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In Turin, Italy, police have cleared the former the itinerant community dubbed ‘the village of migrants’. This morning the evacuation of the former Olympic Village of Turin, occupied by migrants and asylum seekers since 2015, started in earnest.


The dawn was yet to break when the police surrounded and entered the area. The operation of clearing the cellars of the buildings of the Turin Moi got underway. As they methodically went from hovel to hovel the cops ordered the migrants out and told them to take their possessions with them.


In the photos once can clearly see gas bottles, various appliances, and carts full of personal items including several baby strollers. The former Olympic village was long occupied by refugees and asylum seekers. 


The evictions commenced after multiple reports of savagery and fires being started. The migrant slum was notorious for the foulest forms of degradation and human squalor. Yet, the village had been one of the showpieces of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games.


In the operations, which were carried out without resistance, multiple law enforcement agencies are involved. The eviction also included the relocation of migrants and asylum seekers to other structures.  Those involved in the clearance and evictions included the city police department, the City of Turin, the diocese, the Region and the Compagnia di San Paolo.


The first eviction took place about a year ago but failed to bring the desired results. The former Moi migrantcommittees protest, where will the inhabitants go? Those who are without documents will be evicted.  The carters will take their possessions to storage after which they will be disposed of or abandoned.


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BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR Michael Walsh Writing Services: Ghost-Writing, Editing, Book Publishing and Translations. CONTACT Visit our website ​

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