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It is difficult to imagine a nation further removed from the religion, culture and history of the profoundly Catholic Republic of Ireland and the Islamic faiths of Africa and the Middle East.


Yet, as a direct consequence of base treachery by the country’s corrupt political elite there are now 63,400 practising Muslims living in Ireland and approximately 50 mosques and prayer centres in Ireland. There is more than one mosque or prayer centre in each province.


According to Census 2016, the results of which were published last April, 63,400 of our 4,761,865 population declared their religion as Islam.  A total of 3.7m declared themselves as Roman Catholic and 126,400 as Church of Ireland.

After these two religions, Islam was the third most popular religion in Ireland. Last year’s Census also marked a rise of 29% in the number of people registering themselves as a Muslim. In Census 2011, 49,200 people declared themselves Muslim.


Islam is now listed by the CSO as being one of the fastest growing religions in Ireland. This growth has occurred in a very short period of time, considering the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (IFI) was only formed in 1959.  The headquarters of the foundation is Dublin’s Mosque and Islamic Centre on the South Circular Road.


By the Census 1991, there were 3,873 Muslims living here, however, this is the year when the religious community began to grow. From 1991 onwards, the number of Muslims increased considerably due to the arrival of Muslim refugees from Bosnia, Somalia, and Kosovo, as well as asylum seekers and professionals and workers from various Islamic countries. Of the 63,400 Muslims currently living here, it is estimated they represent more than 40 different nationalities.

06/02/2016. Anti-racism rally at GPO. Pictured Cha

An imam explained the landscape for Muslims in Ireland and where they go to pray around the country. The largest mosque is the Clonskeagh mosque, which about 5,000 people attend.

maxresdefault (1)

Meanwhile, the (Irish) Department of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that the 25 Africans granted asylum in Ireland from their German registered ship in the Mediterranean will receive full welfare payments and houses/apartments here in Ireland.


They will be first brought to an induction centre such as at Ballaghadereen for six weeks before they are allocated full citizenship of Ireland, payment of up to 5000 Euro each under Emergency Needs, as well as the full dole.


Next will be a house or apartment for them in the State, such as here in Kilkenny. The entire process will only take a few months. They will, of course, be also entitled to work.


There has been an uproar over a refugee in Ballaghadereen who was forced to wait a year for a house, while we hear of a man in Kilkenny who has been 18 years on the housing list here – and still homeless without a house.



As elsewhere in parts of the collapsing European Union, leftist presstitutes provide the political elite’s propaganda department. Whilst critics of the migrant influx are publicly pilloried globalist politicians find themselves fawned upon by Ireland’s mainstream media. How ironic that for 700 years the Irish suffered English rule and surrendered 4,000 years of Gaelic tradition, culture, history, and honour. Little did they know that they fought, died, suffered imprisonment and deportation ~ for an ISLAMIC IRELAND.

MICHAEL WALSH is an Irish journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling EUROPE ARISE, FORTY SHADES OF VERSE and WITNESS TO HISTORY.

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  • Patriots, prepare to defend Western civilization from the scourge of invading barbarians.

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  • The Irish (along with many other white populations) have already committed auto-genocide in two recent referendums; on homosexual marriage, and abortion. It’s all the rage.

    The Moslem invasion will just hurry things up a bit.

    Come to think of it, anywhere there’s an Irish population, America, Canada, the Antipodes, you”ll find an Irishman (usually he’s a lawyer too) pushing Political Correctness on us. Maybe those Irish jokes weren’t far off the mark.

    The Irish used to be fun. Where I come from they always formed the criminal classes, as well as the police. They used to be the lawyers too, and often the beaks, so they had the whole game tied up top to bottom.

    Anyway, bye-bye Irishmen. It’s been nice knowing you.

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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    We can see here from the signs that these muslim barbarians are carrying that they are doing the usual ‘we respect all religions we must be all tolerant”ploy.

    Ask yourself are muslims tolerant where they are in the majority in any area of a western country. The answer is an emphatic no. They totally change the culture and demand people convert to their hideous idealogy or die. They sexually abuse white women, commit crime, and go on welfare.

    All these creatures are waiting for is to gain sufficient numbers and political strength and Ireland will be GONE. All the centuries of Gaelic history and culture will be washed away.

    Come on Irish brothers and sisters don’t let your leaders allow a muslim invasion to succeed.

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  • An amazing picture of Ireland with all those green flags and banners. Death to America and its idiot spawn, like the stupid mick running this site.

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  • Disgusting, they should be housing the indigenous Irish homeless not those scum.

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