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The 1917 – 1922 overthrow of Imperial Russia by US-backed Bolshevik insurgents can be considered one of the earliest American regime change operations. Using insurgents labelled freedom fighters by media these proxy armies have since succeeded in bringing many sovereign nations into the Wall Street-Washington grinding machine, Syria, and Ukraine being the latest examples.

The question no one dares to ask is what happened to the Tsar’s Gold. Imperial Russia’s gold reserves were the highest in the then world. It disappeared not into the worker’s pockets but into the vaults of the globalist bankers who had financed the purported Russian Revolution.

From 1917 these fake workers revolutionaries wasted no time in grabbing as much of the dynasty’s gold, great artworks, and natural resources as they could lay their thieving hands on.

Following the overthrow of Imperial Russia, the workers too were liberated ~ of their personal wealth, their liberty and for 70 – 100 million whose lives were liberated. Russia’s population in 1917 was 183 million. A century later it is 144.5 million.

These lost souls cannot be recovered, nor can the contents of Imperial Russia’s banks. But, the good news is that America’s Bolsheviks missed millions of dollars worth of treasures that have now been discovered in a basement in Tashkent.

Speculation that this missed hoard might result in an American-backed Russian ‘Revolution Mk II’ is unfounded.  Since President Vladimir Putin turned the tables on America’s banksters there has been no let-up in the West’s attempts to bring about ‘regime change’ in the Russian Federation.

Values from the mansion of Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov, lost 80 years ago, were found in the basement of one of the oldest buildings in Tashkent, the Uzbek news website reports. The value of the treasure can exceed $100 million. This is thought to be possible underestimate; why advertise.

Among the treasures found were works of art, gold and silver coins, crockery, antique icons, and precious metals.  According to the site, the finds are transported to the museum. In the near future, some of them are planned to be transferred to a special laboratory, where German and Polish specialists will be engaged in carrying out restoration work. God forbid any of the ‘specialists’ are Jewish-American.

The exact number of finds, their names and cost have not yet been named. On-site searches continue. Values were taken under state protection as a monument of historical significance.

Grand Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov built himself a palace-residence in the Art Nouveau style in Tashkent in 1891. In the basement of the palace was equipped with a living room in which it was cool in the intense heat.


Palace of the Grand Duke in Tashkent. View the beginning of the XX century


Palace of the Grand Duke in Tashkent. View of the beginning of the XXI century

Prince Romanov was exiled to Turkestan by the decision of the royal family in 1877, he lived here until his death in 1918. A part of the collection collected by the prince after the revolution and the civil war was moved to the local art museum, and everything else was considered lost.


Icon (XIX century)



Golden microscope (XIX century, the Austrian empire)


Samples of gold and silver coins. There are dozens of coins in the treasury


Solid gold bars (XX century. Total weight of these gold bars is 8 kg, just part of it is shown in the photo)


American “Book of Birds” (1830). The price is about $ 150,000. There are 4 such valuable books in the treasure


A book of 1535 in old Latin and Greek


Precious books of the XV-XVI centuries


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