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Starving, unable to stand and looking like he is about to waste away, this is a man deemed fit to find work and denied vital benefits by a cruel system. These shocking images show 64-year-old Liverpool man Stephen Smith in a hospital over Christmas when his severe health problems left him in such a poor state his weight dropped to just six stone and left him fearing for his life.


Despite his awful condition and history of serious health problems, Stephen was forced to get a pass out from hospital to go and fight a decision by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) which repeatedly denied him crucial benefits and insisted he was fit and capable of finding work. He won that appeal after a tribunal judge saw what should have been glaringly obvious to the DWP that Mr Smith can barely walk down the street let alone hold down a job.

Stephen’s story is one of many that expose the cruel and wicked welfare system in action at present in the United Kingdom, but even the hardest heart will surely be rocked by these images.


And what is even more shocking is that repeated calls to grant Stephen Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) were denied, despite written evidence from doctors stating that he couldn’t walk for 20 metres without collapsing with pain and exhaustion.

Stephen, from Kensington, has suffered with a number of serious conditions for several years. His most debilitating illness is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, an incurable respiratory problem that causes severe breathing issues and gets worse over time. But he also suffers with excruciating Osteoarthritis, has an enlarged prostate and uses a colostomy bag to go to the toilet.


Despite all of this, the 64-year-old failed a DWP work capability assessment in 2017, which meant his ESA payments were stopped and he was told to sign on for a £67 a week Jobseeker’s Allowance, visit the job centre once a week and prove he was looking for work. Throughout this period, Stephen was living alone and didn’t know where to turn as his health deteriorated.

He said: “I could only make it to the kitchen to make food once a day. I had no muscles in the back of my leg which meant I couldn’t stand up at all, and had to lean or sit down all the time, but they were telling me I was fit for work.”


Stephen believes he could have died if it wasn’t for two men, Tony Nelson, and Terry Craven. Tony runs the CASA community centre in Hope Street which offers support to people who don’t know where to turn. Tony introduced Stephen to Terry, a former city council welfare officer who works at the CASA advising people on benefit claims.

After Stephen was kicked off ESA, Terry took up his case and battled with the DWP to get him the benefits he knew he deserved. This included sending the opinions of two separate doctors who both confirmed the significant difficulty and pain experienced by Mr Smith when completing simple movements and daily activities.

Free in prison

One doctor’s note stated: “It is my opinion that Mr Smith could not walk 20 metres without pain or exhaustion.”

But despite this, in January last year, Mr Smith’s appeal was rejected by the DWP who told him that he hadn’t scored the required number of points to deem him as having ‘limited capability for work’.


Stephen and Terry continued to battle over the next year and eventually were granted the chance to fight the decision in a tribunal earlier this month, 12 months on from that DWP rejection. But that date almost came too late for Stephen who had been struggling to look after himself and suffering from deteriorating health in the intervening period.


He won it, with the judge stating that his mobility and health problems meant he satisfied the requirement for ESA. The ruling means Stephen will be put back on to ESA but Terry believes he is owed around £4,000 in back pay. He said Stephen’s case, while alarming, is not uncommon at present.

Britain. Support homeless veterans

He said: “I have got lots of cases like Steve’s; I have a client at the moment that is actually on dialysis and has been thrown off benefits. And Stephen himself knows how different things could have been without Terry, Tony and the CASA.

He said: “Without them and this place I probably wouldn’t be here today, I had nowhere to turn, they have saved my life.”


Amber Rudd, whose moral corruption has been drawn to the attention of subscribers to The Ethnic European, is primarily responsible for the Department for Works and Benefits, upon whose desk the buck slithers to a stop. The former Home Secretary is in a long term relationship with Kwasi Kwarteng. Mainstream media and her parliamentary sidekicks go to great lengths to hide the government minister’s curious relationship with a sub Saharan born of Ghanaian parents.


Referring to the disturbing case of the skeletal Stephen Smith, ex-banker public schoolgirl Rudd says, “She is aware and ‘upset’ by the case and will look into it. We will have to wait and see whether any positive changes are enacted because of it.”

! 14 million live in poverty


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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    This is how the British government looks after white people. You don’t see them subject the non white crowd to this sort of humiliation. No those people are a protected species.

    Is this what the British people fought two world wars for ,so their people could be treated like crap by the government? The historian David Irving said that “if British soldiers involved in the D Day landings could see the state of their country today ,they would not have gone 40 yards up that beach”.

    Liked by 2 people

    • This is exactly what the British people fought against Germany in two world wars for. They didn’t know at the time that it was what they were fighting and dying and killing Germans for but it was still in fact what they were fighting for. The beaten Germans had no say in the creation of the Britain of today. It is forgivable that most British people of the time didn’t realise the truth but that is no longer the case. There is no excuse at all for believing the lying propaganda of seventy years ago any more. And it was lying propaganda and it brought about a catastrophe for both the defeated Germans and ‘victorious’ British.

      Liked by 2 people

  • Outrageous treatment of our people in Rothschild’s Britain!
    72 % of Muslims in the UK are on welfare
    94% of Muslim women in the UK are on welfare
    Each Muslim woman has 7 children, on average.
    But a very ill, starving elderly ethnic-European (White Male) who is too far gone to walk more than a few feet is refused aid and told to find a job!

    In 1910 ethnic-Europeans made up 36% of the world’s population.
    In 2019 the White race makes up 8% of the world’s population.

    We are being systematically genocided (isn’t this what its all about?) and its high time to ‘throw the b*stards out’
    and to take back our Central Banks from the international bankers.

    Liked by 2 people

  • I can see on positive outcome of all of this outrage. They do the same in Germany, in France, in all nations that have been undermined by the same modern slimy liberals politician caste: The revolting treatment the liberal-capital class is meting out to the people they thrive on and are exploiting to maintain their simple-minded and greedy self-images as democrats, humanitarians, progressives, post-modernity humanitarians and what not will lead to a feeling of solidarity stretching across borders, erasing old and unnecessary enmities between peoples, recognizing their common enemies in the western-liberal political system.
    If so, Briton will stretch out his hand to German, Italian to French and Spaniard, German to Norwegian, and so on, and with a common will a new situation can be created, with all the old and destructive “elites” lying in the gutter, and young, intelligent and forward-looking new people in power, coming from the common ranks and tired of the machinations of the the same old circles who have brought them misery and stomped on them and threatened their future for generations in the past already.
    I hope that this not mere wishful thinking on my part, but I feel that there is a real force gathering.

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