The distress felt by South Africa’s White Boer and Afrikaner minorities over government land expropriation and farm murders have met with silence in Western mainstream media. However, an activist from Southern Russia has set up a full-scale rescue operation to support these beleaguered ethnic-European communities.


Vladimir Poluboyarenko, a Christian activist and deputy ombudsman from Stavropol in Southern Russia has become a well-known figure in the s-called Rainbow Country.


Nelson Mandela about whites: “I’m convinced that we are not dealing with normal people, but with animals.” One farmer – one bullet. We are going to kill all whites – including children and old people! Since 1994, 50,000 whites have been killed in South Africa.

The news about Poluboyarenko’s televised initiative to invite Boers and Afrikaners to resettle in Russia spread quickly and was translated into English and Afrikaans. The agriculturalists and their relatives currently face the ever-present threat of gratuitous slaughter on their family farms of many generations. To add to their distress of ethnic Europeans trapped in South Africa, the globalist-sponsored South African regime has nodded through parliament legislation that in effect means the transfer of farmlands to the black communities.


When Vladimir Poluboyarenko decided to fly to South Africa to visit Boer and Afrikaner communities, he received blessings and financial support from people, whom you would rarely see sharing the same ideas – priests and scientists donated their own money for the cause.

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As elsewhere,, these communities are totally ignorant of farming methods and the financing of farming enterprises. South Africa is now destined to rival the famines of the Horn of Africa, which will cause the deaths of tens of millions of blacks. The Russian activist has recorded several video messages addressing the Boers.


The Metropolitan of Stavropol blessed me to help the Boers and donated 50,000 rubles of personal money.

Vladimir started receiving dozens of emails a week from Boers and Afrikaners who are willing to leave their country and relocate permanently to Russia. Many of them asked that their personal details not be published because of security concerns and the fear of being targeted.

Even though the initiative to invite South Africans to Russia was a private one, it received support from entrepreneurs, Christian activists, the Orthodox Church and, eventually, from local officials in three Russian territories, one in the south and two in the central part of the country.

Representatives of the Boer community visited Russia on several occasions this year to see for themselves the land that they will be able to rent or purchase. In turn, the struggling Whites invited Vladimir Poluboyarenko to see for himself how they live in South Africa. He launched a mini-crowd funding campaign for his trip, with local entrepreneurs, scientists and even members of the clergy donating money for the cause.

During his visit to South Africa, Vladimir is planning to travel to Boer and Afrikaner towns and communities, to hold talks with local politicians and religious groups.


The response to the desire of Boer families to move to Russia was overwhelmingly positive, and it was a surprise for me how huge was the interest to this topic all over the world”, he says, adding that “over 200 families wrote to us asking for help in relocating”.


Poluboyarenko stressed that the initiative is not aimed at particular social and religious groups, and besides farmers, he’s ready to help all South Africans who wrote to him, the rich and the poor, factory workers and coal miners, lawyers, and artists.


It is becoming more difficult for the regime’s rulers to explain the recent farm attacks and murders in South Africa. The reports about farm attacks collected by Afrikaner NGOs look like news bulletins from a war zone, and not only locals fall victims to violence.  Last week, Irish philanthropist and educator John Curran, who was working on projects sponsored by the ruling African National Congress (ANC), was brutally killed in his apartment building in Cape Town.

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