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Mainstream media is in free-fall as millions of newspaper readers and television viewers migrate. Ranked least trustworthy of 33 Western countries UK media is trusted by just 23% of people.  Advertising no longer works and investors are reluctant to back a horse limping to the knacker’s yard.

Anti White media

QUOTE: “The publisher of the Daily Mail lost more a quarter of its stock market value after it delivered bad news on the state of its newspaper business and wrote off hundreds of millions of pounds from failed business information ventures.”

Intelligent people are switching to alternative news and views media. Can slipstream media become mainstream media again? Journalist Michael Walsh thinks newspapers and television can win back lost viewers and readers.

“Their problem is the public rejection of an out of date product that failed to change with the times. Media moguls hire presstitutes whose sleaze and political spin insults the intelligence. Alternative e-media gives people wider choice and opportunity to be their own editors.”

Michael Walsh’s recommended surgery is radical but essential if mainstream media desires to recover its former prestige and power.

“People are fed up to the back teeth with churnalism. Journalists need to be free to do their job, to question and able to challenge convention.”

me and EWN

Michael Walsh with former Daily Mail editor

Here, the author of 52 book titles suggests a trial ten solutions address the problem of failing mainstream media. He says, “If we really had a free press then the following would apply.”


Instead of acting as the regime’s keyboard, print, radio, and television should be free to question government and legislators from all perspectives.


Undeniably pro-migrant and openly hostile to majority opinion mainstream can regain lost audiences by opening debate allowing a cross spectrum of impassioned opinion. 


Mainstream media has been less than even-handed with this issue and has betrayed the concept of democracy. One-sided opinion forming is unacceptable to a free society of intelligent Europeans.


Open the holocaust to open debate inviting informed opinion from both the controversy’s propagandists and expert investigators who consider the holocaust an overhyped fantasy. This would offer the final solution for the dispute.


Accountability is missing. Politicians are confident that media will never challenge their decisions and so they feel free to act against the public interest. Make politicians accountable by media freely questioning legislators before, during and after events; i.e. Libya, anti-Russian sanctions, immigration, NATO, Iraq, 9 / 11, etc.


Mainstream recycles globalist propaganda that non-White immigration is necessary to maintain population strength. This topic would create national debate if pundits were permitted to publicly question the globalist mantra in a newspaper, on radio and television.


Mainstream endorses the rotating dictatorship endured by Western nations. The proportional representation must be perfected by independent experts unable to benefit from their model. There should be public debate open to challenge first past the post electioneering and manipulative proportional representation.


It is time to open media debate on adding a referendum on major issues effecting the entire population some of which are here identified. This form of more representative democratic people’s government worked well in Hitler’s Germany; the allies banned plebiscites / referendum.


Instead of the genocide of infants being laundered by media, all sides of the debate should be invited to present the case for and against abortion, the queer agenda, sex education, pornography, institutionalised paedophilia, and sexual propaganda by education interests.


All politicians should be held publicly accountable, interrogated and challenged on their incomes, connections and their lifestyles. Journalists must be contractually obliged to reveal their connections with government, lobbyists and political affiliations.

MICHAEL WALSH is a rebel journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. His 52 books include EUROPE ARISE and THE RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL.

Rise of the Sun Weel Collage
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