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STOP PRESS: Midnight December 2: The left loses the majority in the Andalusian Chamber and Vox enters strongly in the Andalusian Parliament. With almost all the scrutiny completed, a huge political turnaround is observed in Andalusia.
PSOE-A: 33 seats; PP: 26 seats; Citizens: 21; Adelante Andalucía: 17 and Vox: 12 seats (best prediction was 5). The results suppose a historical turn in an autonomous community governed by the socialists since the establishment of the autonomy.
The absolute majority is reached with 55 deputies. At this point, the necessary coalitions to get that majority are not clear. The three populist forces: Vox, PP and Citizens, add 59 seats. PSOE and Citizens only add 54 and four seats less get the Socialists with Adelante Andalucía. The sum of PP and Citizens remains in only 47 seats.

An anti-globalist party is on course to win seats in Spain for the first time since the fall of Generalissimo Francisco Franco 43 years ago. Vox, the hard-line anti-immigration party that also wants to ban pro-independence parties, is expected to win up to five seats in the Andalucian regional parliament election tomorrow. It is pulling in voters from both the conservative Popular Party and Socialists.


The popular vote-harvesting party’s message is clear: “VOX is a political party created for the renewal and strengthening of Spanish democratic life.  We are like you, professionals, freelancers, housewives, retirees, entrepreneurs, employees, workers, officials, students, etc., who have never lived through politics, who have been disappointed by current politicians and who have taken a step to the front to change this situation. The politician must be there to serve, listen, manage and act.


José Antonio Ortega Lara – Fundador y miembro activo de VOX

We also base our agenda on True Values, the Family and the Life.  For us the priority is people and we believe in a system based on freedom, where all taxes are as small as possible or even eliminated.


Vox’s leader is Santiago Abascal, a 42 year-old former member of the Popular Party, who hails from the northern Basque region.

If you manage correctly and you avoid the billions of euros in unnecessary expenses, you can create the necessary conditions so that everyone, absolutely everyone, can live in a more prosperous and just country.


Far-right party set to win first seats in Spain

Although the far left socialists have run Andalucia for the past 36 years and are likely to continue their reign in the southern stronghold, polls predict Vox winning several sets in the 109-seat chamber.

Vox leader is Santiago Abascal, a 42-year-old former member of the Popular Party, is a native of Spain’s northern Basque region. Andalucia is Spain’s most populous region and has one of the country’s highest unemployment rates. Sunday’s vote is widely seen as an early indicator of how Pedro Sanchez, the Socialist prime minister, will fare at national polls expected early next year.

The party sets out its agenda clearly: For us, less is more: Less taxes more employment, Less bureaucracy more efficiency, Less intervention more wealth to distribute, Less state more freedom, Less spending more investment, Less evictions more justice, Less pollution more sustainability, less deceits more honesty.




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