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1,800,000 families are on the UK social housing list. Nearly 470,000 of the 4 million migrants were given local authority homes massively subsidised by British taxpayers over the past decade. Of the four million migrants who arrived between 2001 and 2011, 469,843 were allocated council or housing association properties; all were non-European and few were of the Christian faith.


Around 1.2 million foreigners now live in taxpayer-funded social housing, one in eight of the total. In London, the figure is thought to be as high as one in five.  The national census statistics, which were released yesterday, highlight fears about increased pressure on public services when migrants win free access to jobs in this country in January.

We parasite of you

In common with other corporate media the Daily Mail points the accusing finger at European Union member states nationals. However, editors and journalists airbrush out of the narrative the numbers of non-EU economic migrants swarming all over Britain’s collapsing social, educational and health services.

Never mentioned is the fact that all European Union nationals are legally entitled to be in Britain just as Britons are entitled to live and work in their countries. This is not so in the case of millions on non-Europeans who have no ethnic, cultural or religious connections with the UK or the European Union.


Never mentioned by anti-White media is that 1.3 million mostly young Britons are living and working legitimately in EU states?  Most EU nations have reciprocal arrangements and so give as much as they get. In fact, nations like Poland and the Baltic States are fed up with their hardworking young taking their skills and money to the United Kingdom; they encourage their own to return home. This is not the case with Africa, Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Meanwhile, Britain’s exiles are quickly being replaced by  non-contributing benefit bandits from outside Europe ~ whose regimes are glad to see the back of these parasites and do not assist them or their host nation, nor do they want them back.


Media journalists know this so why the spin to blame  hardworking Europeans who do contribute enormously to the British economy with their skills, their jobs, their taxes and their spending power.  Spain is one of several countries grateful for the British who live there and contribute to the Spanish economy.

This is clear evidence that the Daily Mail and media henchmen are institutionally anti-White.  The pro-Tory Daily Mail, owned by a New York-based Jewish oligarch, also pins the blame for Britain’s immigration woes on the Labour Party. Fact is that statistically non-European immigration has always surged under Conservative regimes.

meme First pic of Royal Baby

Whitehall officials have estimated that the cost to taxpayers of maintaining a single social housing unit is £620 a year.  Assuming each unit is occupied by four people that would put the housing costs at between £5 billion and £8 billion.

! I warned you 2

Sir Andrew Green, of the Migration Watch think-tank, said: ‘The figures serve to underline the huge costs of mass immigration, costs often ignored by the immigration lobby.’

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Mike Jones, of the Local Government Association, says: ‘If we don’t house them that means we are going to have to deal with them under the homeless laws which cost us a great deal more.’


Local authorities spend huge amounts of public money on housing families who arrive on their doorstep.  Somali asylum seeker Saeed Khaliif was given a £2 million home in one of the country’s most exclusive neighbourhoods in 2011.


The 49-year-old was granted housing benefits of almost £8,000 a month to live in the six-bedroom property with his wife Sayida and their children. The couple then demanded to be moved to West Hampstead, North-West London, after deciding their home in the Midlands was inadequate.

Their new house boasted a 90 ft garden and was refurbished at the taxpayers expense before their arrival. It is understood Mr. Khaliif has up to eight children and lives on benefits. He has not worked since arriving here three years ago.


Although housing benefit has been capped at £400 a week, the Khaliifs were able to claim more because they moved before the change came into force. According to sources, the house was previously advertised to rent at £7,800 per month.


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  • Canada is the same. The Radisson is booked until 2020 for new comers from dark places. Not to mention they have gov’t assistance to start businesses. I challenge Canadians to find a local convience store that has not been taken over, gas stations are running close….

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  • The jews understand white nature thoroughly and know how to exploit it so as to do us maximum damage. Only whites, especially white females, are susceptible to the spiritual virus of liberalism. Unless we can develop immunity to it we will be destroyed. Tolerance is killing us.

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    • Agreed, Bryan. Not only are ‘especially white females susceptible to the spiritual virus of liberalism’ but worse still, their feminist indoctrination together with their marxist indoctrination for decades by the feminazis means that they tend to Dominate their husbands who incorrectly think it is wise to shut up and put up with their opinions.

      Its time for the White race’s ALPHA MALES to remember what that means and to return to being that. That means firstly reconnecting to God for wisdom and guidance, understanding the bottom line is that it is ‘good vs evil’, and then fairly and justly TAKING BACK THE REIGNS AS HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD – and the nation’s affairs – in all matters that count.

      That means realizing their women have ‘fallen’ (not all, not all not all!) and been taken in (as we are manipulated as emotional rather than rational beings) and need their minds Rescued whether they like it or not.

      Note that there is not a peep out of these feminazis protesting the ill-treatment of ethnic-European women by these non-White (mainly Muslim) Blacks and Browns. What does that tell us? Feminism is a Trojan Horse sent in our midst to annihilate our White race. American feminazi guru who got the ball roling,(((Gloria Steinhem))), was paid by the CIA to promote her ‘Ms” magazine and feminism, all under the control of the ROCKEFELLERS (as admitted to Aaron Russo by Nicholas Rockefeller and film producer Russo spilled the beans that the real purpose was to destroy the traditional family structure toward communist style government control.

      Promoting abortions, anti-motherhood and the slutification of our females by our (((enemies))) that want our White genes genocided needs to be exposed for what it is and Reversed with the determination and respectful guidance of our ethnic-European Alpha Males.

      The fact that all the above would be viewed as so controversial is a direct indication of how far we have Fallen.

      The first step against all this indoctrination is:


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  • Sturmgehwehr stg 44

    The UK would have to be the best example of a government bending over backyards to screw white people in every conceivable way. Whether it is giving preference in housing to alien migrants, or sending white people to prison for minor offences ,while non whites get a slap on the hand. I hope the bastards at the top in Britain who brought about this terrible situation get what they truly deserve- the hangman’s noose.

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  • The 2 party ‘democratic’ system in all Western nations is a fake system.

    Its purpose is solely to give the voters the false belief that “we can throw the rascals out” when these voters are fed up with being ignored and mistreated. In his book ‘Tragedy & Hope’ Professor Carroll Quigley, the Money Power’s historian who was given freedom to study their records and documents, revealed that so-called democracy was a trick. How? BOTH PARTIES ARE THE 2 CHEEKS ON THE SAME MONEY POWER’S BUM. The Rothschild centred cabal controls them both.

    Yet the voters still vote for either of these 2 parties and wonder why nothing turns around. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again you can expect the same outcomes. When will they ever learn? Its almost too late.

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  • Northern Fascist

    Reblogged this on Northern Fascist.

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