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On an almost daily basis and without making even the small print NATO-led military forces indiscriminately slaughter many more Muslims and Christians than died today in New Zealand.

Efforts of Satan in the Holy Land

In fact, it is estimated that since 1945 these demonic NATO forces have been directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of over 30 million people, mostly but not exclusively of the Islamic faith.

Today, their media, the keyboard government plays on, will wring their hands and play their dirges over a sad but comparatively minuscule 49 victims of similar violence routinely practiced by NATO.

What has rammed a spike through media’s wheels is the breaking news that “The New Zealand terrorist compared himself to Nelson Mandela and said he would win a Nobel Peace Prize in a manifesto posted online before the attack started. Brenton Tarrant, 28, from Australia, bragged that he would be released from jail after 27 years – just like Mandela – in a 73-page document he penned. ~ Daily Mail March 15, 1600.

222 years at war

Those martyred by NATO are no threat to our way of life. They go about their day to day lives peacefully from womb to tomb ~ unless NATO military strikes. In such case, these innocents are incinerated and the demented screaming of these doomed souls, women, mothers, and their children is never heard by Western media; how hypocritically selective their hand-wringing.

Ultimate Racism

This is the same corporate media that feeds the armaments industries with lurid fantasies about a non-existent threat from Russia, China, Iraq or Syria, whoever’s territory the NATO West covets.

Who Controls U_S_

Fake news and spun news is the media’s stock in trade. Only the gullible and those stupid beyond redemption will soak up and repeat the hand-wringing media platitudes over the Christchurch massacre.

Let the electors take a look in their bathroom mirrors. As George Orwell surmised, “Those who elect crooked politicians are not victims they are accomplices.”

Ridiculous I have to explain

Today, it will not be the Christians, Muslims or the agnostics that will seek to benefit from the massacre that occurred in New Zealand. However, one can be certain that the corporate media and the West’s policy makers will be having orgasms having been given the opportunity to vilify every innocent person who rejects the racial destruction of the threatened ethnic-European species.

Proud to bbe US (1)

No one, responsible or not, is ever brought to account let alone a newspaper editor’s desk or TV newsroom’s new desk to explain their Satanic chemical and explosive martyrdom of innocents across the Middle East as far away as Afghanistan. Kabul is 11,000 kilometres from Washington DC; Damascus is 6,000 kilometres from the Pentagon.

Made by the USA

The NATO-backed media will use this opportunity to pillory populists, to vilify those they term ‘the far-right’ and they will seek to hold Whites wherever in the world responsible for the slaughter that occurred in Christchurch.

Correspondent Joe Johnston points out a hard truth: “R.I.P to the victims. Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that the Christchurch mosque shooter was an Australian citizen, describing the suspect as an “extremist, right-wing, and violent terrorist”. But it’s perfectly okay for Australian soldiers to be killing Syrian soldiers when they gain too much ground on ISIS”

Gary Roberts writes: “Pure example of hypocrisy by the fake leaders of such nations How many Vietnamese did Australian invaders shoot in that illegal war? How many Aussie invaders went to Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria? Yeah it’s all fun and games until it come home to ya eh?”

James Fenton: “This is no different from Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, etc. People killed without justification in a war, or in a Church, it makes no sense. No difference between a solder, and a gunman. Some will say a solder has justification, but, that is just BS.”

THE DEATH TOLL OF CHRISTIAN MARTYRS: Bataclan (2015) Paris, Beslan South Russia, (2004), Occupied Palestine(on-going), Nice, France (2016), Nigeria (2019), Egypt (2017), Berlin (2016), Manchester Arena (2017), London Bridge 2017), Barcelona (2017), Madrid (2005), London (2005), Brussels (2016), France (2015) etc. all victims of Islamic militants on Christian terror  with media low-key and now forgotten.

Sadly true

The response should be that of a strategy I coined which is known as judo-tactics; instead of going on the defensive go on the attack. Double, multiply your denunciation of the massacres of the innocents carried out by NATO, the United States and their Zionist allies in Israel. The best antidote to anti-White media-hate is to point and jab the finger of truth in their ugly satanic faces.


! British Movement History Montage

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Esprit to Dagmar

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  • So it’s quite all right, and should be ignored, when hordes of “migrants” invade, rape, and murder Europeans. But it’s a terrible tragedy when we begin to fight back? Hats off to this valiant soldier. He may not have been entirely right — but he wasn’t entirely wrong, either. 88/14.

    Liked by 2 people

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  • This sort of white resistance to the non-white invasion of the West–and to the traitorous politicians who are orchestrating this invasion against the wishes of their native white populations–will only increase as the non-white invasion of the West intensifies.

    Liked by 4 people

  • Sturmgewehr stg 44

    This article puts things in their proper perspective.If Western liberal, globalist governments did not make unprovoked war on muslim nations on behalf of their zionist banking masters, and then import muslim migrants, the incident in Christchurch would never have happened.

    In all nations founded by Europeans ie: ,the United States, The United Kingdom, Australia ,New Zealand, Canada, Germany etc ,there is an agenda to replace and genocide white European people through forced mass immigration of non whites and miscegenation.. No one has asked for this or consented to it.

    White people are now organizing and fighting back. The greater the number of non whites imported into the white countries , the greater the resistance that will occur. Its as simple as that.

    Liked by 1 person

  • Sadly, not many of general public will be reading your article or similar treatise on the subject. Instead they will listening to corrupt, fake-news, establishment mouthpieces such as the BBC. Reluctantly, I turned on the BBC for infomation on the incident and heard a BBC flunky state four times in a minute ‘white supremicist.’ I turned off immediately and sought information elsewhere. Nevertheless, that is what Joe gullible Public will hear and absorb.
    Off topic, I remember driving in my car and hearing on the radio a BBC jobsworth state that the mass Muslim raping obscenity in the north of Engalnd had been revealed ‘exclusively’ by a journalist in ‘The Times.’ Amazing! It had been revealed by BNP & NF and no doubt other organisations many years previous. The perhaps overused George Orwell cliche comes to mind, ‘In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’

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