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Real history rather than victors spin teach us that atrocities are committed regardless of occupiers’ nationality, their ideals or ethnicity. However, there is proven to be just one ethnic-religious ideology that’s gratuitous and hideous depravities cause the crimes of all others to pale into relative insignificance.


RABBINICAL QUOTE: “The efforts of Satan have been successful and they have spread around the Holy Land.” (Toldos Shmuel, v. 3 p. 142).

Wherever they occupied the Soviet Bolsheviks routinely targeted and martyred the most innocent in the most depraved ways. “Vladimir Lenin gave orders to kill as many students as possible in several towns. Chekists (Secret Police) arrested every youth wearing a school cap. Students were singled out and casually killed because Lenin believed the coming Russian intellectuals would be a threat to the Soviet regime.” ~ Vladimir Soloukhin, In the Light of Day, Moscow 1992, p. 40.

10_ Moloch otherwise Lucifer

The resultant vacuum in the intelligentsia communities was then filled by ethnic Jews. Vladimir Soloukhin revealed that the Chekists were especially interested in handsome boys and pretty girls, who were the first to be killed ~ after intense suffering. The entire Chekist terror was coordinated by the Jewish functionary Joseph Unschlicht.


Beyond normal comprehension is why Bolsheviks in a carefully structured way inflicted upon their victims the most hideous and quite unnecessary cruelties before allowing those martyred to leave their world as tormented souls.

7_ Disembowelling before death commonly practiced

If in some cases victims were beforehand despatched by a bullet in the nape of the neck, the preferred NKVD method, it was simply because time and circumstance necessitated such industrial methods.


Otherwise, where time and place advantage was in their favour, Talmudic Bolsheviks murdered their victims, children included, by methods that can only be described as an occultist. The mind reels in horror if they chance upon the taboo topic of Bolshevik cruelties and the reasoning behind such gratuitous depravities eludes them.


There is a covert reason why Talmudic Bolsheviks with coerced accomplices sought ever more creative ways by which to kill their victims in the most hellish ways imaginable.

Talmudic Jews consider themselves spiritually elevated on a scale equal to the degree of pre-death suffering inflicted on their victims. This scale of higher spirituality defines levels of priority such as priests, army officers, intellectuals and children. The degree of suffering in their victims is proportionate with the elevation of Talmudic occultism.

Львов_жертвы НКВД

How did Talmudic Jews, foremost among the Bolsheviks, go about the slayings? Chekists favoured murder with various and increasingly imaginative methods of pre-death murder.

In his documentary, The Russia We Lost, the director Stanislav Govorukhin told how the priesthood in Kherson was crucified. The Archbishop Andronnikov of Perm was tortured before death.  His eyes were prised out; his ears and nose were cut off.


Bolshevism is not Russian!

In Kharkov the priest, Dmitri was stripped naked. When he tried to make the sign of the cross, a Chekist amputated the priest’s right hand. In Soviet overrun the Bolshevik methods of torture and the inflicting ritualistic murder was openly encouraged.


Several sources tell how Chekists in Kharkov placed their victims in a row. Then, having nailed their hands to a table their torturers cut around their wrists with a knife. Boiling water was poured over the skin was peeled off. This was known as ‘pulling off the glove’.

The Soviet occupation of the Baltic States where these orgiastic tortures were also carried out is clear evidence that Talmudic shamanistic methods of torture and death were uniquely a Talmudic Bolshevik phenomena.

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Lithuanian refugee Zite Kaulius wrote in The Advocate, Newark, April 1964: “The Germans were angels compared to the Communists.  “Persecuted Christians came out of hiding.  My father who had been arrested was released by the Germans.  He came home with his hands raw. The Communists had tortured him by plunging his hands into boiling water until his skin came off like gloves.”

To properly understand satanic depravities practiced by Talmudic Jews one is advised to simply refer to the teachings of the Talmud.


All and much more is revealed in TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROES by Michael Walsh. He says, “The nature of the debaucheries has no equal outside the concept of Lucifer’s teachings. The Talmudic scourge and predisposition towards maximising the sufferings of their victims were not confined to territory but to the peculiarities of the Talmudic mind. Today, the unfortunate Palestinians are treated as abysmally as were their fellow martyrs wherever Talmudic ideology spread.”

“Nowhere in the Talmud is the Star of David an endorsement of the Jews. However, the Bible does reference this to be the Star of Remphan belonging to Moloch (Satan). Most Jews don’t like to admit it but our god is Lucifer and we are his chosen people. ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal (1947 – 1976). A senior aide to Senator Jacob K. Javits.

MICHAEL WALSH is a rebel journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. His 52 books include TROTSKY’S WHITE NEGROESSLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY,  EUROPE ARISE and THE RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL.

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  • John 8:44

    the eternal ovens of truth are now ready….@ Matthew 13:39-43 !

    FOR THE RECORD : The First five books of the Bible are not about “Jews”
    or being “Jewish”….the children of Israel never “turned into
    the Gog & Magog proselytes to Talmudic Judaism, and
    there were never any Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo…

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  • How long, how much, should we think, the Christian Leadership in The City of London, The District of Columbia, the Vatican, do not know, all about this, and, much more?
    For all of this, the Christian Religion is as guilty as are the Jews, for all of this, horror.
    Nothing to do with Gods or Devils, just people, some pushing the barrel, some taking it, the horror, the pain and misery, for any person to ever say the word Jesus, or God, is a slap in the face to all the people who were the victims, who are the victims, who will be the victims, if humanity keeps praying and waiting for something supernatural, ie., nonexistent, to save them, from themselves, from their Leadership, from the Religious Men and the Banker King, who is behind it all. The Banker King, the first Jew…
    For hundreds of thousands of years humans lived among one another and lived, in peace, this Religion/God hustle has destroyed humanity before and it will do it again. For people to have decided to leave their future to things unseen, things that cannot exist, to things that are impossible, as it is impossible for anything requiring the blood of man or beast, the blood of the innocent, which is what this article is depicting, for blood sacrifice to be a requirement of forgiveness, for sin, is insane, the people observing such rituals insane, the society most certainly doomed to a miserable end.
    When humanity puts their future, their lives, their comfort, their love of justice, the lives of their children, when people put the truth, in the hands of rich men and women, in the hands of men and women who cry: oh, Lord, Jesus, God, when people are so blind they cannot see, then as the Jews say: let them be led to their own grave. Except, I am one of you!
    Today, decide to put religion and the Gods, the Jesus’ the Devils and the Spirits behind you, call a man, call a woman, by name, and, see him for what he is, see her for what she is, not Jew or Christian, but killer or innocent. If not today, then we may never have this chance again, time is running out for us just as it ran out for the hundreds of millions, innocent, men, women and children, the innocent people, who suffered the soles tore off their feet, who suffered so much more, the millions who suffer today, is there no justice left in the world?
    As long as the Gods of bad people prevail bad people will prevail, because, the Gods, are the bad people, our freedom begins when we rid our minds of any thoughts leading us to believe anything religious can be true, anything religious can be good, for, it is all lies, it is all murderous, it is the lowest humanity can sink, the blood and guts of innocence, cries out for peace. There cannot, there never has, there never will be, peace on Earth, as long as religions and the men who are the religions prevail over the lives of real people, of other life on Earth, of Earth.
    Except people today put religions away and never go near them again, the Earth and all life on Earth, certainly every one of us here, Mike Walsh, everyone not one of them, the warmongers, the addicts of cold blooded murder, the lovers of torture and misery, dealt out to the innocent. Except, the insanity that is religious beliefs, the murderous Gods and the Teachers of Religions, except they are put away from our children and ourselves we are the walking dead and nothing can save us – from ourselves…save us from ourselves, because, Gods and all that Religions teach is a lie, is impossible, Gods, do not exist, cannot exist, but, the children, the innocent people, the hungry, the thirsty, the people cold, abandoned, they do exist and grow in numbers every day.
    For those who suffered and died, the innocent, do today what they cannot do, put the religions in their place, in jails and prisons, away from our children, away from our leadership, see, the change and rejoice, for then, we will be free. Just say no, no more!

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  • Some Christians are not deceived we know that we should not support counterfeit Israel a nation of Antichrists we are not to bless them or even acknowledge them it does no good to put down all religion or maybe you will be given over to the same Spirit that has the homosexual.

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