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A record number of American, British and European Union department stores have collapsed. The carnage has closed 1,000s of superstores, 57 are insolvent listed and there will be further bankrupt tills till you drop.

The apocalypse is a reversal of a change in shopping habits that started in the late 19th century. Many of the names that appear in the casualty list trace their origins back over 100 years. Online shopping is a trend that has affected banking and scores of other retail or service trade outlets once features of every high street in the western world.

However, there is growing public awareness of the destructive nature of a corporate retail monopolistic culture. Shareholders obsession with profits has resulted in consumer revolt against shop-till-you-drop consumerism. Most hamsters on the wheel live beyond their needs or their means whilst accumulating debts to the same banks that underwrite the department stores.

To increase profit margins supermarket and department employee levels are cut to the bone; the few survivors are overworked and underpaid; these employees are our friends and family. Greed has led to many sharp practices, unnecessary packaging that creates an exaggerated expectation of content quality and quantity.

“It takes the human body 24 hours to turn good food into shit; it takes 10 minutes for McDonalds to do the same.” ~ Graffiti on a McDonalds franchise.

A store that once made their reputations on integrity, quality and customer service, ditched these qualities in pursuit of shareholders profits.

People have had enough of opportunistic profiteering artfully kept within legislation passed in parliaments by corporate shareholders in on the winner takes all corporate frenzy. Millions of the working peoples are now returning to local stores.

Michael Walsh, campaigning journalist says this is the time to recover the lost skills and services of the small traders. “Since the dawn of history, the local butcher, baker and home-produced garments makers kept the world fed and protected.” He adds, “If there are non-department store alternatives then use it or lose it.

Department store shopping is based on laziness and habit. Local farm products sold in markets, stalls and family-owned shops are just as good and often cheaper. But, the profit goes to the farmer, the local retailer, and their employees, who again are our friends and family.

The profits are not going to the shareholders of retail corporations. These department stores anyways are mainly financed by global banking houses, owned by and underwritten by shareholders, many of them foreign. They have not the slightest interest in the well-being of the consumer.”

When shopping, be a giver as well as a receiver by becoming a customer of the local butcher, grocery and hardware stores, tailor, gift and bookshops, office stationery, garden centres and suchlike.

Michael Walsh adds, “You will feel much better. You will have learned that it is far better to give than to receive. This sentiment is the exact opposite of that of the shareholders.”


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  • Good message Mike.

    Help your own people, buy in their shops/businesses.

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  • In my country in the 60’s, the local grocer would sell quite small packs of food like butter (1/4 pound), and sugar to pensioners.

    Recently I asked the butcher in a chain store to wrap me up a reasonable sized pack of a certain meat, from the huge packs in the cold display, to a more reasonable size.
    I was astonished when he refused!

    They are so arrogant they would rather go without a sale.

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