STATEMENT OF INTENT: Defence of equality and rights for ethnic-Europeans and end anti-white racism, hate and discrimination. Please share our stories. 

A DESPERATE PLEA FOR OUTSIDE HELP: “Please help us, we are not getting jobs, only the blacks are given jobs. I am no longer proud to be South African. Please Russia help us! I will rather be Russian when I die than to die South African. Help us please help us. We want to leave South Africa; there is nothing more here for us. Please help us bring us to Russia to work.” ~ Graham Brown, South Africa.

Our story, Russia to the Rescue of South Africa’s Whites is proving pivotal in creating an escape route for White South Africans. In a little over a week, we reached tens of thousands of caring hearts.

If 5,500 Facebook likes are boosted by a twenty-fold share elsewhere then at least 210,000 people were made aware of the plight of our ethnic-European kin facing a Globalist-Black South African holocaust.

In response to our story letters poured in: “We are a rather large family. I am 60 and a modern dance teacher. My family are school teachers, dance teachers, handyman farmers in sugar cane and banana managers for a farm fertilizer company, a diesel sales manager, and a developer at the famous Leopard Creek Golf Club and Mjejane Private Game Farm. We are a large family of very hard workers. Please help us. We know God is in control and we put our faith in Him.”


Sonja writes: “What about the impoverished White people who have no money. What plans are there for us, or are we outcasts?”

Writers inkwells are their hearts: “This is a story that URGENTLY needs to be addressed! Russia and Putin is to be congratulated in their invitation to White South Africans. You’ll never see such an invitation from the United States or the United Kingdom, both run by traitor governments. We desperately need an Odessa Mk. II escape program to aid our kinsmen, and save them from butchery sponsored by the South African government.”


Another pundit is a realist: “You’ll never see such an invitation come from the United States of Britain. In fact, Theresa May Prime Minister, a puppet of Rothschild’s Britain, travelled to South Africa to approve the government’s resolve to expropriate White property without compensation as did the (Rothschild’s) World Bank.”


South African Michael Debatto is angry: “I hope White farmers take this offer to resettle in Russia and let Black murdering mobs ruin farms and then starve.”

Eugenio is downhearted: “Good thing for the farmers, but what about the rest of us?” Betty is angry too: “Buy a ticket to anywhere and claim refugee status. They cannot turn you away anymore as your claim is 100%”.


Another writes: “Good luck and please leave. Take every penny and leave. Destroy the stuff you can’t take with you or give it to white poor people.”


South African ethnic-European Lourens Campher writes: “What possible chance to immigrate to Russia. I work in the transport of goods food, etc.”

He is reassured by Captain Morgan: “From my understanding, the offer from Russia is for any White South African, not just farmers.”


Dirkie Kuh writes: “What will happen to us (Whites) in residential areas? We are not safe! What should we do to get out of South Africa? We can no longer stay here and we too fear for our lives. You are left wondering when it will be you. We are two, my husband and me.”

Catherine Cotzee is distressed: “Please my family needs help to get out. We are three people, my husband, I and our 20-year old son.”  E de Toit: “We also want to immigrate to anywhere, but need someone to help us. We don’t know where to start the process.”

There is considerable support for Russia’s President Vladimir Putin who is vilified by American and European turncoats: “I like Putin more each day. He says it as it is but we should all help the Whites. Let the farm rot, it’s happened before. They can starve after killing the farmers. You reap what you sow. Thank you, Putin.”

Is there hope for South Africa’s 4.6 million ethnic-Europeans? Most ethnic-Europeans there have lived in South Africa far longer than Whites have lived in the United States or Australia.

The prophetess, Vanga (Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova 1911 – 1996) lived in Rupite. This community straddles the borders of Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece. It is a place said to be a source of incredible cosmic energy. Vanga’s prophecies are astounding in their accuracy. Among many others she wrote before her death:

“Everything melts away like ice yet the glories of Vladimir, the glory of Russia, are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, but it will also dominate the world.”

The Ethnic-European is very much in the debt of RUSSIAN FAITH https://russian-faith.com/ and RUSSIAN INSIDER https://russia-insider.com/en who have spearheaded the ‘Save South Africa’s Whites Campaign.

MICHAEL WALSH is a rebel journalist, author, and broadcaster snubbed by liberal-left media. His 52 books include RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERALAFRICA’S KILLING FIELDSand THE LAST GLADIATORS.

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The Voice of Ethnic-Europeans Worldwide




  • Mike, Many thanks to you for reporting on South Africa’s ethnic-Europeans and praise to Russian president Vladimir Putin for inviting them to relocate to Russia. But I still have a dream : somebody who would stand up and help the ones not wanting to leave, to stay on their lands ; on which their families have lived much longer than Whites in the United states and Australia.

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  • The very odd and treacherous British Prime Minister, Theresa May, fully supports the land reforms in South Africa. She calls the land reforms “part of the democratic process”, whilst simultaneously trying to overturn the democratic will of the British people with her “deal or no deal” obfuscation that gives us Brexit in name only.

    Have a look at this interview she gave in Cape Town, notice the pyramid in the background and the chain around her neck. It’s all very strange, something not of this world.

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  • I’m afraid that Putin will be of much more help than God. Every cause that’s existed since Christendom began has always said “God is on our side,” but since someone wins and someone loses, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The New Thunderbolt e-zine and White Voice e-zine join with Mike and This Is Europa in publicizing this matter, at the top of our lungs. I’ve even begun screaming to the world, in any way I can, that we need some wealthy people to create “Odessa 21,” a new “Odessa ” for the 21st Century, just as one of the gents above commented. Surely not ALL wealthy people are anti-White Libtards. But I’m still waiting to hear, and time is running out. To our South African friends, I can say only this. Many victims were tortured to death and robbed, even though they owned weapons. BUT THEY APPARENTLY DIDN’T HAVE THE SENSE TO KEEP THOSE WEAPONS WITHIN ARM’S REACH AT ALL TIMES. This MUST be done. The second thing that must be done, is to realize that YOU MUST ESCAPE. The attitude (which I’ve heard) that “this is our land, it’s been ours for generations, we’ll stay and fight” is pure suicide. You’re seriously outnumbered, big-time, by a vast army of Communist savages, and you have no real lines of supply. That’s what wins wars, not divine intervention. So, that being the case, the only logical alternative is to retreat to a friendly area. South America and Italy both look good. The rest of Europe does not, nor does the US or the UK, all for precisely the same reasons. You already know that your farms are going to be “legally” stolen from you. Give them nothing but scorched Earth, raise whatever cash you can, HELP EACH OTHER, and plan to leave ASAP. Those of us in the White Nationalist movement will continue to do what we can — and that’s been precious little, so far. Workin’ on it.

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