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Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) was of dual nationality and his bloodline is far removed from that of British Isles Saxon or Celtic race-ethnicity. Winston Churchill’s maternal grandfather was Leonard Jerome (formerly Jacobson, 1818 – 1891).

A speculator and business partner of August Belmont (nee Schoenberg 1813 – 1890), he was a Rothschild banking dynasty main representative. Jennie Jerome’s marriage to Randolph Churchill, second son of the Duke of Marlborough, appears to have been a marriage of convenience.

churchill afghanistan

Churchill, Afghanistan

This was typical of many unions between England’s foppish aristocrats and the social climbing daughters of Jewish financiers.

Initially hostile to the mixed race union the Marlborough’s anti-Semitic objections were overcome by a dowry of £50,000, which in today’s terms translates to $5 million. Another lever was the premature sexual union between the two. The parents did attend the wedding in April 1874 and the Duchess referred to Winston born seven months later as ‘an upstart.’ Of Churchill’s’ premature birth’, William Manchester says: ‘He never could wait his turn.’ (The Last Lion, p.108).

churchill with son randolph and lord derby liverpool 1929 election campaign

Churchill with son Randolph and Lord Derby Liverpool 1929 election campaign

Churchill’s father, Randolph Churchill was not very good at keeping a civil tongue in his trousers for he later succumbed to syphilis. His mother too was something of the town’s bike. Clementine was notorious for her round heels and was constantly bedded by suitors during her ill-fated marriage.

Like father like son: During a session of BBC University Challenge quiz host, Jeremy Paxman, asked, ‘Which statesman during the 1920s found he was in debt because he liked to buy women’s pink silk pantaloons’. There was considerable consternation when Paxman revealed that the culprit was none other than Winston Churchill.

In her biography, Winston Churchill, as I Knew Him, Violet Bonham Carter concedes that ‘Churchill’s pale pink underclothes were made in very finely woven silk.’

She added that he spent something like £80 on each pair.  The average man’s wage in 1935 was £1.10 pence for a 50 hour week.  Questioned, by Miss Bonham Carter, Churchill had replied that the ‘garments were essential to my well-being.  ‘The delicate skin on one small part of my anatomy demanded the finest covering.’

! hitler started the war

churchill dismantled the empire hitlert pledged to defend with troops

Britain’s ‘Greatest Ever Englishman’ was a devotee of the United States and a notorious racist. Had his race-hateful expressions be uttered today he would find himself facing a lengthy prison sentence. As a racist, Churchill would have been pilloried by the Press instead of his being celebrated by the same scribes as he is today.

! it is not my wish to wage war


Biographers tend to describe Winston Churchill as ‘not quite English’ and use Jewish stereotypes. If Churchill is English then Robin Hood is a Samurai and Ivanhoe a Hottentot.

Beatrice Webb recorded sitting beside Churchill at dinner:  ‘First impression, restless, almost intolerably egotistical, bumptious, shallow minded and reactionary but with a certain personal magnetism, more of the American speculator than the English aristocrat. He talked exclusively about himself and his electioneering plans,” wrote John Pearson in his The Private Lives of Winston Churchill.

poison gas

Winston Churchill became an author at the age of 24 and government Cabinet Minister at 33 years of age.  His upwards climb was assisted by his mother’s connections within the Rothschild banking dynasty including the powerful banker Ernst Cassell.

During the 1930s, Winston Churchill’s banker friends made him the leading light in their pro-war lobby.  The ‘Focus Group’ was led by the Zionist Chairman of British Shell, Sir Robert Waley-Cohen.

poland to stalin

Winston Churchill was to become the main opponent of peace with Germany In 1936 British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin told a delegation led by Winston Churchill, “If there is any fighting in Europe to be done, I would rather see the Nazis and the Bolshies doing it.” Winston Churchill, a great admirer of the Soviet tyrant already responsible for more than 30 million martyred Christian in Russia, was horrified.

prefers war

Winston Churchill’s war on Germany bankrupted the British nation.  After his being parachuted into the premiership and his rejection of Hitler’s very generous peace proposals to return to Germany’s frontiers the unelected Churchill was forced to go cap in hand to American President Roosevelt to ask for loans.

churchill with tommy gun

Churchill with Tommy gun

The pawnshop pledges placed before Washington DC being the transfer of Britain’s colonies to Wall Street’s banking cartels, the Empire’s possessions and its preferential trade agreements.  These were subsequently forfeited in return for U.S. support for a war in which Churchill unnecessarily continued ~ and was destined to lose the spoils to the Soviet Union and the United States.

Thus the British Empire built over several hundred years was bartered to pay for Churchill’s war against Europe, its values and its culture. Winston Churchill was once asked if history would judge him kindly.  He smiled and replied, ‘of course for I will write it.’  Not quite, the Press did that for him.

starved 4 millon voted greatest briton

drunk, coward, traitor etc

(NOTE: Excerpts from The All Lies Invasion, Michael Walsh).

MICHAEL WALSH is a British born Irish journalist, author, and broadcaster. His 52 books include best-selling WITNESS TO HISTORY, THE RED BRIGANDSRANSACKING THE REICH and THE ALL LIES INVASION.


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  • What does digging up the past have to do with the ongoing invasion of Europe by foreign barbarians and removing the heinous traitors trying to destroy Western civilization? I may have to stop subscribing to your output aand remove your ssite from the links in my blog geared towards saving Europe.


    • ‘Digging up the past’….. Unfortunately for the German people it is not the past. It is the present for they are still an occupied nation and their education and all communications systems have been under US control since the end of WWII, and they are still paying unwarranted ‘reparations’. Furthermore, Mike is not a pigeon. You cannot expect him to pigeon-hole his writing and self-censor just to please you!

      Liked by 3 people

    • What a strange statement. We live with the past everday because of people like Churchill. In fact, Mike pulled his pucnhes about the man. David Irving has a lot worse to say.

      Liked by 2 people

    • Everything! It is the same people, the same agenda!

      Digging up the past exposes the steps to where we are today! It reveals whom the real traitors in the histories of nations. It exposes the conspiracies by the Edomites (jews) against the descendants of the house of Jacob!


  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    Unfortunately Obbop the past has everything to do with the world we live in today. Because of the traitorous pig Winston Churchill who was a jew , not British; as his mother was jewish, Europe lost 60 million of her best sons and daughters in a war that was totally avoidable.

    Germany made numerous peace offers to the Allies before and during the early part of the war , but they were either ignored or outright rejected. Churchill and Roosevelts jewish masters wanted the total destruction of Germany,so the Allies bombed the most modern state in Europe into the stone age to make sure that communism could take over the continent, and no nation would ever rise up against the jewish controlled world banking system.

    What followed the war was an ever increasing influx of alien migrants into Europe to dilute European culture and genocide the white race. This program has been fully endorsed by the European political elite ie the EU..

    Winston Churchill was one of the greatest architects of this very European Union; the organization that seeks the destruction of the ethnic European.

    Liked by 5 people

    • It was not just the two World Wars, but the Anglo-Boer Wars as well!

      The Edomite Cape Dutch Afrikaners with their ancestral Khazarian ties conspired the two Anglo Boer Wars against the Boers!

      When all their lies and false report across the globe failed to entice the British into a war with the Boers again, the conspired with the Rothschilds to force Britain into the Second Anglo Boer War!

      The Second Anglo Boer War had two losers and two victors…

      The Boers and the British lost many of their best sons and men, ant the Boers faced the death of thousands of their women, and up to 70% of all the Boer’s children of 16 years and younger…

      The Rotschilds have the control of just about all of South Africa’s mineral wealth for the past 114 years, and the Cape Dutch Afrikaners have had the control of the Boers’ two Republics and an extremely capable source of cheap labour in the disowned and subjugated Boers…

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      • So what if Britain had lost many of its best men and young kids during the Boer War? The British still had a caste/class system that hardly allowed any kind of political, social, and economic mobility for the people in the lower classes to move upward. Even today, you have snobs in English society who believe that one should not move out of his/her station in life..

        Liked by 1 person

      • Gunther, once one has a much wider insight to the true history (and not that wherewith which we are bombarded with by the mass-media on a daily basis, we will realise that the same dilemma that the Boers have been subject to since the arrival of the first refugees from Europe that eventually became known as the Boervolk, was the same principles of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” that the house of Judah had been subject to, the same as Britain, the same as the Pioneers/Confederates of America, and was also repeated in every country where the descendants of the house of Jacob had migrated to…


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  • Curious but very useful discription of Churchill’s life as well as his parents’. Thank you Mike for this.
    I have a little book in english bought in New York by a familiar about the life of Churchill’s mother. I read it many years ago but as I remember it says that his mother was of indian origin and looking at a small and not very clear picture on book’s cover she seemed pretty.

    I must say I loved immensely to read all about this strange politician who shamefully was also a traitor to all Europe and especially to german people. The same person that for decades was considered a hero by his own people and by peoples all over the world. What is incredible is that in spite of finally being known by most the kind of false politician he really was and/or became, Churchill still keeps being a hero to many in England and all over and his memory honnoured by many more.

    Liked by 4 people

    • It explains why so many media educated Russians still admire Stalin. “Ownership of the media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” ~ Alexander Solzhenitsin.

      Liked by 2 people

      • You are completely right, Mike. I know that and as you well point out, the world media is totally responsable for such incongruence. The fact is world media is in the hands of you know who. And this unspeakable thing has been going on since ever, even before WW1, in reality since 1897 in Russia as all know. After which was taken to U.S. and immediately after spreading to all Europe – making an inferno of this Continent from WW1 to the end of WW2 and in many ways kept going on in Eastern European Countries making extreme sufering to its peoples which only stopped when Soviet Union did – and with time to the rest of the world.

        Liked by 2 people

  • For me Winston Churchill is one of the most vile criminals to ever slither across the surface of our planet. Of course he was a front man for the demons who presently run our world but he, more than any other front man, facilitated the destruction of so much of what was noble in our race and continent. His actions ensured the division of Europe between the Americans and Soviets. Without this slime bag the Second World War would more than likely have been far less destructive and ended in a far less catastrophic fashion for the people of Europe than it did. Killer of the British Empire, Killer of Europe and Killer of Dresden would be a suitable epitaph on this swine’s tomb. Instead, our lying media and ‘historians’ give us the ‘hero’ Churchill.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Bryan O’Driscroll, I second your words one by one. Congratulations.

      Liked by 2 people

    • I agree with you. For many years I have riddled about Churchill’s motivation to be turned on by thoughts of dominion and mayhem, by death and destruction, by fighting, falling bombs and crashing-down walls and houses, screaming children, despairing women, the unleashing of the basest instincts and the commitment of the vilest deeds, screaming bombs and clashing armies, the annihilation of culture and love and hope, and all of this as a consequence of his will. Even before the First War he wrote with satisfaction about his participation of a campaign in India to crush unrest amongst the peasants: Their fields were burned, their wells filled in. He had his direct input in bringing about the Fist War by not dispersing the assembled British fleet after a maneuvre- on July 27, 1914. He did it apparently on his own behest as the First Sea Lord of the Admiralty (Minister of the Navy). And he had his hands in the Russian Civil War, he had his hands in and ready praise for the bombing of Iraqi villages in the 1920s to teach the peasants a lesson, and the his agitation for the war with Germany in 1939. When he was finally appointed Prime Minister (not elected!) he had all of his dreams come true. It was he who could direct the grand theatre of the war. That he was normal is quite clear, and measured on his deeds he is easily the most depraved and destructive individual in all of history.
      He simply seems to have enjoyed mayhem, just like any other mass murder or mentally deranged criminal, with the important difference that he was the director of the insane asylum he had made for everyone.
      It will be clear in the future to everyone that he is the fountain head of the evil that has befallen Europe and the rest of the white world since 1945. Churchill will find no eua in the magnitude of destruction he has caused.
      His last words are supposed to have been: “What fool I was”. If so, he might have understood the essence of his life as one of destruction. This is a lesson still to be learned by the countless admireres of his life. They only see that he “won the War”, they don’t see that this war had no reason, and was put in scene by Churchill himself, for I am quite certain that without his misspent energy the war would either been avoided with a reasonable accommodation between Germany and Poland regarding the idiotic situation created by the authors of the Treaty of Versailles, or, it would have remained the local armed conflict between Germany and Poland and ended with a bilateral agreement. To have expanded it into a culture-destroying world war was Churchill’s deed.
      He must have an uneasy eternal sleep.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Bryan O’ Driscoll yours is the best description of Winston Churchill that I have ever read

      Liked by 1 person

  • I must say that I am impressed and proud of our letter writers who show remarkable evidence of their scholarship and political maturity; it is exceptionally rare that it is necessary for me to bin something spurious or juvenile.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Churchill was so loved and cherished that he lost the General Election by a landslide in 1945 to Clement Atlee’s Labour Party.

    Liked by 2 people

  • Yes, Churchill was guilty of all that has been said above. I wish to point out that he was not alone in the war party within the British government. There were others who were pushing for war against Hitler’s Germany. Was not Halifax also for war? Yes, I believe he was, but he lost out to Churchill in May, 1940 for the position of Prime Minister.

    Sorry to go off on a tangent, but France’s action puzzle me. I guess it was the Maginot Line and the large French army that gave them confidence, but they had to have known that there would be fighting on French soil. Too bad the French did not tell the British that if they were determined to fight Germany to go do it themselves, but not on French soil.

    The world really is much different today in 2019 than it would have been if things had played out differently back in the 1940s. As time goes on, more people are recognizing that Hitler is not the demon that we have been conditioned to believe he was. And, the corollary here is that the great “hero” Churchill is now being seen by more citizens for what he truly was – not a man of peace, but a thuggish war monger, war criminal, drunk, and a man with many very serious flaws in his character.

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  • Churchill must have a real guilty conscience when he probably realizes that all these wars that the UK had gotten involved particularly the two World Wars hadn’t made the UK a more prosperous nation and the British people were not getting a thing out of it which is why he and some other European leaders after World War II created the European Union whereby all nations could work together and prosper together, not get engage in all sorts of trade wars, disputes of everything and anything; whereby, the nations would engage in armed conflict time and time again.

    Liked by 1 person

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