STATEMENT OF INTENT: Defence of equality and rights for ethnic-Europeans and end anti-white racism, hate and discrimination.

The European Union’s loss of credibility followed by the surrender of control heralds the bloc’s death. History repeats itself; the current situation in Europe is like watching a replay of the disintegrating Soviet Bloc during the late 1980s.


It could only ever end in tears: “The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” ~ Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet President.

Throughout Europe, ethno-nationalism, dubbed populism by corporate media, rises like a tsunami and is sweeping through the failed globalist states of Europe.


The latest seismic shudder was elections held in Spain’s self-governing province, Andalucia. The province third behind Madrid and Barcelona so the swing on December 2 to ‘the far right’ VOX party was significant.


In France, the Paris regime crumbles to the Yellow Vest movement, which has the support of 84% of the French electorate. Ethno-Nationalism is sweeping away the dregs of globalism.


The unpopularity of the President Emmanuel Macron and his regime suggests that The Ethnic-European was right. The May 2017 presidential elections were fraudulently compromised. A year later, the disapproval rating of the blemished president is a colossal 76%.  This makes Macron the most unpopular leader in the EU, which is quite an achievement as most of the EU leadership is deeply loathed.

Unbelievably, Macron dismissed nationalism as being unpatriotic at a Remembrance Day commemoration in honour of nationalists who gave their lives to defend France from occupation.


Macron’s proposal that the EU increase its control over people’s lives was going from the sublime to the ridiculous. The globalist president simultaneously pushes to reduce the tax burden on the rich whilst increasing the nation’s tax weight on already over-taxed ordinary French people.

A protestor holds a placard with an image of French President Emmanuel Macron and the slogan "Clear off, lazy, cynical, radical" during a demonstration against the French government's reform plans in Paris

For the past month, France has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The regime is threatened by what amounts to be a vote of no-confidence. The regime could have its neck rammed into the electoral guillotine which would effectively decapitate the globalist hydra.


Now, a poll (Ifop) reveals that a mere 23% support Macron and his approval rating has plunged by an extraordinary 18 per cent in five months.


Unsurprisingly, corporate owned media, whose shareholders benefit from globalism, are quick to praise the despised president. However, the French people have had enough, the attempts to push ‘centrism’ or globalist socialism are simply not working and the populists’ message is what is being embraced.


Video:  #France : Les #GiletsJaunes ont envahi la préfecture du Puy-en-Velay , le préfet est reclu dans les bureaux. #1erDecembre

 VIDÉO – Des débordements signalés à #Marseille après la manifestation des #Giletsjaunes. 9 personnes ont été interpellées. Plusieurs boutiques ont été vandalisées sur la Canebière. (La Provence – Snapchat)

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