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Few people are familiar with Canadians Alfred and Monika Schaefer, or Ernst Zundel. How many know of British ex-serviceman Jez Turner or Germany’s Ursula Haverbeck, who at the age of 90-years sits in a German cell where she will likely die.

jez with mike

Jez Turner

If Britain’s writer and poet Michael Walsh, Alison Chabloz, French researcher Vincent Reynouard or German solicitor Sylvia Stolz were Soviet, Syrian or Iranian dissidents then like anti-Putin punk rockers they would feature largely on mainstream media and most people would be aware of them.

alison chabloz 1

Alison Chabloz

The publicity departments of so-called human rights organisations such as George Soros Foundations, the left-liberal caucus, and Amnesty International would throw their weight to draw attention to the plight of the Western dissidents who are vilified, pursued, imprisoned, fined, often at the loss of their livelihoods.

meme Wirral Peace and joy (1)

Why, because they were brave enough to question the policies of their globalist regimes. Yes, the USSR also had state-sponsored ‘human rights organisations’ that like those in the West were selective on precisely whose human rights they defended.

“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.” ~ Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet President.

Freedom to debate is the foundation of a healthy and forward-looking robust society that has the right to call itself free.  If unprepared to concede this point then we have no right to criticise other despotic regimes. Before we mock North Korea or Iran let us instead look in the mirror. Doesn’t the West also deny freedom of expression and imprison dissenters? If the answer is yes ~ as it clearly must be, then it is time to put away our cant and cower as cowards or stand as do principled men and women.

alfred and monika 2

Europe’s prison systems are home to thousands of ordinary white and blue collar workers whose only ‘offence’ is to protest against EU or Westminster regimes.  In France, over 1,000 workers have been churned through the state’s courts for protesting against over taxation and denial of human rights.  It is gaoled dissidents ~ not the political elite, their courts and palace media who sacrifice their freedom to uphold the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the right to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart informational and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.”

German-Canadian Alfred Schaefer is just one of the thousands of NATO West activists doing time in a European Union prison for researching government-protected holocaust-related fraud on a massive scale.


Gerd Honsik y Pedro Varela durante un encuentro en el año 2012.

He writes from his prison cell (condensed): “Thank you for your letter to me from October 12, 2018, which arrived two weeks later.  There is much good news. Everything is unfolding as predicted and will continue to do so.

2018 was the year when reality reached the young people. Our predecessors who laid the foundation and did the pioneering work while people like me were still zombies enjoying the frivolous life did not suffer for nothing.

“The English don’t see the writing on the wall until their backs are up against it.”  ~ British journalist George Orwell.

Dissidents who were withstanding the fiercest headwinds for so long without seeing tangible results will be smiling as their spirits acknowledge the fighting spirit now coming to life in the young.

It is the young people who inherit from us what we leave them. Each and every one of us must understand that the only reason that we exist is to win back our right to dissent. If we fail (we won’t fail) then even the memory of us will be deleted, then we never even existed.

sylvia stolz 2

I want to give you just one example of how fantastic our progress is. I got a job in the prison laundry. A young German with whom I work was already well-informed about the holocaust frauds, and was thrilled about our work. He has an uncle in Vancouver who works for the police there. He wrote to him about Monika and I and his uncle replied that he already knew all about his before getting that letter and was thrilled about our work.

Here is freedom to him who would speak / Here is freedom to him who would write; / For there is none ever feared that the truth should be heard, / Save him whom the truth would indict. ~ ROBERT BURNS (1759–1796). 

Another example of how fast people are detoxifying themselves is the gentleman who was with us on Oliver’s Show. That guy proved how fast that people can transform from fairly useless lefties into formidable warriors for truth. This and many other examples of growing public awareness ~ before the storm breaks loose, that thrill me.

ursula in court

Ursula Haverbeck

In the Soviet Union, they had paragraph 58, article 10 to put away political opponents, just like paragraph 130 and in German the Volksverhetzung.

“The EU in the worst sense of the word is very much the new USSR.” ~ Komsomol Pravda journalist Zahar Prilepin.

It is beyond absurd that these monsters think they can rewrite European history and who then proceed to breed us down with the world surplus dark-skinned people as we crawl on the ground.

gerhard ittner joao

The energy that these parasites invest in keeping the lies going will generate the energy we need for the healing process. There is no sentimentality in natural processes, only response, and reaction.

Our white blood cells do nothing until after they comprehend the problem. Then, they never inquire about the feelings of the bacteria that they deal with. After the healing process, not one cell in the body asks, “What happened to the bacteria?” “Did their feelings get hurt?”



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