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Well-meaning people who promote multiracial and multicultural societies are not creating a more peaceful world.  Preferring the comfort of their illusions they ignore the lessons of history and thus lay the seeds for an unimaginable future of conflict and bloodshed.

Multiculturalism leads to tensions and violent struggle; 6,000 years of human conflict proves this. Approximately 85% of all the wars in the history recorded are entirely rooted in conflict racial / ethnic / religious; % is purely ideological.


All races and ethnic groups are separatists by nature. These innate characteristics of human nature must be accepted and public policy should be implemented according to these characteristics.  Therefore, ethnic sameness should be encouraged. The pursuit of racial homogeneity in each country is the most human way of maintaining peace. The nation-state remains the true foundation for happiness and harmony.


James L. Miller, Ph.D., Los Angeles, says. I have nothing against the Mexicans in Mexico. I have nothing against the Nigerians in Nigeria and so on.  Moreover, I hope the Mexicans, Nigerians and all peoples of the world live healthy and productive lives in their respective countries. I do not want evil or misfortune for any people in the world.

According to the UN Charter of 1945, each ethnic / racial group should have its own geographical area on Earth in which to exercise its right to self-determination as a single / ethnic / racial group.


The UN is essentially pursuing this policy for almost all the non-White peoples of the world. However, the UN urges the White nations to maintain and even increase their multi-cultural / multicultural policies. The UN urges, in essence, that the White nations continue to allow millions of non-Whites to immigrate to White nations. It is, of course, a double standard.


White people account for only 13% of the world’s population, and this percentage is decreasing every year.  At current levels of immigration in the third world, White peoples will become minorities in each White country by 2028. And by 2043, Whites will account for 20%-25% of each White nation (historical).


The World of the ethnic Whites is gradually being erased and once the West has disappeared, it has disappeared forever.  Approximately 3,500 years of Western civilisation is scheduled to be reduced to scattered pieces. This epic and colossal change will take place in a period of only 100 to 125 years. It began in the 1950s and is likely to be completely around 2050-2075 unless something can prevent the globalist elite from destroying the West.


Just think a little about this: a White baby born today will witness a future France, where only 20%-25% of France is White and it will be the same in America, Canada, Greece, Germany, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, every Western nation. No Western nation is immune.

benetton (1)

Many liberals and left-wingers enjoy the on-going destruction of White Civilization. These people, even if they are White themselves, absolutely hate the West and in turn, I hate the White ones who have been indoctrinated with violent contempt for all Western and White things. They blame the Whites for every problem in the world.


Such liberals believe that when the Whites are eventually eliminated or at least reduced to far below 50% in the West, the world can be rebuilt into a peaceful egalitarian Marxist utopia. Such liberals who hate Whites ignore the monumental achievements of the White race. In terms of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine, Whites have contributed more to the world than any other combined breed.


Despite this, Whites are demographically crushed in their own nations. Some people have rejected concerns by saying, “Every country has immigration, separate the White lands to make them look like,” or say, “Human migration is part of history, get used to it.”


But it is necessary to focus on recorded history (i.e., approximately in the last 4500 years).  Human migration that has taken place over several millennia is irrelevant, and those who include ancient human migration patterns deliberately try to confuse the poorly informed or naive to buy the slogan “there is only one breed, the human race” This is a dishonest attempt to overcome the measurable biological differences between different races and ethnic groups in the world.


Most countries have an immigration policy. Such policies are limited to: 1) a handful of diplomats and their families; 2) few rare cases of political asylum; 3) maybe even a small program of guest workers, carefully monitored to ensure that workers return home at home when they finish their work.


Only the White countries have official immigration policies that result in the racial / ethnic demographic transformation of the entire city and, ultimately, of its entire nation.


Can you identify a single non-White country that has a similar migratory policy, a policy that leads to a massive racial / ethnic demographic transformation of that country? There is not even one. Only ethnic European nations de facto commit demographic suicide through massive immigration from the third world.

liu wen - united colors of benetton spring summer 2009- 7

Genocide, in the next 40 to 50 years, the world of ethnic-Europeans will be basically removed from Earth without ever coming back. Not through weapons, bombs and large armies but through massive non-European immigration. This is called ‘demographic warfare’. It is for all intents and purposes the conquest of White nations by flooding them with third world immigrants.


White people are intimidated into submission. For decades, Whites have been told to be tolerant, because ‘diversity is our strength.’ This liberal slogan is a huge lie; history proves it. The truth is that diversity is cancer on any nation. Race / ethnic diversity in a nation-state usually leads to tension, then to conflict, often violent and bloody.


Whites complaining are labelled racists, xenophobes, haters, bigots, Islamophobic, etc. Unfortunately, some weak Whites tend to think of destroying their country rather than being called racists. However, it is known that everyone, regardless of race, is racist, at least to some extent. I will repeat: each person is, to a certain extent, racist (black, White, Asian, Hispanic, etc.).

double (1)

I’m racist and so is everybody I know. It is human nature to occasionally say or think racist things; every human being on earth does this. Most liberals believe in the slogan in which to feel good, it is like a religion for them. On the other hand, the global elite, which has orchestrated the destruction of Western civilization for decades, knows that the slogan ‘Diversity is our strength’ is just propaganda aimed at the broad public. The global elite has used the media and Hollywood to brainwash Whites by making them believe this propaganda.

benetton 1

Global humanity works best when the world is divided into nation-states where each country has racial / ethnic sameness. Those who promote multiculturalism are actually anti-humanitarians.


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  • Question: Would omitting the “White” term/label and using, instead, “Western civilization” be more palatable to the masses? The elite-owned media and their well-indoctrinated lackeys have altered the term/label “White” into a negative that automatically creates negative connotations in many folk’s minds!!! We ARE at war with tyrannical elites wielding massive forces who are intent upon destroying our beloved Western civilization, cultures, societies and entire countries!!! Europe is the main focus of Western traitors and tyrants across the world. All Western countries are being attacked. We MUST take a stand and defeat those evil forces to prevent us from descending into a New Dark Age.

    Liked by 2 people

    • “. . .Europe is the main focus . . ”

      It is also happening here in the US. Both major political parties are very corrupt here stateside, but the Democrats are full throttle for letting everyone in as they correctly believe these folks will eventually vote for them when they are given citizenship (many vote illegally now for the party that promises them freebies, thus they are “benefit bandits”). It is false compassion that these liberals and progressives feel. The solution is to fix these countries of origin so that there is economic growth and opportunity in these lands, and people will want to stay home and not migrate.

      The whole communist agenda to destroy the West is, sorry to say, working according to their diabolical plan. The fact that so few people see this or are courageous enough to confront this ugly truth makes one pessimistic about the future of ethnic Europeans. Would we be seeing this demographic disaster today if the Western “democracies” had accepted Hitler’s reasonable peace offers? I think not.

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  • inter-generational subversion all media and institutes serve the single purpose of whitewashing the public and the depth and breath of it is overwhelming. the free world that Europeans created will be wiped off the map, simply because the elite want ignorant serfs who do there bidding. they,ve controlled the culture industry and make no mistake that’s what it is, it’s how they,ve infected the minds of each generation with ideas harmful to it.

    In a very real sense, western culture ended with the tv everything after that has been for the sole purpose of making Europeans self destructive, willfully ignorant and apathetic. they control the perceptions of each race and play them against each other, we have been the vassals of psychopaths since the founding of our civilization.

    every palace is built on the ruins of a paradise.

    There are echos of the old world in ours, i some times watch videos of our countries before were were pulled into this mess and it looked like something from a fairy tale, all the countries we,ve been used to invade buy proxy as well, we have to put things in there right place, we don’t deserve this, but our political apathy has led to countless evil in foreign lands and now that evil is on our door step with a hefty fucking cheque.

    Those that control the perceptions of mankind control it’s destiny, you can never forget this, before you take a bite always ask your self what the hook is, for those of you who still believe in politics look past whats being presented and you will find that is just drawing out time it’s there as a distraction, and to make you feel as though you have some say over your own fate in there, you can’t vote your way out of a genocide.

    as for the news the new Zealand shooter did his act at the same time that isreal bombed the Gaza strip.

    a circus is for freaks and the media are nothing but that, it’s designed to scare you demoralize you and condition you to be helpless and hopeless.

    things are grim and they are that way because you participate in a system that exists to bring about your demise. you want something different you,ve gotta build it yourself.

    there,s so much more i could say on the subject but it’s already enough of a word salad.

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