It was Christmas Eve in the casa,

On that charming Spanish hill;

And high in the star-filled dome above,

Was mirrored an earth so still.


It slept through the noise and tinsel,

For it cared not when nor why,

That man will fight among themselves,

And never reason why.

The chapel bells were tolling,

They talked from vale to vale;

High up in my hillside casa,

I felt that God prevailed.

A melody of eventide,

Each tower sang its song;

In Andalucía hillsides,

I dreamed where I belonged.

In vales below the twinkle lights,

A bed of stars it seemed;

I felt as one with God above,

I dreamed, I dreamed, I dreamed.

Let others do their worship,

At altars of their choice;

But let me be where I would be,

Where God is given voice.


Where chapel bells are singing;

Where hills are filled with hope;

From eventide, be by my side –

My small heart filled with hope.


Michael Walsh. Christmas Eve in Mijas Pueblo, Spain, 2011.

MICHAEL WALSH is a British born Irish poet and author whose total poetry collection exceeds that of Rudyard Kipling, Robert Service and other well-known poets with whom his verse has been compared. At the turn of the millennium, Michael Walsh was Britain’s fastest-selling contemporary poet.


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  • Very nice, thank you for sharing. Have a Holy Christmas

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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    Dear Mike, Wishing you, and yours a peaceful, and happy Yuletide, a Merry Christmas, and a blessed, prosperous New Year. May you be protected, guided, and given the necessary inside and strength in your continued efforts facing the beast and their agents of destruction. May more and more natives in each and every European country awaken and become active by joining individually the resistance against the ‘NWO-Global -Dictatorship-Tyrants whose goal it is to destroy the sovereignty of our Nations through stealth tactics. This applies to our brothers and sisters in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, the United States, and Russia.
    May all Nations on every continent around the world awaken and take actions against those who have sold out their own citizens to the tyrannical regime in the name of money, power and control. Let us become a worldwide uprising force against our mutual enemies. God Bless.

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  • Mike, really beautiful poem. Congratulations.

    To all your readers and commentators I wish the most prosperous 2019. Sorry to have skipped Christmas wishes, the reason was that I had not been at home for several days.

    And Mike, today I started reading all your stories, I didn’t have time the last few days. Especially one of stories I just adored. But I still did not finished them all.

    Mike, please give a look at your mail-box later on, I will leave then a note about something you wil be pleased with, I am sure.

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  • Indeed, seasons greetings and best wishes to all for 2019. Mike


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