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Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko opened the doors of his state residence to the country’s talented youth and danced and at the ball with the 20-year old woman recently voted Europe’s most beautiful woman.

The popular national leader, who unlike neighbouring Ukraine, gets on fine with Russia and its president, played host to over 300 young men and women, who flocked to the Independence Palace in Minsk for a New Year Ball.  The palace is the official residence of the President, but is also used for important state events like accepting accreditations of foreign ambassadors or bestowing state honours.


The New Year ball was modelled after the aristocratic gatherings of Tsarist Russia, complete with a strict evening dress code, carefully choreographed ballroom dancing and other elements of the Russian Imperial court-like protocol.


The guests were selected for their promising talent: scholarship-winning students, prize-winning young scholars, and exemplary military officers. Lukashenko told the crowd of charming ladies and sleek-looking gentlemen the ball was a gift to them for their conscientiousness and pro-activity and that he wished the event would start an annual tradition in Belarus.



As seen in the video the magnificent ballroom is charmed by some of Europe’s most beautiful amateur ballroom dancers. It is clearly evident that the president is enchanted by his partner, Maria Vasilevich.

The president then set an example by leading to the floor his chosen dance partner for the night. Maria Vasilevich is this year’s winner of Miss Belarus beauty pageant and the continental queen for Europe at Miss World 2018, which ended earlier this month.


Prime Minister Alexander Lukashenko and Maria danced the waltz and a Pas d’Espagne,  which were very popular in Russian ballrooms in the early 1900s.

We can only wonder if the president skipped his classes before the ball since his feet were never shown to the public, but he looked like he enjoyed his time a lot. The veteran politician and the 20-year-old beauty queen met earlier in July after Vasilevich was crowned Miss Belarus. It is worth remarking that the Belarus leader is hated by the EU and Britain’s hated political and media elite, who never miss an opportunity to vilify the popular and elected prime minister as ‘a dictator’.

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