us, so we never can know the reason for the insanity that is killing all of us, except, the Khazars, only the Khazars, today, are exulted, are worshiped as victims, are controlling what is behind the curtain and in the national agendas, all of it intending major depopulation of the Earth. No matter what it cost the Earth, the living things on Earth, nothing else matters, but, never forget.
    For centuries these peoples who are today hating each other and killing each other, lived side by side and loved, laughed, built things together, were it not this way the world today would be still in the dark ages; the dark ages, when the Catholics, the English and French Royalty, having buried Rome, denied people even the barest of necessities to live, enslaved all of Europe, preached hate, wars, the robbery of ancient treasures from weaker peoples, cultivating the hate that has been taken over and utilized by the adversaries of all humanity today, not Khazars.
    Talk about falling into a pot of gold, while all this fighting between White People and Arabs was going on, White people killing each other, Muslims invading Europe, the Catholic Crusades, people living in dire squalor, life expectancy falling like a stone from the cliffs; during all of this the Khazars were like step children, used by both sides but only when necessary, other times run out of Dodge by both Arabs and White People; until, Judengasse, Mayer Amschel Bauer, the five sons, the purchase of the Bank of England, then the Federal Reserve, today, the whole Earth, all this from a people defeated and denied the right to rob, rape and murder other people. Now, these people, these same hustlers, killers of truth, own the world and intend the world of human beings, even the animals in the fields, pay them back for all the years they were denied the right to rob, rape and kill us.
    What was a fight for control has now become a fight to repay old debts, though owed, to a people, a kind of people, that for their own reasons have remained separate from the rest of us throughout the ages. A fight to repay old debts, the others refusing the one any right, though they did make themselves the chosen of their made up gods, still, they were denied the right to own us and our Earth, for themselves and for their entertainment, for us to be their cattle, to do their work, to suffer their degradation and spite, to have our daughters, their sex toys and even more, our children, blood sacrifices, as their gods had always demanded, blood sacrifice, the blood of the innocent, the blood of the pure, now they, the gods of all the people, will have their sacrifices of blood and even more than ever did any of the gods invented by them.
    Like Earth, all you have to do is look to see the shape of it, so this horrible time of killing we are living today, this revolution backwards, all you have to do is look to see the shape of it, from where it comes, why, and the results if we, the people do not, right now, put our foot down and insist: no more. Truly, bring the boy’s home, while they still have a home, to come home to. This is the day when all the things lying under the tree are revealed, no more mystery, look and you will see, then decide: not on my watch.
    What does a man do when he has defeated the whole human structure, he looks back, he sees his father, the father before and before, all the way back as far as he can look and he decides, for you, Father, I, am here, for you, I, will make them all, know you, for your hurt, I, will bleed the whole Earth until it cries, Father, forgive us…
    The Germans and Ukrainians are there, the French and English being lined up today, The District of Columbia, the Vatican, coming to the alter of sacrifice, the Russians having suffered right along with the Germans, will be easy to correct when the King of the Jews, Rothschild, decides to bring them in. The stage is set, the final battle looming, but, what if, we all say, no? No more. To be continued….

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