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FEW EUROPEANS comprehend the European Union’s determination to ethnically cleanse what remains of the European peoples.  Is this wild-talk? Fact: Non-White Bolshevism (1917 – 1990) ethnically cleansed up to 100 million Christian Europeans. Allowing for natural demographic growth today’s population of Russia should stand at around 350 million people. Russia is recovering but the population (2019) is still just 144.5 million.


Winston Churchill to Polish Prime Minister Stanislaw Mikolakczyk: “Don’t mind the five or more million Germans.  Stalin will see to them.  You will have no trouble with them; they will cease to exist.” – Senator Homer Capehart; U.S. Senate, February 5, 1946.

It is estimated that 13 to 15 million ethnic-Germans were destroyed ~ after the end of World War II. At least 5 million Germans were gifted to Stalin for use in the Gulag; few returned. As many again were starved, fled abroad, died through deprivation. This was no accident; its pre-planning is well-documented. The alleged six million gassed Jews is simply a useful distraction, history’s biggest lie that has many propaganda advantages. One being, ‘they got what they deserved’.


Are you still sceptical? “The United Nations goal is to reduce population selectively by encouraging abortion, forced sterilisation, and control of human reproduction, and regards two-thirds of the human population as excess baggage, with 350 people to be eliminated per day.” ~ Jacque Yves Cousteau.


The European Union is a viper’s nest of legislative bodies with one aim: To increase non-European immigration and to prosecute as criminals critics of immigration. When reading the following bear in mind that the constantly used term ‘hate speech’ is a code word for any expression of resentment against immigration and the edict is aimed exclusively at ethnic-Europeans.

european central bank

The program set out its agenda; “Every day across Europe, many people are harassed, threatened or assaulted verbally or physically, or are victims of crime on grounds of their ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity. Hate speech and incitement to hatred and intolerance targeting ethnic, religious and other minorities is also widespread in the public debate, including on online platforms, social media and chats.


The High Level Group is intended as a platform to support EU and national efforts in ensuring effective implementation of relevant rules and in setting up effective policies to prevent and combat hate crime and hate speech.


NOTE THE MESSAGE ON THE BACKDROP SCREEN: “A number of practical guidance tools have already resulted from this work, in key areas such as hate crime training, access to justice, support and protection for victims of hate crime and hate speech and hate crime recording. (Note: no support is available to non-Europeans charged so, in essence, this proclamation is anti-white racist).


“Its purpose is to help national authorities address the application of these rules and ensure an effective investigation, prosecution and sentencing of hate crime and hate speech. The focus of the High Level Group includes countering hate speech online, including through the implementation of a Code of Conduct on countering illegal hate speech online, agreed by Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft* and YouTube with the European Commission in May 2016.


“Hate crimes constitute one of the clearest early-warning signs for atrocity crimes: they must not remain unchallenged”, said UN Under-Secretary General Adama Dieng in his keynote address to the High Level Group

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Under the lead of the Orwellian nightmarish European Commission, an unelected body, the High Level Group regularly meets in Brussels bringing together experts from member statescivil society and community-based organisations, EU agencies and in particular the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, as well as international organisations including the UNOSCE and the Council of Europe.


As an expert group of the European Commission, the High Level Group on combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance is listed in the Register of Commission expert groups and other similar entities, where detailed information on its activities can be accessed.  Don’t say you weren’t warned.


MICHAEL WALSH is a British born Irish journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling RISE OF THE SUN WEEL,  WITNESS TO HISTORY,  THE ALL LIES INVASION and EUROPE ARISE.

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  • The UN is actively working around the world to promote abortion and other means of coercive population control. The only reason that the UN and its allied NGOs have not succeeded completely is because of the continuing efforts of groups like C-FAM (the institute for family and human rights). There is a constant battle over the language to be included in various UN documents. “Reproductive rights” is code speak for abortion as a “universal human right”. The UN actively seeks to undermine the laws of many nations around the world. This is an example of the globalist agenda trying to steamroll over national sovereignty around the world.

    We are basically being told that the migrants and “refugees” are not coming to the West to take but rather to give. They are not taking benefits but rather they are coming to give diversity to the West. It is hard to believe that so very many ethnic Europeans go along with this programme. The US is in the same situation as Europe. With illegal immigrants voting in some states illegally, citizens have to take this issue seriously. Ronald Reagan gave an amnesty back in 1986, but did not close the border, Only President Trump has had the moral courage to insist on building a barrier along the border. The whole world is witnessing the vilification of him for taking a strong and overdue stand.

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