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As gift spending money pours into the Christmas tills of fat cat corporations, Michael Walsh says the money would be better spent if used to purchase from our people.


“Here in our own countries many artisans struggle to make ends meet; artists, makers of jewellery, pottery, small independent family run businesses, an individual made knitwear and handmade items, picture framing, dresses, candle making, florists, homemade this and that.


Buying from such small businesses is the real Spirit of Christmas as when you buy you also give in return. When you help our European artisans it helps them and their families, not shareholders and banks.

There is an element of self-interest in the writer’s appeal. He has over 50 book titles struggling to compete with books published by conventional book publishers.

“Unknown or dissident authors cannot compete with them,” he says. “Publishing houses pay ghost-writers £1 million per title for books bearing names like Wilbur Smith or Jeffrey Archer, who merely provide the storyline.”

Michael says his city-vigilante novel, A Leopard in Liverpool, which is based on his own experiences is a far better read than Death Wish or The Wild Geese but he simply doesn’t have the backing.


He says, “It is galling to pick up business advice books and to read the crap they suggest when my book, The Business Booster, which draws on the expertise of over 1,000 successful businesses, is side-lined.”

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The popular author has published over a dozen ground-breaking real history books about the Reich. His Witness to History (Mike Walsh) blockbuster or 4 volumes has been more widely read than books by established historians simply because Mike Walsh’s books are more revealing and believable.

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As 2018 draws to a close attention is drawn to three ground-breaking newcomers to the world of literature, knowledge and an inside peek into the lost world of Hitler’s Germany. Long after the author’s death, the lied to the world will shake their heads in disbelief at The Art of Adolf Hitler and Sculptures of the Third Reich Volumes I and II.

And, what happened to the art assets of Hitler’s breath-taking renaissance of Greek and Roman sculptures and artworks. Despairingly, the plunder and looting of the defeated Reich are distressingly revealed in Michael Walsh’s masterpieces, Ransacking the Reich and The Red Brigands.  

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All are available on Amazon

A one time traveller, who visited, lived and worked in a score of African nations, Michael’s output includes Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral, Africa’s Killing Fields and The Last Gladiators. His African titles are factual, politically incorrect and fabulously illustrated.

The author and broadcaster is arguably the most multi-talented author of the 20th Century. Tributes to his writing and poetry pour in from statesmen, business entrepreneurs, literati, theatre, church, and cultural icons as well as the extraordinary public. However, the liberal-left caucus and corporate media consider his writings, even his poetry, beyond the Pale.


The 10 poetry collections of Michael Walsh are sneeringly dismissed as ‘traditional’ which means people actually prefer his verse. At the close of the millennium, he was said to be Britain’s more popular poet.

Other titles include Slaughter of a Dynasty, which for the first time ever tells of the Jewish ritual slaughter of Tsar Nicholas II and the Russian / European royal dynasty. His Megacaust is explosive in implicating Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and Mao Tse Tung for the ‘death by government’ of 164 million martyrs.  Trotsky’s White Negroes is horrifying in its exposure of the depravities of the Wall Street sponsored Bolsheviks (1917 – 1989).

Michael Walsh has to be one of the 20 century’s most fascinating and prolific writers ~ certainly one of the epoch’s most interesting people with a revolutionary family background. One supposes his biography; The Rise of the Sun Wheel will be for those interested in discovering one of the greatest mould-breakers ever.

The dissident author’s books available for purchase by visiting his website BOOKSTORE, BUY FROM AUTHOR and POETRY  links.


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  • Good message.

    If we buy from the people instead of from large companies we are helping our own people.

    Of course the people cannot compete against large greedy companies, and they can compete even less if they do not support the anti-white narrative in some way.

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