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When Amazon achieved book publishing dominance in 2009 it was an ambush. Conventional book publishers and book printers were mowed down like conscripts in the trenches of the Western Front.  Paradise lost, prior to Amazon book printers and authors were in mutually beneficial partnership. Amazon never did live up to its promises; authors feel betrayed by the corporate behemoth.

Amazon has since achieved notoriety not for the books it publishes but for the books it refuses to publish. Authors are returning to conventional publishing.  Not all are political mavericks; many authors find Amazon quibbles over content they prissily consider politically or romantically explicit.

SPUTNIK INTERNATIONAL “After nearly being wiped out by the ascendancy of Amazon and other online retailers, small bookstores – once thought doomed to extinction, are making a heady comeback. Small independent neighbourhood bookstores, pronounced dead a decade ago, are booming, according to industry watchers.” ~ Sputnik 1 December 2018.

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In truth, the old methods of book publishing were better.  Since the onset of the internet print-on-demand (POD) books have made it easier and cheaper for authors to publish and distribute their own books and they are doing better than Amazon.

What is POD book printing? It is a one computer fed book printer run by a single operator and it has replaced scores of old crafts involved in old-style book publishing.  Within a few weeks, your manuscript is turned into 100 + beautifully bound books delivered to your doorstep. The cost of say 200 books is less than a new kitchen cooker.

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Ghost-writer Michael Walsh has been printing and re-printing books since 1974.  The author’s name is on 52 book covers, eight of which are published independently of Amazon. The latter is more profitable than are the 50 Amazon-published books.

“Amazon is merely a POD book publisher, the only difference is their supremacy but when selling books they are as useless as a walking stick with a wheel on it. The author says that Amazon sells few of his poetry collections. “However, when in 1999 I self-printed 3,000 small poetry books all sold out in weeks.

“In the 1980s I self-printed Behind Enemy Lines, Special Weapons and Tactics, How to See in the Dark, Business Matters, Witness to History, Death of a City and other titles. I ordered each title in quantities of 1,000 / 2,000; all quickly sold.  The profits were higher than Amazon’s meagre 10%, which is what conventional book publishers pay authors anyway.”

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The only stumbling block for self-publishing authors is how to sell their books from their home or office. Michael Walsh has considerable experience in this field too.

There are three kinds of authors. 1) Specialists use social media to promote their books. 2) Niche writers draw on their career or life experiences. A holiday rep or hotelier will target the leisure market; a police officer targets their reviews and adverts at the crime and security periodical and online markets.

Novelists, including romance and soft porn, deliver their books to local shops on a sale or return (SOR) basis. For instance, the author leaves 12 books and each week calls in to collect two-thirds of the cover price of the books sold in his absence. The advantage is that the author or their sales representative (on 10%) control the setting in which their books are displayed.

How do I prepare and print my POD book? Michael Walsh says, “As a ghost-writer, I have brought to retail standard scores of poorly written books on all kinds of topics. My fees per 1,000 words are reasonable. Most books, including those of household name authors, are ghosted.

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When your book is print ready I prepare it for the book printers. As soon as your payment is received your books are ordered in whatever quantity to you require. You await delivery; it really is that easy.

Authors are taking advantage of new technology harnessed not by Amazon but by themselves. Amazon, eat your heart out.”

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