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Desperate to earn media exposure for their books, palace historians recycle the myth that British Premier Minister Chamberlain’s signing of the Munich Pact was an act of appeasement. If you want to read the Pact then find it because it is never published.

The Pact was a solemn and binding agreement between Germany and England that all future differences between them would be settled by negotiation rather than armed force. Thus, there was no possibility of war between the two brother nations.

That agreement was broken by Chamberlain’s government when it continued to encourage Polish incitements against Hitler’s Germany, which provocations did lead to England declaring war on Germany on September 3, 1939.  At no time did Germany ever declare war on Britain.  Chamberlain knew that England could not afford to go to war. It is also quite probable that he himself would have preferred peace.

Irish-American William Joyce was hanged following a kangaroo trial as flawed as were the equally notorious and internationally condemned illegal military tribunals held in vanquished Germany after the Socialist German Workers Reich was overrun by the combined forces of the British, American and Soviet world empires.

World War II was very much a David and Goliath struggle with the underdog Germany fighting a defensive war, as conceded by British war historian A. J. P Taylor in his History of World War II. Even allowing for Germany’s allies, who were also victims of Allied declarations of war, the colossus of three empires meant there could only be one outcome.

As consequence to the Allied ‘victory’ 21 European nations, without a single advantage to the West, were surrendered to Bolshevik Russia. Ironically, one of the ceded  nations was Poland for whose independence Britain had declared war on Germany on September 3, 1939.

Joyce 1

Joyce writes: “At the signing of the Munich Agreement, the people of England wanted no war, no sensible Englishman wanted to die for Czechoslovakia, and there was no question of war between Britain and Germany unless Britain made it.”

“I have never seen such an ovation given to any human being as Chamberlain received when he returned to London with the Munich agreement in his pocket. The people were enraptured. Grown men and women were crying with joy.

meme. William Joyce

“As the Prime Minister drove through London from Hammersmith to Downing Street, the roaring of applause could be heard miles away from his route. Traffic was paralysed for hours: and in the dim light of the Churches, mothers and wives knelt down to pray in devout gratitude to their Maker that they had been spared the tragedy of another war.

All reserve was abandoned. Complete strangers talked to one another like old friends, and it felt for a day as if the Kingdom of Heaven had come on earth; so much for the ordinary people who would really have suffered if war came.

Daily Express

I hope that one day Neville Chamberlain will realise the enormity of his crime in making the beauty of that experience a foolish myth of the irrecoverable past. He came nearer than any man to uniting England but he lacked the element of greatness which would have caused him to prefer the heartfelt thanks of simple people to the approval of merchant princes and Jewish schemers.

The agents of International Darkness, the financiers, the Lords of Judah, the Satanists, the sons of Baphomet gnashed their teeth whilst the people cheered. To them, it was painful to see that English men and women cared nothing about Sudetenland or Czechoslovakia but solely wanted peace. And, as the last sounds of celebration sank into the quietness of early morning, poor England’s day was done.

! Base Treachery

The whole power of Judah and Freemasonry was mobilised rapidly: and in a few days, the Premier showed how the Munich Agreement was to be honoured by declaring that Britain must arm on an unprecedented scale.  Ironically, media back then bragged that it was England that had duped Hitler’s Germany. Since, the victors propaganda has again turned the truth on its head.

! Hitler started the war



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  • Geraint Pendragon

    I do know of one British city that flew the swastika from its town hall(there may well be others) on news of the ‘peace’ accord with Germany. I won’t name the city for fear of upsetting the current politically correct city officials but it is west of the river Severn, has a castle, and large stadium where crowds gather on occasions to sing in harmony while watching sporting events. One narrative goes that two Labour councillors (warmongers?) scaled the ramparts of the town hall to tear down the offending banner to the loud cheers of the crowd below. Another narrative says that nobody saw them apart from one man and his dog who happened to be passing by. He continued walking. The banner was replaced the following day

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