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In a cunning move that promises to turn France’s blue and white collars workers into international heroes, Yellow Vest protesters are hoping to trigger a bank run with a nationwide coordinated cash withdrawal. By threatening the French financial system activists say, they want to peacefully force the government to pass their reforms.

If the banks weaken, the state weakens immediately,” says Tahz San. “It’s is the officials worst nightmare.”

Activists and sympathisers plan to empty their bank accounts on Saturday, withdrawing as much money as possible in a bid to undermine the French banks, if not the euro itself.

The strategy is purpose-built to “scare the state legally and without violence,” forcing the faux regime to adopt the movement’s Citizens’ Referendum Initiative, which would allow citizens to propose and vote on new laws.


Journalist Michael Walsh, whose chronicles on Hitler’s Germany are best sellers says, “The Macron junta has been described as ‘the globalists version of the wartime Vichy regime.  This is a little unfair as the French government under German occupation, indeed, the German occupiers of France (1940 ~ 1944) were more popular than is today’s Macron junta.”

Protestor Maxine Nicolle in a YouTube video says, “We are going to get our bread back. You’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up.”


Yellow Vest agitators want insurrection to ‘overthrow the government’ – Macron spokesman

Such a well-coordinated financial action has the potential to bring the French banking system, and by extension the euro, to its knees, as banks always hold only a fraction of the funds the country’s citizens have in their accounts.

However, most banks limit ATM withdrawals to a relatively low amount, meaning protesters would have to queue outside and inside the banks to withdraw the rest of their money. This gives the banking conglomerates plenty of time to place restrictions on withdrawals, though this would, no doubt, spark further protest.

The anti-banks demonstration is an innovative means of dodging Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s proposed crackdown on what the regime calls unauthorized protests, which was announced earlier this week. The tightening up was inked after the eighth weekend of clashes with armed riot police.

Another rallying figure is the unexpected appearance and backing by boxing legend Christophe Dettinger. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s has promised 80,000 security forces will be deployed for the next protest.

The government has urged the protesters to make their voices heard in a national debate instead of demonstrating in the streets as they have done for the last two months.

Yet, it is the Paris regime’s refusal to concede the protestors appeal for government by debate (regime) that underscores the movement’s purpose. The debate, scheduled for next week, will cover climate change, “democratic issues,” taxes and public services.



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  • That yellow vest giant picture gave me goosebumps.

    What I thought when I saw it was:


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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    The ‘government’ want the protesters to come to the parliament and have their voices heard. I just love it when I read or hear such rabble blubber nonsense. The citizens have tried this for many, many, many years now, but their voices fall on deaf ears. What we now see just didn’t happen, but has been steadily growing for decades, ’cause corruption in the most highest places, by representatives, that are supposed to be the voice for their citizens, and the well being and prosperity and health of their country. But NO, and again NO, these handpicked snakes only look out for their own interest carrying out what they have been ordered to do by their financial backers ( bankers and their monopolies and Wall Street, multi global corporations, the aristocracy, church leaders, the mega rich ) those who are the owners of the military industrial complex, that has gotten rich by waging never ending wars and atrocities against innocent life, poisoning fauna and flora with their hired foot soldiers.

    They are few, 300 families across the globe, who have taken over our world not through honest diplomacy, but through brutal conquest. They have spread their blood line all over the globe through marriage into the right circles of families. This is how they are interconnected and working together for the one and same goal namely their ‘One World Government’, ‘One World Religion’, and ‘One World Order’, and controlled under their tyrannical dictatorship over those humans who will have survived the cataclysm.

    They already have prepared for it decades ago, but keep the population in the dark with brainless mass entertainment, staged false flag events, terror, scandals among politicians and Hollywood celebs, degrading pornography, child sex trafficking, pedophilia, satanism, horror movies, warfare, etc. etc.

    The awakening is already in full force, and our mutual enemy knows that this awakening among the people all over the world can’t be stopped, so they, the enemy is working feverishly on their 5G technology, which will put mankind into the ultimate stage of mind control to prevent us from learning what is really developing under our very noses. The information I’m talking about can be found all over the internet were honest people such as geologists, astrologists, scientists, physicists, biologists, archaeologists, historians present their knowledge with facts.

    He who knows the past, will understand the present, and will act accordingly to make the necessary changes in his/her life to have a future for him/herself and our children. For God’s sake lift your heads off your cell phones, your TV’s, your computer, and look at the sun, and our skies. You may notice, that the sun no longer has that warm glow which we once experienced. The steady increase of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sink holes, natural disasters, mega fires, earth slides along our coastal regions, massive rainfalls, unusual ice and snow storms in regions unheard of, etc. This has nothing to do with the fake ‘Global Warming’, they are trying to sell you. It has to do that we are ending another 12 000 year circle. Our earth magnetism field is moving from its present position and shifting to a new location. This is why the ice on the South and North pole are melting. Airline pilots had and have to change their navigational instruments many times now, because the landing strips on all airports around the world are no longer in their original position. The same applies to all ships and sub marines.

    The mass beaching of sea life on our shores around the world is another indicator, that the magnetic poles are shifting, The same applies to all birds that regularly migrate from North to South and vise versa.

    Adolf Hitler learned about this in the early 1920’s and began to gather honest, intelligent and gifted citizens from various professions. He knew about the real history and the structure of our earth. It is because of this knowledge and insight he invested in his people and his country, and by this show the world that by leading through example every nation in this world can turn their very own homeland into a prosperous and healthy state. He also knew that his idea were not welcomed by the international bankers and the powers to be. Because of this, he sent expeditions not only to the Himalayan region, but to the South Pole. Anybody familiar with Hitler’s
    founding of 650 000 sq km ‘Neu Schwabenland’ ( New Swabia) in Ant-Arctica should know what I’m talking about. I also recommend checking out the explorers Olaf Jansen, Cook, Peary, Amundsen, Nansen and Kane. These great explorers shared their found knowledge by presenting hardcore facts. Last but not least research the true reason why US Admiral E. Byrd with 4000 crewmen and warships were sent down to Ant-Arctica in 1947.

    ….”Not everybody is in a condition where they can tolerate pure truth”…… but………” Find Truth, for Truth will Set Us Free’……
    God Bless.

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  • I would like to offer up another view, not because I believe it, but because it may enrich the debate.

    What if, just if, the demonstrations are government inspired?

    The logic would be that street violence gives the frogs an excuse to pass even more draconian laws leading to even more loss of freedom for the French, then every other EU citizen.

    And why has this come about just as UK is in turmoil about Brexit?
    Coincidence? Is there a link? If there is, can anyone see it?

    Or is it one more example of an awakening, Eastern Europe resistance, Brexit, Italy, Austrian laws on mosques, Greek resentment of Germany?

    I know which one I prefer but what is the truth?

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  • The phenomenon of, and the human-anger energy bundeling by the Yellow Vests is the sign of the time, namely that the idiocacy in the western “Democracies” has messed everything up and is losing ground quickly. Of course, it is necessary to watch out for false leaders to slip in, but the sentiment of anger is genuine and very pleasing to see.
    Hopefully, the whole thing is becoming soon a self-perpetuating motion in human affairs and will lead to radical changes in the way our affairs are being handled by our representatives, but also how we tolerate no more of the treatment as it has been meted out to us by our “democratic representatives” who could care not less about us, as they do. We are at the absolute bottom of their concerns list and that must change, and the Yellow Vests might well be the beginning of this change. I hope so. It is high time.

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