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French President Emmanuel Macron came to our attention as being two buns short of a picnic when he exploited a WWI memorial service to take a dig at the American president, who was present. On an earlier occasion, Macron described the French language as having its roots in the Congo Basin.

Macron French language African

The diminutive Macron as a 15-year old fell in love with his schoolteacher and later married her. On this fateful day, November 11 at 11 am he mounted the podium to rave insanely that nationalism is the polar opposite of patriotism. As the video reminds us, this event in Paris was to pay homage to the tens of millions of ethnic-Europeans who died in defence of ~ nationalism.


The media’s darling, Emmanuel Macron is almost as difficult to take seriously as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. If you think Merkel was bad you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Macron for globalism

Seriously, Emmanuel Macron is the most dangerous moonbat in Europe. Watch and absorb this video, viewer discretion advised. If this doesn’t get you ‘reaching for your gun’ nothing will.



It is no exaggeration to say that the armed forces and police services of Europe should be on the tail of Emmanuel Macron. The dapper globalist is now unleashing the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on the peoples of Europe. Europe will become extinct if the progressive ruling class personified by Macron is not overthrown soon.

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