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Michael Walsh’s Witness to History blockbuster has been described as “one book that totally destroys the propaganda of the victors.’

Twenty-five years in the making such an undertaking had never before been embarked upon. Contrary to common thinking the Soviet Union did not have a monopoly on palace writers who stick strictly to the regime’s mantra. The West too is infested with fraudulent politically correct hacks who know that the only way to make money is to parrot the propaganda of the victors. Many authors have been exposed for selling holocaust and other war story fantasies as fact.

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Mike Walsh’s Witness to History was compiled with three goals and one purpose in mind. First was to publish one book that would make impotent the war victors’ spin.

Secondly, to see much more clearly the unfolding events of the catastrophic 20th Century one needs to see the big picture. It is deceitful but profitable to publish 100,000 titles each of which recycles already spun half-truths on separate topics. Such an approach leaves it to the reader to make sense out of a fog of incomplete jigsaw pieces.  Finally, it is pointless to compile any book based on one author’s opinion.

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Mike Walsh says, “It seemed to me far better to give those who actually made history the opportunity to tell their story in their own words. My sources are listed at the end of the book.

For these three important reasons Witness to History is unique and its message is undeniable; it was the Allies, not Hitler’s Germany that was responsible for World War II and the worst death toll in the history of humankind.”

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The author of 52 books adds: “I am merely a spectator to the 20th Century’s unfolding epic. My role is to tell of the decisions made by the period’s most saintly and most sinister men; what happened and why it happened as it did.”

Such is the volume of this compilation of quotes that Witness to History was broken down into four volumes. However, those fortunate enough to be able to dig a little deeper can buy the full book in one volume.

“It is estimated that during the 20th century 164 million people were ‘killed by government’. ~ R. J. Rummel, Power, Genocide and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research.

The maverick historian says, “Who speaks for them, who will explain their suffering if not me? It is to these betrayed and forsaken martyrs that I dedicate Witness to History. No one book can adequately tell of their tortured lives, all Witness to History can do is to recognise the victims’ dreadful suffering and martyrdom.”


Readers’ reviews are unstinting in their praise: “There must be a million books or more that cover Hitler’s Reich, World War II, and its apocalyptic aftermath. If WWII was fought to restore democracy how is it that as prize of war Churchill and Roosevelt afterwards surrendered without a quibble 21 countries to the tender mercies of Stalin’s tyranny, ironically, one of them being Poland?

“I found in this book all I was looking for and more besides. There are no opinions expressed in Witness to History save those of its thousands of contributors.

They have highly placed men and women who represented all sides in the conflict and offer their candid opinions, relate their experiences, and give us the insider information that is denied to us by the allies’ propagandists. If I had the financial means I would make Witness to History freely available. But, I doubt that would be allowed. I heartily recommend this book; it is worth it.”

Justin O’Donnell writes, “In a just world this book would be compulsory in our schools.” Another reviewer writes: “This book belongs in every library and high school history class across America.”

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Kirby writes, “We non-professional-historians have received a version of history mainly from television such as on the History Channel. Every page here reveals how the history of the 20th century has been written by the victors, according to the Jews and the Bolsheviks, one and the same thing in most cases. Mike Walsh has the courage to tell the other side of the story, and we need to know it.”

MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. Support real history by using MoneyGram, Western Union or registered mail to send your financial gift.


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  • Thanks Mike for your efforts in compiling this sure to be a classic work. To answer the query above. “Germany: Aggressor or Victim?” Clearly, the answer is victim. Even now, 70+ years after the end of the war in Europe, we incessantly see and hear of the continuing demonization of Hitler and of Germany. The establishment is protesting too much and seeks to distract us and thwart any inquiries into the real, true facts about the war period.

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