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Experience suggests that some races are better at nation-building than are others when given the opportunity, assistance, the right men and conditions for the job.

Africa has much more in common with the Western world than most like to think. It has nothing to do with the colour of the skin. Like their Western counterparts, African leaders are restrained by economic pressures under which they have little or no control.


When once rich countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa or Libya fall on hard times, ineptness is only part of the problem. Otherwise, how does one explain the multi-trillion deficits, the crumbling infrastructures, incompetence, corruption, and rampant poverty also widespread throughout the Western world?

Before NATO ousted Libya’s legitimate government the Mediterranean nation was led by Muammar Gaddafi.  Libya was Africa’s most prosperous nation and boasted the continent’s highest standard of living. The popular Libyan leader was born in a desert tent to a goat-herding father.

Africa Looted

The UK is botched to bankruptcy by university educated Theresa May and a legislature made up of Britain’s educated elite. Think about it; feel free to take as long as you like doing so.

Independent Rhodesia’s Prime Minister Ian Douglas Smith enjoyed an average education. The former RAF fighter pilot was otherwise a farmer. Yet, it would be difficult to imagine a country more prosperous, a nation with higher living standards for all ethnicities than was Ian Smith’s Rhodesia (1965 – 1979).

Rape of Africa

Nations and economies fail because they’re mismanaged regardless of the racial makeup of the government. The primary cause is because the political elite please or displease those who hold their nations purse strings.

Oil Needs US help

The purse string pullers are the banking houses and the mega-corporations. Government is merely theatre that creates the illusion that government reflects the will of the people. Excited children attending Punch and Judy shows are under the illusion that their calls decide the outcome of the duelling couple’s arguments. So are people who traipse to the polling booths.

definition of slavery

Follow the dots from Zimbabwe, Paraguay, South Africa, Canada, and the UK. The slime trail is not racist; the trail inescapably leads to the banking houses and great corporate entities of the Western world.

3.8 billion

In terms of natural resources and low economy population, Africa is the world’s richest continent. Replace Wall Street’s banks with a reasonably competent legislature in each of the continent’s 55 nations. Ensure each is managed under a controlled and incorruptible system. Africa is finally free as would be Europe if it were to embrace such change.

It is difficult to foresee Europe’s prospects but far easier to predict Africa’s future. It is my belief that the give and take economies will in the future be more transparent and fair. Russia and China are now replacing the banking houses and corporations. This is why the corrupt corporate West is manoeuvring for war with Russia and China.

Public Debt

Capitalist Colonialism was very much a Soviet-style system that milked the nation whilst impoverishing the people under the illusion of self-governance.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has already conceded that nation squatting socialism was an abject failure. The Russians and Chinese know it; the West has yet to learn it the hard or the easy way.

! Oil Returns

If my predictions bear fruit, everyone wins and in the long run Europe wins too. The security of Europe lies in a stable prosperous Africa, which in turn will thrive from the incoming expertise of ethnic-Europeans needed to provide a usury-free Africa with the infrastructure financed by natural resources that belong to Africans, not to Wall Street banking houses and the globalist corporations.


MICHAEL WALSH is a journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL, AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS, and THE LAST GLADIATORS.

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  • Reblogged this on larrysmusings and commented:
    In theory, finance is supposed to act like lubrication in the machinery of the economy so that the economy serves families and provides for their material needs. People have to work, yes, but they get to keep most of the fruits of their labors, Sadly, as most of us now know, we, in the West, have allowed this ideal to be inverted such that finance (banks, financiers) takes too much of the wealth that is created in the economy, This causes the common workers to be in economic servitude in an economy that largely serves, and is controlled by, the kings of finance.

    Consider this reblogged post. Africa is rich in so many resources and it has a young population with plenty of labor available. Why is it so poor? It need not be so!

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  • I am sick and tired of the global economy, everyone is losing more and more money every year through taxes which are then used to destroy your own people and enrich the Globalists that do that.

    We have a high living standard here in Europe, but that is changing every year as well with the mental retards that are imported en mass from Africa and the middle east.

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