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Another news story the enemedia ignores, censors, scrubs. But, imagine the media hysterics if this defilement of a sacred place was a mosque or a synagogue. It is clear that places of Christian worship and cemeteries are open season and unlikely to receive either publicity or sympathy from corporate media.

The Basilica of Saint-Denis in Paris, which was founded over 800 years ago, the year Genghis Khan invaded China and England’s King John was forced by the barons of England to put his signature to the Magna Carta.

These last few weeks the Church was heavily vandalised with thugs wantonly smashing stained glass windows and severely damaging the organ that had served the Christian community for nearly 200 years.

The destruction was discovered on Sunday morning by the basilica’s organist, who found that the engine of the organ had been damaged along with other parts of the massive instrument, designed between 1834 and 1841.

Saadia Tamelikecht, head of the departmental unit of architecture and heritage of the heavily migrant-populated Seine-Saint-Denis suburbs, said the damage to the instrument, which has been recognised as a historic monument of significance in France, was major. The vandalism was likely done, according to Tamelikecht, as a result of someone hiding within the instrument and smashing their way out.

On Tuesday, even more, the damage was discovered, with two stained glass windows having been smashed along with two locks that had been pried open. The windows were created in the 19th century, rebuilt after the destruction of the French revolution. Police say they are investigating the incidents.

The vandalism comes just under a year after the Basilica was stormed by far-left activists and illegal migrants who occupied the place of worship to protest a law directed at curbing illegal migration into France. The Seine-Saint-Denis area, which comprises of a number of suburbs to the north of Paris, has been described by some as a migrant infested no-go zone.

The accusations of danger were affirmed in 2017 by French courier Chronopost, which ended home deliveries in the area citing danger to their delivery staff.

The desecration of 215 gravesites in Castres in 2015 sparked condemnation and outrage when it was discovered that it was perpetrated by a Muslim male.




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  • Freifrau Gabriele

    Dear Mike, This latest incident does not come as a surprise. It will only accelerate, ’cause the powers to be, working feverishly from behind their Lodges, Temples and High Places ( Illuminati & Co.) til the bottom drops out, and the people will be forced, again, to not only fight each other in the streets, but their sons and daughters sent into the long planed WWIII. The real parasites and scum of humanity that have caused for millenniums so much chaos, death and destruction are hard at work to push us all to the edge.

    It is not only the puppet politicians working for these Anti-Human scumbags, oh no, it is also the top religious leaders that work hand in hand with them. All are financed and supported by the very same international money lenders. It is the same ‘modus operandi’ that is being played over and over until the Anti-Human humanists can ring in their worldwide dictatorship under their very own ‘ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT’, ONE WORLD ORDER’ and ‘ONE WORLD RELIGION’. Isn’t it interesting how they use worldwide diplomacy by deception, selling their war machines to selected countries for never ending military build up, stirring up conflict after conflict within countries, implementing sanctions to any country who does not want to bow down to their demands, playing both and actually all sides against each other, providing each country credit with Fiat paper money, telling the natives in those countries lies through mass propaganda that they must fight their enemies ( neighbors) which they have never met or know nothing about, etc. etc. Must keep the military industrial complex running, ’cause its good for business; must keep the local plebs occupied with no nonsense entertainment; war is peace; peace is war;

    Ladies and gentlemen, your false politicians, false rabbis, false imam, false gurus, false church ministers, false priests, false preachers in your mega churches have sold you to the highest bidder a long time ago. They have become very rich by selling you lies. True spiritual teachers don’t do this kind of shit to their fellow human being. The same goes for our world history which is a fabrication of lies and deceit. Ask who really is behind all the destruction. Why the never ending attacks on churches, mosques, synagogues, the desecration of ordinary grave yards, tombs, statues, symbols? When was it the last time we read or heard about an attack on a Grand Masonic Lodge??? Any Free-masonic Lodge??? Do the members of these lodges know what their higher leaders are really doing, or involved with???

    Who has infiltrated all religion on this planet and who is hiring and financing low life thugs, and yes, professionals to carry out these dastardly deeds??? Millions already know who, and why, and reasons for doing so. We are all over the planet. Human race, get off your arses and stand up to the real enemy of all mankind. STOP attacking, murdering, raping, robbing, stealing and hurting your ordinary overtaxed, overburdened, hard working, from the system enslaved brother, sister, neighbor and citizen. It is long overdue to stop fighting among each other, and get our act together. There is work that need to be done.

    And no, the United Nation is NOT our friend, and is definitely not a peace organisation. The United Nation is the defunct ‘United League of Nations’. The same goes for UNESCO and their installed fake world heritage places (sites). We have the internet at our finger tips to search and find out. And yes, it takes many, many years to work yourself through the maze. Others have done it, so can you if interested.

    Those of you who have sold out and are part of the presently orchestrated destruction of all kinds, you will face the consequences and pay the price that is coming your way.

    Blessings and God’s Speed to each and every one who has joined the force of Light and is fighting the true enemy of mankind every day. We are not alone in this.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Hi Mike, Thank you very much for being a “whistle blower”, once again, concerning events in France, which are mostly hidden or ignored by our press. Such as that “DESECRATION OF PARIS CHURCH” article  you published yesterday. I want you and readers to take note that I’m apalled of the fact that this censorship is applied after we have been bombarded for days of verbal protest from our media and Jewish associations when some Jewish gravesites were recently painted with swastikas – A job done so neatly !  I wish also to point out that when I tried to forward your article to friends, it appeared to be truncated on one side, which made it difficult to read. So, what kind of deduction can you draw from that, other than a disgraceful double standards on the part of our despicable masters? It stinks ! RegardsMichelle

    Liked by 2 people

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