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If anyone is put off purchasing the page-turning epic The Rise of the Sun Wheel by the thought that it might be a tedious political dissertation they could hardly be more wrong.

A purchaser from Australia writes, “I am reading your book Rise of the Sun Wheel and I would rate it as one of your best. It tells me everything about who you are, and what made you and how you formed your world view.

“What a pity that your movement to stop non-white immigration into the UK did not succeed. But then again it is always traitors like Colin Jordan who do the dirty work of the establishment”.

Diksmuide, British Movement Leader Guard march with German comrades

Diksmuide, British Movement Leader Guard march with German comrades

Liverpool born contemporary of the Beatles, Michael Walsh (McLaughlin) was drawn into ethnic-defence activism as the madness of non-White immigration took hold in 1968. At the barricades, for over 50 years the tough ex-seaman constantly fought Britain’s leprous left and ethnic-traitor infestation of Britain’s corrupt media.

The battle cry was ‘we’re not the last of yesterday, we are the first of tomorrow.’   Their slogan: ‘If you love your nation you are a nationalist, if you love your people you are a socialist; therefore, be a National Socialist.’

Rallies, marches, campaigns, weekend camps, the smuggling of dissident literature became routine. The party leader and members suffered threats from rabid anti-worker leftists, constant were the media smears and ambushes, commonplace police searches, raids and chases, it came with the territory. Many British Movement members were imprisoned and some died.

The British Movement badass leader addressed crowds at Trafalgar Square, London’s Brick Lane where Oswald Mosley and William Joyce addressed large crowds, he spoke to crowds at the London Embankment, marched to Marble Arch, up the Edgeware Road. Around him always, the Leader Guard, a hardened force of street-fighter political activists.

Michael Walsh with British Movement members, Diksmuide

Michael Walsh with British Movement members, Diksmuide

In the late 1970s he received 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing leaflets critical of immigration policy.  Media stayed silent, the liberal-left were jubilant, capitalists were smug. The gaoled leader was accused in court of inflaming racism but passing time shows his apocalyptic prophecies were accurate. The vicious sentences were censored by media and endorsed by the anti-White liberal left and the political elite.

See Britain’s Most Horrifying Prison https://europeansworldwide.wordpress.com/?s=Walton+Prison

Whatever one’s views one can’t help but respect a leader who single-handed created the finest revolutionary party of ethnic-socialists since WWII. The rise of the Sun Wheel salutes those who gave much and some their lives in the so-far elusive belief that the failings of the victors of World War II could be put right.

Michael speaker 207 Scan

A verified purchaser review writes: “Excellent book and an intense yet easy read. I thought I was about to read one man’s story but soon realised there is a wealth of information and understanding of the loneliness and struggle of individuals concerned about their racial heritage should they dare to fight for its survival.

I had not realised the evil forces against them are so empowered and lacking in any ethics or morals but not lacking in financial wealth and useful lackeys.

BM early days

BM early days

Contrast with his lacking financial support, pre-internet and total press censorship and even under surveillance. Hence many of these warriors-of-integrity end up thrown in prison just for distributing a harmless pamphlet or even assassinated if they present a threat to anti-ethnic European globalism (world bolshevism by another name).

My admiration runs deep for a man like Mike Walsh McLaughlin for seeing the future while most slept and holding steady in his information war against deliberate ethnic-European genocide strategies. If you want to make a difference this book will inspire you and teach you how. Why did the British people not take heed back then in the 1970’s? Is it too late?

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Mike Walsh, British Movement



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