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MICHAEL WALSH, despite being shunned by politically-incorrect media, is recognised as one of Europe’s most popular poets. The poetry of Michael Walsh, which shuns unintelligible discordant pseudo-verse, has attracted tributes from tens of thousands of people from all corners of the world, races and religions.

Among his thousands of fans are to be found the stars of theatre, celebrities, an archbishop, politicians, including a government cabinet minister. Others include great entrepreneurs, playwrights, and the literati. Indeed, the poetry of Michael Walsh, unlike that of his critics, crosses all of the world’s frontiers.

From Ireland to Latvia, throughout the United Kingdom, across Russia, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the universal poetry of Michael Walsh earns glowing tributes. At the turn of the millennium, Michael Walsh was said to be Britain’s most popular contemporary poet. Much of his work is anti-globalist and hostile to bankers’ wars.

His collection of anti-war verse, FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK, despite being ‘denied the oxygen of publicity’ by globalist media, continues to be a best-seller.



Should I salute the soldiers?

Who suffer, bleed and die,

Defending truth and freedom,

So told by men who lie;

My tribute’s for the doctors,

Who fix the broken hearts,

When doctors serve the living,

Who needs a dying art?


One defends his motherland,

At least that’s what he’s told,

Physicians help the mothers,

Whose sons are lying cold,

Barrack square or doctors’ care,

One saves the dying breath,

The squaddie’s trade is plunder,

And his pay is tears and death.


Far better white than camouflage,

Why hide behind a suit,

Better doctor’s footsteps,

Than bankers to salute.

A soldier’s paid for breaking hearts,

The lies he must defend,

Whilst doctors work for life itself,

There’s many hearts to mend.


MICHAEL WALSH is a dissident journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. Author of 52 books includes FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK and IMMORTAL BELOVED.

MICHAEL WALSH like Julian Assange is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of RISE OF THE SUN WEELEUROPE ARISE, TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES, MEGACAUST, SCULPTURES OF THE THIRD REICH VOLUME I and VOLUME II  and 50 other book titles.

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