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President Donald Trump is not the first to identify fake news. Mainstream media is always responsible for whipping up a war psychosis, managing war news and closing the pages with their spin. Which war?  All wars!

THE ALL LIES INVASION by Mike Walsh is crammed with examples of mainstream media fake news before and during World War II.

“History will judge the Press generally to have been the principal cause of war.” ~ Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, 16 August 1939.

This lavishly illustrated book is a goldmine of information and quotes: “A thirteen-year veteran of Time Magazine recently groused to a reporter on another periodical that he ‘was asked to do a 40-inch story, which was pretty long for us, but that ‘when it came out, there were two words, two goddam words that were mine.”

Our task is not to tell the truth - Cronkite

British Intelligence Corps designated War Correspondent Sunday Times Captain Reginald Thompson: “I am certain that readers of The Times in 1854 had a damned sight better view of the Crimean War than readers of The Times in 1939-1945 did of the Second World War.  It was impossible for a general reader of a newspaper to form a balanced view of the progress of the war.”

The American readership was lied to as shamelessly: US Secretary for War Harry Stimson: “Forget fighting for freedom.  If you are going to try to go to war or to prepare for war, in a Capitalist country, you have to let business make money out of the process, otherwise business won’t work.”

meme Not satisfied with milking the living

As the Second World War continued the British government’s Department EH was officially delegated for the invention and the spreading myths and rumours.  This department was a sub-section of M.I6.  Some of their ruses were so clever and innovative that the British Joint Intelligence Committee took many of them seriously.

One of the specialities of The Ministry of Information was to publish fake refugee memoirs and fanciful biographies like the later The Diary of Anne Frank.

Fake_ Anne Frank's diary was written at least partially in ball-point pen, not available until the 1950

The Diary of a Dutch Boy Refugee by the fictitious Dirk van der Heide was baloney.  Likewise, films such as The Foreman Went to France and Went the Day Well? 

Such publications touted ludicrous German and British stereotypes. Several sold-as-fact books published during 1940 / 1941 were officially inspired tall stories.  These included Through the Dark Night by Daily Sketch correspondent James Lansdale Hodson.  Other correspondents solicited to churn out propaganda included Douglas Williams (The New Contemptibles 1940) and Bernard Gray (War Reporter 1941). Another was van Kleffens The Rape of the Netherlands.

meme 20th Century Hoax

From such literary geniuses came the stories of German Para troops dressed as nuns, priests, nurses, and women. Much of what is peddled today as Nazi confessions were the demented ravings of tortured souls being interrogated in post-war Europe.

Many allied journalists were appalled at restrictions placed on their observations and were self-deprecating. Canadian Reuters correspondent Charles Lynch, accredited to the British Army, was candid:

“It’s humiliating to look back at what we wrote during the war.  It was crap, and I don’t exclude the Ernie Pyles or the Alan Moorehead. We were a propaganda arm of our governments.   At the start, the censors enforced that but at the end, we were our own censors. We were cheerleaders. I suppose there wasn’t an alternative at the time.   It was total war, but, for God’s sake, let’s not glorify our role. It wasn’t good journalism. It wasn’t journalism at all.”

History will judge press 2

In 1981, Jack Glenn, director of the popular 1940s newsreel series March of Time (History Channel fodder), died at the age of 76.  His obituary, distributed by the Associated Press and published in the Bergen, New Jersey, Sunday Record (February 15, 1981) let slip a candid revelation.

Holocaust Rabbi praises Hitler

“As senior director for the popular movie house newsreel he often created world events with actors and movie sets.  One such news feature film, ‘Inside Nazi Germany’, made in 1939, included footage allegedly of a Nazi concentration camp. In fact, it was filmed on Staten Island, New York with scores of New York City actors.  Much of the film’s footage was shot within the Third Reich’s borders by a freelance cameraman but the imaginary Nazi camp atrocities were quite certainly Made in the U.S.

with www

Neville Henderson, British Ambassador to Berlin, fumed. “I would feel confident if it were not for the British Press or at any rate that section of it which is inspired by an intelligentsia which hates Hitler and the Nazis so much that they see red whatsoever the facts are.”

Like it? Want more?  Grab a copy of Mike Walsh’s THE ALL LIES INVASION and you will never again watch The History Channel or purchase another WWII related book from the palace publishers.

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MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling THE ALL LIES INVASION and WITNESS TO HISTORY.

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