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Latvia is one of the oldest of European nations. Its flag, inspired by a great 13th century battle in Cēsis, is the nation’s blood flag. During the conflict, a mortally wounded Livonian warrior was placed on a sheet. When his body was raised the death sheet remained white where his body had lain whilst its sides were covered in the warrior’s dark red blood.

Latvian diplomat Atis Sjanits chronicles his country’s migration. His position is to respond to the exodus triggered by Latvia’s membership of the EU.  Since joining the bloc, nearly a fifth of the nation has left to work in the U.K., Ireland, and Germany.

In 2000, Latvia’s population stood at 2.38 million. At the start of this year, it was 1.95 million. No other country has had a more dramatic loss of population, 18.2 percent according to U.N. statistics. Only Lithuania, with a 17.5 percent decrease, and Georgia, with a 17.2 percent drop, come close.


In response, the unelected George Soros sponsored EU commission flood shrinking Europe with Third World non-Europeans. Tragically, the exodus can be compared in scale to the Soviet expulsions and deportations that occurred after the war.

alice yalta 2

On February 14, as the great German metropolis of Dresden and its million people were incinerated, British warlord Winston Churchill and U.S. President Roosevelt gifted the three Baltic States and 19 other European nations to Stalin’s murderous Bolshevik regime. The Latvian Waffen SS had fought heroically with the Reich to thwart the Axis plans to surrender Europe to the Soviets but in vain.

The small Baltic republic’s comparatively low birth rate and high mortality rate are also contributing factors.“Borders are open, information about life in other EU states is available and everyone is doing it. So, off our young people go to England or Ireland or Germany,” says journalist Aleksandr Rube.

us army in latvia only four are ethnic europeans

US army in Latvia only four are ethnic europeans

The end result is nothing less than a threat to the viability of the Latvian state. Latvia is already a country with low population density,” said Otto Ozols. “At this rate, in 50 years or so, Latvia may cease to be a nation. It’s five minutes to midnight for us.”

The average monthly wage in Latvia is €670 a month but in Latgale people generally, earn about half that. Some young people move to the capital, Riga, whose population of 640,000 is slightly on the increase after a long decline. But most simply leave the country.

Vladislavs Stankevics, the head of economic development for Latgale says. “There are jobs here. Basically, everyone who is willing to work has a real chance to stay and work.”

latvian legion 16 march

Referring to Washington DC strategy to turn the Baltic nations into battlefields for their impending war on Russia, he says: “all this (NATO / Media) talk of war, real or not, doesn’t make things especially attractive for people to stay.” It also discourages foreign investment, he added.

An edited news story based on the findings of Gordon F. Sander and others.

! nato out of latvia


! British Movement History Montage

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  • With reference to the Livonian warrior in the article, I read about 15 years ago that the last native Livonian speaker had died. If this were true, the Livonian people would be no more, another victim of the erasure of nations and peoples as a result of the Second War. Livonia was a relatively small region on the Southeast border of Latvia, whether it was part of Latvia, I don’t recall, but not long ago, the Baltic region was counted as Estonia, Latvia, Livonia and Lithuania. There also lived a lot of Germans in harmony with the Baltic peoples. All of that was destroyed in the aftermath of the satanic-idiotic Treaty of Versailles which separated peoples, made enemies out of them and made enemies out of former friends.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Mike, I enjoyed the article but didn’t catch the meaning of the negress in that image.

    Also I thought the comment about the American Army sports team was a good point.

    When the word “American” was uttered in the past we may have had an image of a Burt Lancaster or a William Holden in our minds.

    People now overlook the fact an American is just as likely to be non-white, so many allied countries are allowing coloured soldiers to occupy their nation. A recipe for disaster at many levels.

    From what I have read the Baltic peoples seem to be fine with it. Why do we have to learn the hard way?

    Liked by 1 person

  • Coin: A skit on the nation’s future currency. Actually, most people in the Baltic States aren’t happy with NATO troops on their land….. Communism to EU ~ frying pan ~ fire.

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Mike, re the photo of US soldiers in Latvia . According to the U.S historian Mathew Raphael Johnson, the US military is struggling to attract high calibre recruits.

    It has been an affirmative action military since the 1990s and these days awards medals even for keeping the office printer full. That’s also why you are seeing increasing numbers of non white racial minorities in American uniforms.

    Even the US air force is 1000 pilots short , despite the massive pay they offer . Maybe whitey in America is getting tired of being used as cannon fodder for the New World order. About time!!!!.

    Liked by 2 people

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