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The Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement took experts entirely by surprise, but it was actually completely predictable. The crisis simmered below the radars of France’s politicians, media, and intelligentsia for 50 years.

By their revolt, the Gilets Jaunes understand that the current democratic process is a farce, and that democracy itself has become an illusion. It is a system where citizens are neither represented nor heard. It is a corrupt and opaque system, where most politicians are in the pockets of global corporate interests which, despite campaign regulations, found ways to rig elections through large money contributions and fake news corporate media coverage to influence public opinion.

! Presidet of the Muslims

In France, the Macron regime should view the Yellow Vests as irate canaries flying off a coal mine before an explosion.  French and European white and blue collar workers will not be satisfied with crumbs, or even loaves of bread: instead, they want control of the bakery. The Gilets Jaunes want more than money, food, and stuff; they demand respect, dignity, and attention. The popular voice shall not be silenced! Not for trinkets or any price.


Democracy is failing elsewhere. The United States, which is supposed to be the greatest democracy on earth, offers the unsavoury option of two parties, Republican or Democrat, on its electoral menu. This difference has become largely fictional. The political class all belong to cozy inbred hand-picked plutocrats that serve corporate imperialism.

'Yellow Vests' Return to Paris Streets

Can the Gilets Jaunes key proposal of a Referendum d’Initiative Citoyenne save a corrupted political system? The Gilets Jaunes movement could mark the beginning of the French Sixth Republic, where the excessive power in the executive branch is diminished.


The French constitution has currently two types of referendums, one of which can only be announced by the president. The second one, which has never been used, was established in 2008. In Article 11 of the French Constitution, is a Referendum of Shared Initiative (RIC), which must be supported by at least 10 percent of the registered voters, currently 4.5 million citizens. However, this unused referendum cannot challenge the constitution.


The Gilets Jaunes are calling for four types of RIC. Firstly, the ability for any French citizen registered voter to propose a law; secondly, the right to propose the repeal of any legislation; thirdly, the ability for any citizen to petition for the destitution of any elected official; and finally the right to call for an amendment to the constitution. Citizens would propose legislation through an independently monitored website.


If such a legislative initiative garners at least 700,000 signatures from registered voters, it would have to be discussed, and potentially amended, by the National Assembly, which would be legally obligated, one year after receiving the 700,000 signed petitions, to bring it to a national referendum.


This type of direct democracy has proved a success in the world elsewhere, in countries such as Hitler’s Germany, Switzerland or in the US in California. Recent examples are the BREXIT saga and the Catalonian independence vote.


Switzerland has applied direct democracy through referendums of the popular initiative since 1848, with 309 referendums. This has been beneficial as it keeps a constant citizen check and balance on government at all levels.

In 2009, the country approved, through a popular referendum, a law that forbids the construction of minarets on Mosques. More recently, Switzerland’s citizens approved, by 65 percent of the votes, state surveillance, including at home, of recipients of social benefits if they are suspected of fraud.

Manif 24 nov gilets jaunes

Many Gilets Jaunes have been chanting Macron Demission! One assumes that the French workers are already gathering signatures and forcing Macron to resign is at the top of their RIC shopping list. Gilbert Mercier (condensed from the original. 

meme HC YV1


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One comment

  • “The political class all belong to cozy inbred hand-picked plutocrats that serve corporate imperialism.”

    Politicians call the hard shots, they are the perfect puppets to do what you could never do – Killing people en mass and doing all kinds of shit that nobody likes to do.

    I have a hard time figuring out Trump.

    On either hand I think he just says what the American majority wants to hear: And that currently is nationalism!
    So that the elites can buy themselves time.

    Or he really changes things for the better by pissing on political correctness and talking about the Muslim threat.

    I am not sure, maybe we are all getting fooled on a grand scale.

    But I doubt it is in the interests of the elites that the people are ruining the economy…

    But on the other hand, they have so much money, why should they care?

    They just print their cash.

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