MICHAEL WALSH is first and foremost an internationally recognised poet who prose has been compared to that of Leo Tolstoy, Rudyard Kipling, and Robert Service. His lyricism has received glowing tributes from leading figures in the theatre and literary world, commercial, and political life.

His entire works are thought to exceed the output of Rudyard Kipling and American-Canadian Robert Service. The Michael Walsh collection is said to exceed 1,000 world-class poems. His first published poetry was composed 52 years ago. Michael Walsh continues to pen verse. I Am the Son of the Pioneer was penned on New Year’s Eve, 2018.

At the turn of the millennium, Michael Walsh was said to be Britain’s most popular poet. Two of his collections ~ a total of 3,000 copies, sold out in one city alone within the space of a few weeks. However, his writing is considered taboo by the corporate media for his being politically incorrect. The Irish-English poet is also shunned by literary publishers as the standard of his work relegates palace-poets to obscurity when comparisons are made.




I am the son of the pioneer,

Whose blood runs through my veins,

The son of the roaming seaman,

Who sails to the weather vanes,

The wind and the snow and the blazing sun,

Are all the same to me,

For I am the son of the desert wild,

And the tundra wild and free.

You can find me in the barren waste,

Where the rivers choose their time,

To make their way to the oceans wild,

To the song of the forest rhyme.


I am the son of the pioneer,

And the pain in my heart is real,

I suffer much from the wanderlust,

It’s a gnawing ache I feel.

Set my feet where the timid fear to tread,

Taste the salt of the foreign clime,

For I would be a comrade true,

To men that before my time,

Chose the vane of the roulette wheel,

And the keel was a comrade true,

Who felt the sun on their wizened skin,

But they drank to the fearless few.


Michael Walsh

New Year’s Eve 2018

“We raised our children as sheep and brought wolves into the country.” ~ Björn Höcke. Alternative for Germany.

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