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Anti-White racism is widespread and the worst offenders are brain-washed self-haters.  Ethnic self-loathing is uniquely a White phenomena. Peoples across the world are baffled by the perversity of ethnic self-loathing and the desire to bring about the destruction of one’s own ethnicity, culture and history through race-mixing.

Spain currently tops the list of Mediterranean countries by the number of migrant sea arrivals. Over 47,500 migrants arrived in the country since the beginning of the year. When illegal migrants reach Spanish soil they are not arrested and shipped back. No, they cavort as they celebrate on the red carpet laid out for them. Without need for identity non-Europeans immediately benefit from resident status and free access to taxpayers purse and pocket.

Very few are refugees in the accepted sense of the term: they are economic migrants. Yet, ethnic-Europeans who share the culture, religion, and history of Europe are made to jump through hoops to acquire residency in EU countries without guarantee of success. Is this not racism?

Not all Africans are Black: Hundreds of thousands of ethnic-Europeans endure a squalid soul-destroying existence scattered across the black republic’s hundreds of South African squatter camps whilst awaiting government-sponsored race genocide. There is no possibility of their being accepted in Europe. There are no BBC or CNN camera crews to record the misery of these displaced Whites.

A Ukrainian orphaned by her parents’ death in a car accident was adopted by a comfortably off professional English couple. The teenager was happy in England, was schooled and befriended there, but was sent back to her country where she has no family.

Yet, when illegal immigrants, after being convicted of multiple serious offences, are obliged to return to their native countries protests erupt and airliners are occupied and prevented from leaving. Is this not racism?

The British Home Office says ‘it cannot be satisfied’ that Inga Lockington, a former mayor of Ipswich and town councillor is permanently resident in England. She has lived and worked in the UK since 1979.


Inga Lockington with her letter from the Home Office and her Danish passport from the 70s

Is this not anti-White racism when set against the hundreds of thousands of unidentifiable benefit-bandits granted citizenship and passports despite lacking skills, shared culture or self-sufficiency?

Daily the immigrants parade along highways built by impoverished White road workers. They use schools built by the generations who gave their lives for Britain, they live in homes not built by their own kind but by the Whites they despise.

The son of a former British High Commissioner was denied a UK passport as he was born in a Caribbean state where his father served as British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago from 2011 to 2014.

The former diplomat said he was left feeling “powerless and nervous” after the Home Office refused to grant his new-born son a passport. He said it illustrated a “cultural (ethnic) priority within the Home Office to reject wherever possible”.


A Northern Ireland-born woman and her American husband’s application for residency has been denied.

Why do ethnic-Europeans already living in Europe find it almost impossible to take up residency in other EU nations? Such anti-White racism is institutionalised apartheid for which the haters responsible will one day be held accountable and hopefully exiled.

The lowest form of race hater is the self-loathing hater.  If these race-haters love migrants so much then they and their hapless families are welcome to join migrants and so they will. If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

Even those whose original European forebears emigrated are denied residency in the motherlands. Britons whose parents emigrated to the Dominions are sent from the UK back to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada? Yet, 2.3 billion Commonwealth citizens, 94% of whom are African or Asian, are encouraged to take out British citizenship by filling the gaps in Britain’s armed forces.


Francoise Milne and Simon Milne with their three children Charlotte, Olivia and Louis

Simon Milne MBE, 58, served in Northern Ireland and Bosnia and is one of 27 Gentlemen at Arms who guard the Queen on royal occasions. His wife and mother of his children, Francoise, 50, applied for residency but was refused as she could not prove she was ‘self-sufficient’.

A Dutch and Spanish couple who have lived in Britain all their adult lives have told of their “devastation” after the Home Office refused their post-referendum application to have their two London-born children recognised as permanent residents of the country.

Jan-Dinant Schreuder and Monica Obiols, both 49, found themselves in a bureaucratic nightmare when they were told their 15-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter had to provide more evidence that they lived permanently with their parents.


Monica Obiols and Jan-Dinant Schreuder have a 15-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, both of whom were born in London.

“What evidence are they supposed to have? They don’t have council tax bills or proof of where they live. They are children,” said Obiols. “They have gone to school here all their life, English is their mother tongue. I was just so shocked when we got the refusal letters.”

Imagine the furore if such cases as these, and there are hundreds of them, were applied to non-Whites. If we are going to root out racism what will come out of the lanced boil will undoubtedly have white skins. To achieve this, a body must be urgently set up to address anti-White racism.

Your Visa

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.” Dante Alighieri Italian poet of the Middle Ages.

MICHAEL WALSH like Julian Assange is an internationally acclaimed journalist, author, and broadcaster shunned by liberal-left corporate media. He is the author of RISE OF THE SUN WEELEUROPE ARISE, TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES, MEGACAUST, SCULPTURES OF THE THIRD REICH VOLUME I and VOLUME II  and 51 other book titles.

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  • Mike,

    I liked the article but this one didn’t quite answer the question as to why (some) white people hate white people. I don’t mean the elites but what makes ordinary folk put third world people before their own people and culture as well, it makes no sense, and ends in your own extinction. Once extinct how will you be able to help others in future.

    I believe it’s a mental illness or at least a predisposition some have for an uber – altruism that treats these people – as some animal activists will – as being unable to care for themselves (likely our fault) and come from sick societies (likely our fault) and the (only) way to help them (and their societies) is to bring them here. This is daft logic – but why do some people apply it? Are there any medical cases or studies? Surely it cannot be simply brainwashing or very low IQ?


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    • Brainwashing, reasonably low IQ… but don’t forget the ever present ever promoted freudian (why do they want me to write it with a capital F beats me) “GUILT COMPLEX”.

      Getting to know WHO will soon lead you to understand WHY (it’s a two thousands odd year-old story).

      Want to know HOW? Look under “BERNAYS, Edward”… which leads you back to “FREUD, Zygmunt”…

      At your lunch-break order some shrinks for your main course; you’ll be doing our race a favour.

      Liked by 2 people

  • If a story is too long or analytical it won’t be read.

    Liked by 2 people

  • As a former professional analyst who enjoys understanding (usually preventable) causes as well as symptoms (treatable but damage done and may return again later) I’m sure there is a fun ‘Pathe News’ way to explain the root cause and either just poke fun or provide the address of a registered Harley Street practice these people can form an orderly queue outside (perhaps both).

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  • The short-form answer is, long-term brainwashing. I’ve seen it since at least the 1960s. Anything that gets hammered into your head from an early age will be accepted as true, whether it’s “there is only one god,” “the Jews are god’s chosen people,” Hitler was the most evil man i history,” “racism is the same thing as bigotry,” “we owe the Black people because once they were slaves” (never mind the fact that Whites were slaves, and so were orientals and so-called “native Americans.” The Blacks get singled out for special mention, just as the Jews do, for their losses during WW2, though people of every race suffered terrible losses.) This evolves into a more subtle form, especially in “popular entertainment” which is what the masses of dumb Sheeple pay attention to. Traditionally White characters suddenly are Black, thank you Stan Lee (and good riddance.) JK Rowling has her head so far up the PC butt that she makes statements like “Hermione was always supposed to be Black” and such-like rubbish. We’re always told about how us rotten Whites virtually exterminated the so-called American Indians, but never about how we built Western civilization or created classical music. Is this all a deliberate plot? YES. Now, the source of that plot varies, depending on who you ask. I’ve taken to saying that it’s all the fault of the Radical Eskimo Wing of the Irish Navajo Jihad. Those who even have the sense to ask the question will come up with their own answers — and will probably all be right. Those of us who blatantly advocate White Pride World Wide will always be reviled by the mindless screamers of the other side Ya know what? That’s a GOOD thing. (This article will be reprinted in total in The New Thunderbolt, this coming summer — I’m already that far ahead of myself. Thanks Mike.)

    Liked by 4 people

    • Read once (thirty years ago) on a car sticker in Joburg:

      “Gay whales against apartheid”

      …so yes, your statement on “Radical Eskimo Wing of the Irish Navajo Jihad” is funny.

      But seriously both of us (and a vast majority of anything who still took the option “brain” at birth) know perfectly well who the malefactors are and why they are backing their strategy on human stupidity, emotiveness and gullibility.

      Which accounts for the amasing amount of wars waged to promote “democrassy” lately…

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  • The vast majority of people in Western Europe, America and Australia finish work and watch the telly. They return from work from where they’ve paid their exorbitant taxes, they just about manage to live in their home from where they pay their debts, and they sit on their sofa from where they’re brainwashed into maintaining the status quo.

    There’s always been the argument about whether the TV, radio and movie industry reflects society, or shapes society. In the current climate, there’s no doubt that the media aims to shape society rather than reflect it.

    We’ve got the quite obvious and unashamedly biased national broadcaster the BBC, we’ve got a government trying to overturn Brexit, we’ve got social media and banks banning political groups and activists who don’t conform to their world view.

    The problem is most people are like sheep, and if the media is portraying a certain narrative, to make it look like what everyone else thinks, then the majority will fall in line, not wanting to be ostracised by society.

    The rot is deeply entrenched, I can think of quite few dividing tactics.

    1/ Feminism: Perpetual war between men and women.

    2/ Media: Most of the white male film stars are portrayed as psychotic, alcoholic, down and outs. Every marriage in the soaps (Eastenders, Coronation Street, etc) ends up in complete devastation, not one ends happily and they’re always fighting with each other.

    3/ Never ending stories in the papers about how white people behave when they’re out on the town, portraying them as being unsuitable for marriage: Ladies Day at Ascot, New Years Eve, Mad Friday Christmas Work Do, Falaraki Drunks, England Football Fans.

    4/ Political correctness, the idea that we must prove that we aren’t racist on a permanent basis. The fact that we live our lives continually judging each other on whether or not we’re racist. A self perpetuating malady that has no basis in natural law.

    5/ Aristotle: “At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.” There’s been a total break down in law and order, the entire western world has been turned on its head. Victims are treated as criminals and criminals as victims. In all honesty, this will bring nothing but resentment amongst our people, especially when grown ups are no longer able to deal with unruly children. This doesn’t make sense, and will leave us with a dire future.

    6/ Drugs, there’s a whole new batch of drugs entering the west and they ‘re not normal drugs from the earth but synthetic, making users act in a irrational manner. The zombie drug Spice has suddenly entered the market, users have been left in a state of psychosis, persons of which are unbearable in society.

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  • How right you are.

    Which leads us to: where do we go from here. I see an alternative and a potential first step:


    A. Let them be slaughtered. (“Democratic” approach);
    B. LEAD them back to common sense (“Hitlerian-Mussolinian” approach).

    First step if electing choice B:
    B.1. Shoot “influencers” on sight and send all advertising executives to farms in Yorkshire.

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    • The MSM & education are controlled by globalists,and until those two institutions are turned around & reformed to the state they were once in,nothing real can be done to bring about change & reverse the current and ever increasing state of PC.
      The rot has set in over the last 70 years – most difficult to change now !
      This to not even mention the outdated & flawed 2 party political Westminster system,where there is only an illusion of voters choice & of course our many traitorous so-called “leaders”,who relish in the destruction of their own fellow indigenous white European population !

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  • People have been brainwashed since cradle how the evil white man, the “Papalagui” has plundered the world and oppressed or enslaved other races, that are the good savages.
    Now, “it’s their turn” to come over here and make a mess, as if this were all some card game.
    Mass poisoning with fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails, all kinds of licit and illicit drugs, plus abortions, mind control through TV and electro magnetic frequencies, all kinds of poisoning and alienation we have endured and it is almost a miracle some of us are in god shape and writting a comment in the Ethnic European.

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  • The natural mending capacity of the human body is awesome… but we are nearing the saturation point. Which is why, if we do not take the necessary measures to get rid of all our parasites NOW, Nature might treat us with a “replay” signal — if not merely a “game over”. If it is a “game over”; I’d like to be reincarnated as a scorpio… a living creature said to be capable of surviving two hundred times the röntgen dose that will total a human being.

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  • Reasons why white people hate white people:

    -Gives you social bonus points
    -Trained to become parrots in the anti-white school system.
    -because they want to belong to some group (even if that group actually hates them)

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  • I figure in another generation or so, the remnant of ‘white’ Europeans will find their Islamo-fascist governments, which they have only themselves to blame, so intolerant they will find it necessary to vacation in the US permanently, living as our new illegal immigration problem.

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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    Pessimism seems to have become a growing tumor that is spreading among our people, crippling our thought patterns, and preventing many to stand, taking the necessary steps. Our focus must be in the here and now. It is our own individual involvement and participation taking place today, and every day, which will determine what the future will be for our-self and our descendants.

    Throughout my life I have read over 3,000 books dealing with many subjects. Libraries have been my favorite place to visit because I could sit in the quiet without being disturbed, or borrow books I could take home. Growing up after the war I not only went to daily school but after returning home had to work on farms and fields, was assigned to heavy duty work (free child labor) yet was taught multiple practical skills in many different areas, which later in my adult years turned out to become very useful in my many works and professions.

    Having traveled the world spending time in many countries, I learned about different cultures, races, customs, language, tradition, religion, believes, politics, etc. etc. It gave me first hand insight, and taught me to look at our world from a 100,000 foot view. Every time I returned back home, I appreciated, honored, respected and cherished more then ever my own race and culture which had taught me so much and had prepared me to face life with its ups and downs.

    Every race and society throughout this world must learn on its own terms, since changes for the better will only come when its people are willing to open their horizon, and through realization become enlightened from within to finally take the necessary steps to bring that change.

    Our utterly corrupt system which is under Illuminati control will not achieve their tyrannical New World Order.

    Let’s continue supporting each other, making extra efforts encouraging our own men and women of all age, and from all walks of life already fighting the beasts.

    Liked by 3 people

    • As long as we abide by the laws of Nature, we can not go wrong. From our side, it requires just two qualities: courage and patience. The good news is that it won’t take much patience as far as we are concerned. The beasts to which you are referring sense from instinct (animal instinct, not intelligence) that their time shall soon be over. Being clever – not intelligent – they are not in position to understand what is going to come on them from far above the sun and why – as they dig their own grave – they shall fail so close to their goal. Which is why they are presently desperate, frantic and dangerous. These three plagues, seen from our point of view, are merely details. Once completed the arbitration of Nature we shall be fine for the coming six thousand years (as there always shall be a few of these beasts left). It is in fact an ever repeating story, as they simply never learn. All of it is so simple that we don’t need to be afraid.

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