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The ground-breaking exposure of whom and what was really behind the Bolsheviks toppling of the Romanov Dynasty 1917 – 1922 was first revealed by Michael Walsh’s Slaughter of a Dynasty /

Many of amazing book’s disclosures, first published in December 2017, was sourced in previously hidden catacombs of documents in Russia, which revealed secrets the West would prefer kept under lock and key.

Described as unique, this beautifully illustrated book shot to the top of the author’s best-selling list. The exposé toppled the author’s best-selling Life in the Reich, earlier removed by Amazon. Esteemed publications like The Barnes Review ran excerpts from The Slaughter of a Dynasty. Amazon’s attempt to remove Michael Walsh’s Megacaust was foiled.

Curiously, whilst The Slaughter of a Dynasty maintained its undisputed place at the top of his best-sellers it never attracted a single reader’s comment. Even weirder, verified buyers, who had submitted positive reviews, were bewildered when their tributes failed to appear.

In fact, 15-months passed before a review finally appeared: “Negative, poorly written of the account of the murders of the Czar (sic) and his family. Don’t bother unless you want to read trash”.

The irony is that this diminutive critique is so poorly written that one assumes the writer to be a Grade 6 American school class level. This in itself is a clue; the critique was penned by an Amazon employee.

Michael Walsh is an international journalist of 35-years’ experience. The author of 52 book titles, he was awarded ‘Writer of the Year’ by the Euro Weekly News Group of Newspapers. His writing has earned glowing tributes from the world’s playwrights, authors, publishers, pillars of society. This is the historian whose writing, according to an Amazon reviewer is, ‘poor’.  Amazon has been invited to review such ‘reviews’ but refuses to do.

Amazon caved in to pressure from the international Jewish diaspora from2017. A book burning fest ensued in which thousands of books, many of academia merit, were summarily removed from Amazon’s customer lists. This blatant censorship led to universal condemnation.

Bizarrely, such negative reviews flow against all commercial protocols. Michael Walsh’s Africa’s Killing Fields is a world-class exposé of the globalist conspiracy to transfer Europe’s richest colonies to hand-picked African warlords under who Africans suffer far more than they ever did under benign European colonialism.

Africans were rarely slaves under modern colonialism; Africans have undoubtedly been reduced to slave status since their countries were transferred to the banks and the corporate dynasties.

Africa’s Killing Fields was published two years ago and would undoubtedly sell many more copies if positive reviews hadn’t been excluded. Again, coincidently, only one review is published by Amazon: a two-word comment, ‘mostly dribble’.

Where is the commercial sense in publishing fake uncorroborated reviews?  Book or TV, movie theatre reviews are intended to be qualified analysis of positive and negative content. There isn’t a newspaper editor anywhere in the world who would consider printing a review like ‘mostly dribble’, ‘not a great book’, ‘more anti-Semitic garbage’ (an African title).

Amazon has to appear even-handed by publishing some positive reviews. But, the unavoidable truth is that Amazon, to avoid outright censorship, has modified its strategy.

The book-selling giant achieves censorship simply by sifting and shifting positive reviews to create falsehood from truth. The advice is to be guarded when reading Amazon book reviews. If they are short, badly written, grossly offensive, inappropriate and unsubstantiated, they are fake reviews.



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