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  • Why are none of the so-called “awoken Europeans riding the alternative radio shows” NOT talking about this???

    The UN Migration Pact would see Europe open her borders to the world, intensifying the migrant crisis. This would inevitably result in increased migration to the UK. The reality of this pact is that it will legitimize and encourage mass illegal economic immigration which would add to the worlds existing 244 million migrants and is tantamount to an ‘open borders pact’. In addition, the Pact goes even further to encourage nations to open their welfare systems as part of what is signed up to. This would see tax revenue diverted away from health etc., where it is badly needed, to pay welfare for more migrants.

    The UN Migration Pact was also lobbied for by the big banks and ‘big money’ corporations to create an endless flow of human resources to serve their plans of globalist expansionism at the expense of the nation-state and national sovereignty.

    The Pact is also anti-democratic in nature as each countries’ representative assumes the power to make civilizational level decisions without any democratic mandate or any consultation to the people of those nations who will bear the loss of sovereignty and identity through increased levels of migration.

    The Pact has a totalitarian approach with regards to any opposition to it by encouraging nation to create laws against the basic right of freedom of speech. The following quotes from the Pact reveal this clearly: –

    “We commit to eliminate all forms of discrimination and counter expressions”.

    “Implement or maintain legislation that penalizes hate crimes”.

    “Promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets, including internet-based information”


    Update – The UN Migration Pact

    The UN Migration Pact which is due to be finally signed at a UN summit in Marrakesh, Morocco on 11 December 2018. The Pact has now been re-badged as the Global Compact for Migration (GCM), and is the latest stage in the creation of a global framework of both binding, and ‘advisory’ supra-national agreements and structures relating to mass migration. The effect of that inter-locking framework is to create and embed formal mechanisms that will result in the Great Replacement of Europeans in their homelands. The GCM builds on the Marrakesh Agreement May 2018, and The Barcelona Declaration 1995, and is the latest in a continuing programme of global governance policy formation designed to prevent democratic control over borders and nations. An outline of the GCM, and the earlier Marrakesh Agreement, and the Barcelona Declaration can be found in our last two Generation Identity Newsletters.

    Recent developments

    Over the last few weeks there have been developments in relation to the GCM that we report on here. The UN itself has begun a propaganda programme to support the upcoming December summit, although, so far, it has been a limited offensive. Unsurprisingly, very little, if anything, has appeared in the mainstream media about the GCM, neither have mainstream politicians made any commentary (at least, not in the UK). However, the Identitarian Movement in Europe has begun to raise awareness, and some patriotic politicians have begun to talk about the threat posed by the GCM.

    UN Propaganda

    A month ago, the UN released a short propaganda film, ‘What is the Global compact for migration?’

    Featuring smiling women and children throughout, the UN propaganda presents mass migration as an unalloyed good. Dealing in absolutes, the film states that ‘migration is an engine of growth and entrepreneurship’, and that migrants sent ‘$450 billion to developing countries in 2017’, while spending ’85% of their earnings in their host countries’. No opposing arguments or statistics are presented. The film does, however, make clear that the GCM is ‘the first ever agreement to cover all aspects of international migration’. In this, it is correct, as all aspects, both direct and indirect are covered. It will embed standards that all signatories will be expected to adhere to, and those standards will cover not only the facilitation of mass migration into Europe and the West, but will also require governments to present strongly positive narratives surrounding migration, while taking steps to prevent, and punish, opposition to mass migration and the Great Replacement.

    Although the UN film has been in circulation for a month, it has had no wider coverage. On YouTube, there have only been 6,464 views. Interestingly, it has received over 1,000 ‘dislikes’ and only 36 ‘likes’. Further, of the 258 comments, the overwhelming majority are hostile to the GCM and the UN. What is interesting is that, in keeping with the run-up to the signing in December, this small, unheralded video, represents the UN’s main information on the GCM to the public. Similarly, in the UK, only one article has appeared in any mainstream media outlet, either print or broadcast, about the GCM. That article was a highly supportive one in The Guardian.

    In the United Kingdom, the only politician that has raised the GCM is the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten, MEP. In a tweet of 17 October, Batten commented:

    ‘UN Global Compact For Safe, Orderly & Regular Migration. Euro Parl will vote on this at the end of 2018. It seeks to make illegal immigration legal, make it easier, and criminalise opposition under ‘racism & xenophobia’ laws. If they succeed then millions more will come.’

    By the time the European ‘Parliament’ votes on it, the GCM will be a done deal – as usual, the European ‘Parliament’ simply acts as a dictatorship’s rubber stamp. At the moment, Gerard Batten is the only elected politician to have identified the threat.

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