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“We have no defence that could prevent the use of such a weapon against us”, said John Hyten, the head of the Strategic Command of the United States to the US Senate Armed Forces Committee in late March.

Dirk Zimper from the German Aerospace Centre told the country’s public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk (German Radio) that there are no effective defence systems against the hyper-sonic glide vehicle Avangard. “Although the work on developing reliable countermeasures is underway, it is really difficult to intercept a hyper-sonic missile”.

On 26 December, the Kremlin reported that the Russian Defence Ministry had successfully test-launched the Avangard hyper-sonic glide vehicle. The hyper-sonic missile flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound and can carry megaton-class nuclear weapons capable of turning America’s many metropolis into heaps of radioactive cinders.  The US military has nothing to set against the new missile, Die Welt stated.


The successfully launched hyper-sonic glide vehicle Avangard, dubbed a New Year’s present to the nation by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has shocked military and defence experts in the US and Europe.  If NATO pulls the trigger it blows its own brains out; conventional war is history unless the survivors are prepared to be directed by a smoking cinder on the Western American seaboard.

On 26 December, the weapon was launched from a missile base in the southern Ural Mountains and successfully hit a practice target on Kamchatka, 6,000 kilometres (3,700 miles) away.

A dreadful own goal by the U.S. dominated NATO West: It has long been known that the Russians have been developing and testing hyper-sonic weapons ~ since the US withdrew from the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.


The Avangard was presented with SARMAT missile system tests, super-fast drone torpedoes, cruise missiles with nuclear power plants, the air missile system as well as laser and hyper-sonic weapons as one of the newest additions to the Russian arms complex in March.


What makes Avangard unique is its maneuverability as the hypersonic missile constantly changes its course and altitude while it flies through the atmosphere, zigzagging on its path to its target, making it impossible to predict the weapon’s location.

This characteristic ensures that its target remains virtually secret, according to the US think tank Rand Corporation. According to Die Welt, current US radars cannot yet locate such a missile over sufficient distances. The Chinese are also close to putting into service similar ‘off the radar’ missiles.

The United States was founded 242 years ago during which time there has been only 21 years when the U.S. has not been at war against one or more nations.

Defence Ministers

The American economy is a war economy just as Persian Gulf nations are oil-based economies.  Situated between the vastness of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans America’s geographical isolation has so far left the world’s most warlike nation out of the reach of retaliation. 

However, on December 26, 2018, this critical advantage evaporated. Besides, Russia’s BORO CLASS nuclear submarines are now thought to be patrolling America’s eastern and western seaboards; each vessel has the means to take out multiple American cities.

Is it a coincidence that simultaneous to the impotence of the cash-strapped U.S. it is announced that troop withdrawals (retreats) will commence starting Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many believe that the nations so far attacked by the United States would have remained sovereign had they had a deterrent.  Today, 30th December, is the 12th anniversary of the public hanging of President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Threatened nations now have a deterrent against U.S. aggression ~ if they become allies of Russia. Can the world now sleep more peacefully?

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu


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  • Thank you for sharing my awesome Review Thumbnail Mike!

    “The hyper-sonic missile flies 27 times faster than the speed of sound and can carry megaton-class nuclear weapons capable of turning America’s many metropolis into heaps of radioactive cinders. ”


    27 times faster than fucking sound.

    I wonder if teleportation will become a thing soon! (Which I doubt).

    Being allies with Russia is now worth more and the world police America better stops invading other countries now.

    I kinda feel happy about that, America is too aggressive on the world stage.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I was thankful for the picture of the laughing gaggle of Defence Ministresses of Sweden, Norway, the Netherlnds and Germany and the Russian Defence Minister, showing just in what peril we are in and in what madhouse. These ladies were called into a position they have no experience with and no natural aptitude for. It is also not fun to be responsible for the bodily safety of one’s people. Of the German Bundeswehr I read that it has perhaps 15 % of combat-ready equipment in each of the branches of the military, the new rifle has major problems with jamming, yet almost a billion Euros of the military budget is spent on Gender Main Streaming of the Bundeswehr, pregnancy uniforms are developed, child care in the barracks is a major concern also. Should it not be a moral imperative to keep away women, and more so when they carry new life, from the military? This is a terrible mingling of life and death, of necessary hardness and the expected tenderness of motherly love.
    I hope that this whole leftist-liberal house is collapsing on its own weight of absurdity, and hopefully the collapse will be hard so that no slimeball can lure the unwise back to the same path as was the case after the collapse of the Communist Enterprize in 1989.

    Liked by 2 people

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