When I learned that one of my favourite non-fiction writers – prolific historian Michael Walsh – had applied his skills to fiction I was immediately intrigued.

This sense of intrigue only increased when I learned that the novel’s hero was an ex-mercenary who had served in some of Africa’s most notorious hotspots, since it is well known that Walsh has a vast wealth of experience in those places.


A Leopard in LiverpoolRevenge of the Predator, is a Get Carter-style thriller, with the eponymous city replacing Newcastle as the setting in which scores are settled. Carter, in this case, is a grizzled ex-mercenary called McLeod who gives the impression of having seen pretty much all there is to see in his long and action-packed career.

A series of melancholic flashbacks help set the scene for his return to Liverpool, and before long we are following his every step as he sets out to find his long-lost daughter in the city’s vicious and seedy underworld.”

! a leopard in liverpool john le carre quote

The story is a gripping action-packed often heart-wrenching tribute to human wickedness, misguided love, and heroism. “A soldier-of-fortune’s break in Liverpool sours when he learns that his naive teenage daughter has been entangled by the city’s lowlife. This is an epic fail on the part of the traffickers in flesh. Fraser McLeod is a veteran of the 1960s Congo crisis and Simba Rebellions. When you add the toxic Rhodesian bush wars you’re left with a lethal humanoid, a cunning and resourceful predator.

His teenage daughter’s trail has gone cold. The action heats up when vengeful MacLeod disappears into the maritime city’s social sewers. Those, whose trade is debt and death, sex and drugs know how to avoid the inquisitive. But, they are no match for a prowling marauder for whom death is no more to be feared that is birth.

The soldier-of-fortune turned arms dealer has a single lead and insatiable thirst for a messy and vengeful nemesis. Based on real-life experience the author’s account combines the movies Death Wish and The Wild Geese.

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Another buyer writes, “Michael Walsh never disappoints, and this book was no exception. I didn’t have to ‘get into’ it at all; I succumbed at the first page and surrendered myself to reading the novel until its finish. Highly recommended!”


Michael Walsh says that no less than 52 book titles have his name on their covers. However, A Leopard in Liverpool is his only fictional title. Intriguingly, he adds, “there is much in the book that is biographical and factual.” He leaves the author to separate fact from fiction as this adds to the pleasure of turning the novel’s pages.

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He says, “I started on The Leopard about 1995 at a time when I was absolutely broke. It was, if you like, the last desperate throw of the dice in the Casino of Life. But, my marriage soon afterwards broke up and A Leopard in Liverpool was put on hold.”

He is pleased with the buyers’ reviews and reminds fans that 70 percent of browsers are influenced by book reviews. “My favourite is by the purchaser who writes, “An excellent thriller written in the tense style of a John Le Carre novel.”

A Leopard in Liverpool was finally published in February 2018 and can be purchased from Amazon Books.

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MICHAEL WALSH is a British born Irish journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOLEUROPE ARISE, THE RISE OF THE SUN WHEEL, ALL I ASK IS A TALL SHIP, FORTY SHADES OF VERSE.

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