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THE ETHNIC-EUROPEAN doesn’t do conspiracy theories because they tend to be speculative, which is not a bad thing in itself; we just like to stick to factual news.

The New Zealand massacre on March 15, however, provides us with hard news but it is a matter of speculation that no mainstream media journalist dares to investigate the story’s guts and background.


Bizarrely, hundreds if not thousands of Christians have in the same period been gratuitously cut-down by Islamic terrorists; all ignored or downplayed by media. This is the same media that is keeping in the headlines the Christchurch incident ~ nearly two weeks after the event.  Last but far from least is the alleged killer’s manifesto is now harder to find than is a copy of bootleg Mein Kampf and in some cases publication of it makes one liable to a long prison term. Why? This is what millions of social media users demand to know, what is the big secret? 

As predicted by those knowledgeable about the workings of the deep state there is orchestrated wailing and gnashing of teeth by the patricians, the prolonged wearing of hair shirts (and hijabs) by those in the public eye.  One asks, are there any opera enthusiasts reading this.  The fact is that even those who get their information from Dummies manuals must be able to conclude that something doesn’t quite add up with the Christchurch narrative and screenplay.


The prelude to the Christchurch opera is Arthur Brown’s 1968 “Not so Rock and Roll” semi-hit song.  This provided the backdrop for the fully theatrical murder “hit video”. The video was afterwards deleted because the story-line and visual effects were so full of holes and we are not talking bullet holes.

Cutting to the quick we do know this. We are dealing with a professional assassin, a sociopath, and a non-person with no social media, no neighbours, no co-workers, no school friends, and no records of getting weapons, a quality car produced out of thin air, a second shooter who dissolved and some very serious continuity problems in the now missing video.

We have a single 28-year as the star of the show who is a physical trainer with access to as much money as he wants. He proves it by not working, but instead expensively travelling the world before he mysteriously goes on a murder rampage with no apparent motive, no history of Islamophobia.

To avoid speculation let us focus on facts: Despite two weeks of intensive media coverage, it was alternative media that revealed that our world traveller is no ordinary tourist.  He has no school photographs, no work history, no education, and no job history.


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, centre, has demonstrated allegiance with the global Muslim community after the Christchurch mosque massacres.

28-year-old Brenton Tarrant is photographed flashing the infamous “666 Sign of the Beast.” Yet, he is supposedly an ordinary white supremacist that identifies with other rednecks.

Yet, he has a passport that has travelled more often and more frequently and to more exotic places than James Bond’s 007’s passport.  Perhaps Tarrant is ‘on her majesty’s service’ too?


You can make what you will out of Tarrant’s tendency towards travelling to Israel and Syria and a score of other exotic lands. These include visits to ISIS bases in Syrian that are proven supplied by the U.S. and Israel. You guessed it, Brenton Tarrant was the only tourist wearing a ‘kiss me quick hat’ asking where he could buy some postcards for the folk back home and a fridge magnet for his mum.

Brenton is quite a Waltzing Matilda but don’t try following his trail as there is no possibility of you doing so. But, it helps if you are an Israeli citizen, who Tarrant is and his parents were.

Whilst media quotes his British parents origins media hacks stop short of mentioning that this was due to their emigrating to Scotland in 1948 shortly after the state of Israel was formed.  There are no records of Tarrant’s “inheritance” that allowed Brenton Tarrant’s travel to Israel, Syria, Turkey and now more nations are being added to his world tour. Not doing too bad for a typical Aussie tourist, is he?

Firearms experts concede that Tarrant was familiar with handling weapons.  They identify the military style chat about combat as he pumps round after round into women and children.


Prayer opposite the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, March 22, 2019. France’s Muslim council is suing the companies who streamed the killing of 50 worshippers.

Experts also have issues about the weapons used.  We now see the Australian tourist’s single AR15 with bizarre California modifications, no flash suppressor and a rear stock to remove the hand grip ~ yet  New Zealand has no such laws.

Remember Tarrant is an Australian. How did he acquire five military weapons, from abroad and some extremely illegal or restricted even in their countries of origin?  How were they carried on airliners?  Where did they come from?  Where are they now?  Why can’t we see them?

Such weaponry, including the restricted availability sights manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is easily traced by their serial numbers and various identifying features. This is how Russian and Syrian intelligence are able to identify the American source of weapons that sort of fell into the hands of ISIS terrorists.

The second rifle used in the video had a Swedish manufacture Aim point rifle sight, which is also very expensive and serial numbered.  How did this banned weaponry get to Australia let alone into the ownership of your typical Aussie redneck with an interest in tourism?  Where did the other weapons, more AR’s, shotguns and pistols, come from?

Even Ian Fleming, creator of the James Bond fantasies and himself a naval intelligence officer who could tell a fine tale would have difficulty making Tarrant and his odysseys credible.  If you wish to, be our guest.

Converts to Islam

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May, American politician Hillary Clinton.

Islamic Death Toll 1



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